I Love You (Meri Aashiqui tum se hi,Naagin and Vishkanya) Epi-7

Ranveer breaks the hug.

Ranveer:Now you take rest.You will get discharge soon.I will take some medicines and come.

Ranveer makes her lye on bed and kisses her forehead and goes from there.

Ranveer comes to a medical shop.He buys medicine and is about to go when he gets a call on his phone.He picks up the call


Man:Hello remembered who I am?

Ranveer starts thinking when he remembers


Shikhar:Yeah right so you came to know.

Ranveer:You came back from London?

Shikhar:Yeah I came back and soon will come to your house after 2 or 3 days.

Ranveer:Come as soon as possible as I miss you very much my friend.

He cuts the call and heads towards the hospital.

He reaches the hospital and comes to Ishaani.

Ranveer:I have a surprise for you?

Ishaani:What surprise?

Ranveer:Shikhar is coming back from London.

Ishaani gets happy.


She hugs him.

Shivanya takes rest for sometime.After some hours she gets up Ritik enters the room and checks her forehead and says

Ritik:Now you don’t have fever.

Shivanya is still staring him.


She comes in sense.


Ritik:How are you feeling now?


Ritik:If you are fine then I am happy.And tomorrow is my friend Karan’s marriage so he have invited us so if you will agree then we will go.

Shivanya:Ofcourse we will go.

Ritik smiles and is about to go when Shivanya stops him by catching his hand.

Ritik:What happened?

Shivanya:At night van you sleep on bed?

Ritik:Why what happened?You are not fine?

Shivanya:No I am fine just like this.


He smiles and goes from there.

At night Ritik comes on bed to sleep.He sees Shivanya is shivering and gets worried.

Ritik:Shivanya what happened?

Shivanya:I am not feeling well and I am feeling cold.

Ritik takes blanket and covers her with blanket.Still she feels cold so he have no option.He hugs her tightly in his arms.Shivanya feels better in his arms and falls a sleep in his arms.

Malay breaks the door and all the students come there.

All are shocked to see Apu in Malay’s arms.

Malay:What you all are seeing us like this?She is unconscious do soemthing.

No one says a word so Malay takes Apu in his car.He takes the car to hospital.

Malay:Nothing will happen to you Apu.

He reaches hospital.Doctor checks Apu and says

Doctor:Nothing to worry she is fine just she got a little tension that’s why she got unconscious.

Malay:Will she get conscious?

Doctor:Yeah She will get conscious very soon.

Malay gets relaxed.

Malay a goes to Apu and thinks

Malay:When I saw you first time then I got lost in you.Now when you got unconscious then I got very much worried.I thought what if I loose you?

He smiles.

Precap:Shikhar comes to Ranveer and Ishaani’s house…………Ritik and Shivanya goes to his friend Karan’s marriage………Apu gets conscious and Malay drops her to her house.
Sorry for the late update guys and I want to tell you that when this ff will be ended then I will start Season 2 of Supernatural Series

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