Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 16

Love Me Not Love Me-Twinj FF episode 16

Twinkle Pov~

I pull Sam on my hip and walk out the house with my bag and my phone. Spotting Kunj’s blue van on the side. He walks out and takes Sam out of my hands and places him in his seat.
Get on, I’ll put seat belt on him “I nod and walk to my door getting in and putting on my seat belt. Not minutes later I see Kunj getting ready and starts to drive after checking everything is fine. 
The drive to my aunt’s house is about 40 minutes long so as time goes on Sam falls asleep and soon I follow. I feel someone shaking me. I don’t move until I feel someone’s lips on my neck trailing to my collarbone I shake my head and come in correct with Kunj’s warm black eyes. He smirks and points to the house. I glare and look towards the back seat.
“Where…” I’m unable to continue because Kunj pulls me out of the car after he unbuckle my belt and turns to my aunt’s red rusty house🏠.
“His already playing with his cousin”. I nod and follow him, finding my aunt baking cookies in the kitchen and Sam playing with my aunt’s daughter.
“Come eat some cookies”. My aunt screams and I run to the kitchen like a little kid. I take a seat and grab the first cookie🍪 I see. Kunj chuckles and sits next to me while my aunt takes out the other cookies from the oven. She smiles however her smile doesn’t reach her lips once she sees Kunj. I sigh and shake my head. She knows what Kunj did and she never know that I was working for him or better yet she doesn’t know I live with him. She send a glare 👀 at him and sits right in front of him.
“Why is he here?” She directs the question to me but keeps her eyes on Kunj. Kunj looks at me and I look back at my aunt.
“I work for him. I tell her. My aunt looks at me then shakes her head.
“Why my brother do that! I swear when I see him…” She trail of and I look at her. Waiting for next move. She doesn’t say anything so I speak. “It’s wasn’t my dad fault”. I say she looks at me then she looks at him.
“Does he know about Sam? I nod and she nods. “I need to think for a minute. But just saying I didn’t like you for what you did to my niece. You broke her heart 💔 and I hope she does not fall for you again. She’s over you”. She stands up and goes up to her room whatever she think.
“I guess she doesn’t like me”. I nod and eat the cookies quietly and call for Sam to eat some. “Have you stopped loving me”? I stod in mind reach for cookie. Sam stands still and looks up, my cousin immediately grabs his hand and takes him out. “Not know Kunj”. I tell him as the flashback come back at me how we met and how much of troublemaker we both were back in college. I thought I will have my happy ending and have kids but I didn’t and I don’t want that to affect me. Even if we are still married I just see it as a paper with our signature on it with no feelings attach.
“Tell me I need to know, if… It I still have a chance with you…” He trails off and I look at him as I much on my cookie. Eating it slowly so I wan’t be able to answer and have more time to think.
“I don’t know.. after all the drama. It’s been three years Kunj, I won’t wait for you that long”. He turns to me making our knees touch as he spins me to face him.
“You can’t wait for me? I was the one waiting for you all the time, I was the one looking for you! I was the one going crazy after you left but not one single time you had the courage to call and tell me. I had a son? I’m the one who waited. Look I’m not going to keep on trying to get you back once you tell me you don’t want anything to with me…” He sigh and checks his clock. We stayed quiet for a few minutes until I decided to talk.
“I don’t want you to give up on me. But, what you did hurt me” I said. He looked up and and shook his head. He pulls me by my arm and drags me to my aunt’s room. I don’t know how he knows this but he basically knew everything about me when we got married.
“Tell your aunt that we will be coming back late”. I stare at him confuse and he nods his head towards the door. “Sam will be staying”. I nod and knock on the door. After some seconds my aunt open to the door and smiles. 
one thing about my aunt is that she is bipolar once she comes out of her room.
 “yeah. Sure. take her, i still need sometime to think”. She closes the door and I stand there speechless. After kisses Sam on the check I tell him will be staying with his aunt. Kunj hugs him and pulls me to the car.
The car ride was silent, I wanted to say something but I was unsure. We soon arrive to a police station.
What are we doing here? 
Kunj parks his car and gets of. I follow him and stand behind him as he talks with the police officer at his desk then the police officer leads us to the cells. Kunj pulls me closer as he sees drunk guys checking me out and trying to pick up lines to me. I ignore them. We get to the last cell and I immediately recoynize the women, who is standing in the corner with, wrinkle clothes and her hair a mess. I stand still getting more confuse.
“She’s in jail for all the crimes she has done. She was one that drug me the time you thought I was cheating on you.i did a lot of work and my investigator found evidence that my drink had drugs in it. He has did a background check on her. I didn’t cheat on you, someone wanted to separate us and now they’re happy for what they have done. But we found her and she got arrested. I just wanted to tell you that I’ll never cheat on you”. He looks at the woman then at me. I stare back at the cell and she look up. She walks slowly until she is almost pushing her head between the bars.
“Stupid woman. Thought her husband was cheating on her and never stayed for him to tell her the truth. I was a good actress wasn’t i. Stupid. Hope he doesn’t give you a second chance”, with that she looks away and Kunj pulls me outside. The whole ride I stay silent.  
What did I do? I’m so stupid! I was paranoid that he had left me for someone better. But he never cheated on me. Was I such a stupid, gulible girl? I choose to live him for three years and what? He didn’t do anything.
I started to get a headache and i cancel my appointment for the gym.
Kunj stayed quiet the whole time and soon we arrive at my aunt’s house. He walked straight to the door and I rush to grab him but he was already knocking on the door. While I tried to go around the car and walk up the stairs to the door. Kunj didn’t even glares 👀 at my way, he just enter and soon I gave up and walk in by myself. I heard laughter and talking, so I followed the noise the first thing I saw was Kunj holding Sam and glaring at someone across the room. I follow his gaze and come in contact with Austin.
What was he doing here?
Then I notice my cell aunt’s smiling face.
Don’t tell me she planned this! 
Austin was smiling at my aunt. He had on blue jeans and a black shirt he was built as Kunj he was more slim yet he had no 6pack like Kunj’s. He has chocolate-brown eyes and has a scar across his left eyebrows.(imagine Priyank Sharma) 
He hasn’t changed and here I thought he did.
“Mommy!” I look up and walk towards Sam and Kunj.
“What is he doing here?” Kunj growls out and I shake my head.
“I have no idea…”  he looks away and stares at my aunt who is still smiling. I know something bad was going to happen.
Who doesn’t think that when you’re ex-boyfriend is standing in front of your husband. Austin and I used to be in a relationship for about seven months but thinks didn’t work out and that’s when I met Kunj, but Kunj will always get jelouse because Austin wouldn’t know how to stay in his own lane. He used to flirt with me and even get physical with me and I had no idea why.
We weren’t together and I was dating Kunj. He knew I loved Kunj and our relationship was real not like the one I had with him. He didn’t understand for some reason that I wasn’t his no more. Each time he will act like a boyfriend to me and Kunj will get mad and tell him that he wasn’t my boyfriend anymore and for him to stop calling me babe or baby or even hug me or kiss me on the check or even bring flowers 💐🌹 on valentine’s day. Kunj was so close to killing him but he transfer collage and that’s when I was at peace with Kunj. I didn’t know what to do.
Why was he here?
“Come sit down Twinkle”. I nod my head and for some reason I grab Kunj’s hand. We both sit down; him placing Sam on his lap, Austin was sitting in front of me and my aunt in front of Kunj while I sat next to him.
“I’ll go get Daisey”. My aunt walks up the stairs and starts to look for Daisey. I know she isn’t actually looking for her but I ignore it.
“I thought you guys got a divorce?” Austin ask and Kunj tenses. “No we didn’t. Mind your own business”. Kunj says as he places a fork on his spaghetti and starts to feed Sam.
“So twinkle. You much been doing much…much better, especially with that killer body of yours”. He smirks 😏 and Kunj places a hand on my thigh. He eventually move it to feed Sam.
“Yes I have”, I tell him.
“I always regratted the moment we broke up. Oh I remember when we got in trouble on our third date when we went skinny dipping. That was amazing especially that part when I saw you naked”. He winked 🤨😏😉😜 and started to eat. Kunj was furious at the moment and he hold Sam to go help my aunt and he happily 😊 went to look for Daisey, and her dog🐕.
“We never went skinny dipping.”                           I tell him and it’s true I don’t remember going with him🤷.
“Oh don’t you have a bad memory. Oh and I can’t forget the first time you lost virginity to me”. He linked his lips😋, both Austin(Priyank Sharma) and I didn’t react fast as I saw Kunj around the table and punching Austin in his face.
Why he is mad if he knows it’s not true, he even knows that he was my first, Kunj was my first and the only person I got really intimated with.
Austin is really trying to get himself killed?!
“kunj!” I scremed and run towards him, pulling him away, he didn’t resist instead he turns to me and kisses me for a few minutes and then he turns look at Austin.
“She’s my women! Don’t ever talk about her in front of me or to anyone else like that! You basterd. She is mine not yours!” He grabs my hand and walk up to the stairs for calling for Sam as he goes look for him I stay standing in the middle of hall lost in my thoughts.
“Even thought I hate him, I still like him”. I trun around quickly when I see Austin whiping his lip which was stain in blood.
“What did you say?” I ask him.
“Come on, Don’t tell me you didn’t notice”. I shake my head and he laughs.
“Not to make you angry, but you’re really ugly compare to your hot husband. You’re a lucky girl. I wish I was you. Kissing him senseless”. I start bursting in laughter 😅😂🤣 as I hear Austin tell me how he is gay and that he only called me babe because he didn’t know how to act as he started to have feelings for guys.
That’s why he didn’t get to touchy with me when we were together and if he did he only play around or just peck on my lips. That’s why we broke up maybe at the time he started to like guys. 
He also said he moved away with his boyfriend and how he was only playing the role because of my aunt and I knew about this already.
“My aunt planned this right”. He nods and laughs😆. “She wanted to find out something but I don’t know what it was. Babe I have to be honest even if I’m taken I’ll pay any amount of money💰 to screw your husband”. I stare at him wide eyed 😲. “The f**k! Hell no his mine. His my man not yours!” We brust in laughter 😅😂🤣 and he leaves not wanting to another encounter of beating from Kunj.
Kunj come back with a sleeping baby and we walk to the door with my aunt trailing behind. We walk down the stairs and as I’m saying bye to my aunt she pulls me slightly and whispers in my ear.
“His a nice man. I apporve him again. I really will love for you to have your happy ending.” I smile😊 and she winks 😉. I wave🤚 to Daisey as I see her in front of the window. Kunj already buckle Sam so I just get in the car. However, Kunj doesn’t move the car. He is about to speak and he is turning his face towards me. I pull his neck and kiss him senseless opening my mouth to his as we move in sync. I pull away for breath and he plants a kiss on my neck.
“I’ll give you a second chance..” I look away but he pulls my chin “wait, what?” He looks confuse an🙁 smile😊.
“Austin wasn’t really after me he was mostly after you”. I laugh😂 as I see his reaction 🤨😲🤯. I smile ☺️as he starts driving to our home. “I’m sorry”😨😧😓😞 , I say out of the blue. Kunj parks the car in front of the house.
Wow 😲when did we get here was I so deep🤔 in thought that I lost track of time? That was fast.
“For what?” He asked as he starts to take his keys out.
“I didn’t believe you. I thought you cheated on me. The news was full of rumours of you with women but I didn’t want to believe in them and when I found you with one. I thought the magazine were all telling truth and I let that take over my brain. I swear I didn’t know I was pregnant until I landed in Los Angeles and I felt sick so my______” I get cut by Kunj and his lips.
“Let’s talk about this inside”. He says and I nod. He carries a sleeping Sam and we walk towards his room putting him in his bed and we walk to our room, him taking a shower in the other room and me using his shower. I walk out only in my inner wanting to wear one of Kunj’s shirt as I’m bending down to look up to catch Kunj’s black eyes full of lust and desire.
“It’s been a long time that I have seen you like that”. He says as he takes a step closer to me until he is one inch away from my body.
Is it me or does the room feel hot?
 I look at him and see his only wearing a towel that is hanging loosely around his hip. I stop and check him out as trails of water define his perfect abs.
“This is all yours baby.only if want it”. He says in a s*xy husky voice. Not saying anything I pull him towards me and kisses him hungrily, opening my mouth and letting my tongue dance with his. He bits and sucks my lower lip and I moan out as he picks me up and I wrap my legs around him feeling his erection on my lower belly. 
Gosh I’m going crazy! 
We Kiss until I pull away and let him explore my neck. He sucks on my sweat spot and I moan like crazy, he likes his art work and makes another route to leave another mark. I pull his face to my and kiss him again tranging my hands in his hair. He groans and bits my lip his hand hold my ass and I trail kisses down his neck sucking and licking every spot. His about to unhook my bra when there is a loud knock on the door. He ignores it but I don’t.
“Go check who it is”. He doesn’t listen and starts to kiss my br*ast.
“Kunj..” I trail off as he suck my chest. The knock gets louder and I get scared sensing my fear Kunj’s stop and puts me down throwing me a shirt and putting a on only sweatpants. I quickly put it on as we hear a small knock on my door I run and open the it too see Sam carrying his dinosaur. His hair sleeping and haif awake.
“Mommy What’s that noise?” I pull him up hugging him as Kunj walk towards us.
“Come” he pulls us to the walk in closet and starts to push clothes away looking for something. I stand with Sam curious what his doing not minutes later the only think I can see s a door knob I stare at it wide eyed.
“Stay in there, lock it if needed I’ll call your name when everything is fine. Kunj rushes me in as the Knock get louder and louder.
“No one is home. It’s a Sunday and the guards and maids have a day off. Stay here”. He pecks Sam and kisses me on the lips. He closes the door as I stay standing holding a sleeping Sam.
The knocking gets cut off once I hear Kunj open the door. You can barely hear some whispering or words but I don’t what they’re saying. Few minutes later Sam starts moving around. Seconds later I hear footsteps getting closer so I grab closet thing which was a type of stick . The door opens and I swing not paying attention where I hit . As the stick makes contact with something I hear a manly cough.
“What was that for baby?” Then I hear Kunj voice and I smile as soon as see he is perfectly fine. I walk out and look around once my eyes land on a special someone I knew something bad is getting to happen.



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