Love makes relationships….[Prologue]

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Love makes relationships…[intro]
Hi guys, I am priyashini. I was planned to write a ff on swaragini [swasan and raglak].
All the characters are same as like in the show. Only view additional characters.
Pradeep maheshwari[17yrs] and Anjali maheshwari[14yrs] –adarsh and parineeta’s son &daughter.
Swathi maheshwari[12yrs] and sangeeth maheshwari[8yrs]-swasan’s daughter & son.
Rakshitha maheshwari[4yrs]- raglak’s daughter.
Chirag –uttara’s husband.
This is only a lovable family story.
“the love in our family flows strong and deep,
leaving us memories to treasure and keep.”
No twist and turns.
I hope u can enjoy….

Episode 1

At MM’s house,

Every elders including sanskar and laksh are gathered for bf [dining table]
Parineeta was serving food for them. Adarsh was busy on the phone call near hall sofa.
In upstairs, swara was chasing a little boy.[with uniform in her hands]
Swara: stop there….sangeeth[heavily breathing]. I can’t run anymore,pls stop.
Sangeeth: mom…..try to catch me[teasingly]
Finally they both end up in entering a room.
Sangeeth hides behind a girl
Anjali: champ!!! What r u doing????
Sangeeth: di, pls save me from mom .
Anjali: 5 yrs passed, still u r crying to go to school.
Swara:well said anju…. From morning, he makes me to run behind him.
Sangeeth ran out of the room by pushing swara playfully
Swara:hey….. stop. He will never listen to me.okay anju ! come down fast ,ur bf is already ready.
Anju: okay chachi!!

Swara was about to move out .she notices pradeep still sleeping.
Swara:pradeep!!!! Its ur first day ,atleast today u go early.[wakes him up]
Pradeep: chachi. Pls 5 more mins…
Swara: no way …..[push him into the washroom]
Anju: chachi, bhaiya even sleep inside the washroom[teasingly].
Swara: anju , ask him get ready fast. orelse today also he will get scolding from mama and papa.
Anju: okay chachi
Swara moves out [thinking: where does this little shoutan might gone]
Suddenly she winks her eyes and moves to raglak’s room

In raglak room,
Ragini was making raksh to wear her uniform. Suddenly, sangeeth hugs her from backside.
Ragini: arrey…..mera little hero.! What happened??
Swara standing near the door: ask me rago
Swara gives a angry look to sangeeth.
Swara: see sangeeth.. how good raksh is??? Being her brother still crying to go to school….
Ragini:[hugging sangeeth] swara!!!! this is not fair ……….
Swara: u make this boy get ready…[gives the uniform to ragini]
Raksh: bade ma , how am I looking???
Swara: my princess is always pretty….. and especially today
Swara carries raksh and gives a kiss on her forehead
Swara: okay rago!!! We r going down .[puts her tongue out and teases sangeeth]
Sangeeth also does the same
Ragini smiles seeing all this.
Swara comes down carrying raksh. Raksh on seeing adarsh …
Raksh: bade ma ,leave down.
Swara does so. Raksh ran towards adarsh .swara moves to dining hall.
Raksh: [from backside, pulls adarsh’s blazer]bade papa….
Adarsh: [anwer to the speaker]I will call u back…
Arrey!!!!! See my princess looking more cute today.where is my fees today??/???

Raksh : [thiks for a while, gives a kiss on adarsh’s cheek] love u bade papa.
Adarsh: love u too doll!!!!
Parineeta: enough of ur love . both of u come and have ur bf.
Adarsh: ok ok coming
Adarsh makes raksh sit between sanlak’s plate.
Sanskar: hey angel,looking good today.
Laksh: my princess always looks good…..where is my fees??
Raksh gives kiss for both sanskar and laksh.
Everyone smiles.

Swathi , anjali, and pradeep comes down wearing uniforms.
Parineeta: come three of u . ur bf is ready.
Adarsh: when did u woke up pradeep???
Pradeep: early papa… u ask chachi???
Swara looks confused. Sanlak laughed.
Laksh; hero!!!better try a good lie next time .okay???
Adarsh gave a angry look towards pradeep.
Pari: what to do adarsh??/ son is as like his father.
Everyone laughed this time.

Ap: han pari beta. Ur exactly right.
Sujatha: even his chachus are the same.
Swara; han well said. See till sanskar’s super hero didn’t come.
Ragini: no swara. We already arrived.
Ragini makes sangeeth to sit beside sanskar.swara starts to feed for raksh and sangeeth.
Raksh: papa!!!! Today evening u should bring me chocolate.
Laksh: bt for what??/
Raksh:papa, today is my first day to school.
Ragini: ok ok . now complete bf first.
Raksh: papa don’t forget.
Sanskar: don’t worry princess. I will get u.
Sangeeth: for me???
Annju and swathi: for us??
Swara: okay ! for everyone . now eat properly.
Everybody smiles…….
All kids gone to school by school bus except raksh.
Ram Prasad ,adarsh and sanskar goes to office. Dp stays at home as he was very old now.
Laksh is waiting to drop raksh .

Precap: a girl enters MM mansion ,,…… laksh looks at the girl.

Pls comment and give ur support for me to continue this ff.
Bye take care everyone

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    fab loved it and wonder what ragini will do when she sees lakshya looking a her,,
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