Love makes relationships….[epi 29]

Hi guys…I extremely sorry for the delay. I had some hectic schedules in the college so please forgive me.and i have a stock of thanks with me to pour it on you guys…i am very cheerful seeing all the comments..thank you. let’s start with the epi!!!!!!

Episode 29
At college canteen.
Four people were seated…having some snack and juice.only ayush and pradeep were talking continuously., somewhere naina will interrupt otherwise she also kept mum.and riya is totally quite…she was quietly admiring their talk , people around them…,and the scenery outside..sometime naina and riya will have small conversation….
But above all this,,,, sometimes here and there,,,,, ayush and naina had a cute eyelock….pradeep and riya stared each other (don’t know it may also become a eyelock in future)

@ mageshwari mansion.
Everyone turned up from the work, school and college.swasan,raglak,parish,mishka, ayush and pradeep were seated in the hall…with some topics discussed there about college life….
Kids were in their study room..completing their school works.
Suddenly…an alarming voice…
Swathi: stop there…if I catch you..that’s it.
Raksh came running And hid behind sanskar.
Raksh: bade papa…save me.
Anjali and sangeeth also came outside
Swathi: you are here…. (Glaring at raksh)
Sanskar: what happened sweetheart?? Why are chasing her???
Swathi: papa!! She poured ink in my notebook.
San(looking at raksh): is it princess???
Ragini came near raksh and holds her ears.
Rag: did you do that??
Raksh with a puppy face :yes.
Everybody smiled including ragini.
San: don’t worry swathi ..I will get you a new notebook.
Rag: but raksh!!! You should do a penalty for your mistake (in stern voice)
Raksh: bade papa!!!(in a crying tone)
Laksh: ragini….
Rag: no laksh…
Everyone shocked.

Rag: raksh!!……..give a kiss to swathi di
She does.swathi also hugged
Swathi: drama queen!!!(sweetly)
Rag: anju !!! Champ!! Come here…mishka!!! Pradeep!! Ayush!!! Listen here.
They does.
Rag: listen everybody, hereafter whatever may be the mistake,,you should do this penalty.. Okay???
All smiled and said OK.
Sanlak and ADR: okay…
Swa: why you three are saying okay???
San: the penalty is good!!!
Lak: and law is for everyone right???(he smiled naughtily looking at rag)
San and adr: Han right!! Right!!!
All smiled …

Pari: Han…you people should never fight with each other…okay??
All: okay..
Adarsh: OK!! What about a dinner outside???
Lak: prefect idea!!!
Rag: do you people think that our cooking is worse??(raising her eyebrows)
Lak:(without wasting a second)of course ragini….
Then he bit his tongue for what he just now told…
Rag was giving a death glare at laksh..
Lak: ragini…I..I..didn’t…
Rag: laksh…(sternly)
Swa: enough guys…(Lil shouted)
San: Han…good. OK go and get ready for the dinner….
Everyone moved happily with excitement…
Laksh was quietly moving to the a student moving to the principal’s room..
Ragini strictly walking behind like a physics professor

Scene freezes..
Precap: episode 30…

Sorry guys… This was really a short update..
I will try make it lengthy next time..its going to be a great the later episodes.. Enjoy well
Take care
Keep smiling..

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