Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Abhi and Pragya entered Arora mansion.Pragya runs in and hugs Tanu who is busy in arranging sofa.
Tanu was jerked and saw Pragya “Acha tum aagaya I was waiting for you why u lied Abhi that I’m pregnant”,asked with an anger.
Pragya smiles and hugs Tanu “Leave it Tanu just for fun”,she said casually.
“U fought with him and came here by using my name with a lie”,said Tanu.
“U know what Tanu u r always smart and catching me red handed always that’s your speciality”,said Pragya and kissed her.
“Pragya tum bhi na”,said Tanu in disbelief.
“Acha tk tk dheko kon Aagaya…Maa…maa”,shouted Pragya.
Tanu greets Abhi and Sarla came there and greets Abhi.Abhi got blessings from Sarla.
“Beta ji aap Pragya told you gone to Delhi”,asked Sarla.

Abhi glared Pragya.
“Maa..his meeting cancelled so he didn’t go he just give me a surprise by coming to my college for picking me..hey na”,said Pragya and sees Abhi.
Abhi nods his head and thinks ‘How easily she is lieing’
“Acha..u both came so wait lemme prepare something”,said Sarla.
“Aunty ji no no we wanna go now I have important work.. Pragya u take your bag and come”,said Abhi and Pragya left to collect her bag.
“Lekin… Atleast have some coffee”,said Sarla.
“It’s okay aunty ji..I ll have some other day”,said Abhi.

Pragya came down with her bags and hugs Tanu and Sarla.
Sarla hugs Pragya “take care Pragya don’t fight with him okay”,said Sarla.
Abhi giggles.
“Okay maa”,said Pragya and they both left the house.
While Abhi was driving..”Suniye..”,called Pragya.
“Hmm…”,said Abhi.
“You know one thing”
“Tanu always finding out my could she.. next time I have to try better lie”,said Pragya.

Abhi chuckled “Less your lies okay”,said Abhi.
“I ll try”,said Pragya with a smile.
They both reached home and Pragya ran inside.
“Arey Pragya ur baggage”,said Abhi but Pragya was almost in.Abhi was about to lift but Pragya came.
“I’m sorry I completely forgot leave I ll lift”,said Pragya.
“You had gone mad in happiness”,said Abhi that made Pragya to blush.
They both walked in.Sameera looks at them.
“Hey Sameera how are you”,asked Pragya by seeing her with a pitty face.
“Abhi U had told everything to Pragya na”,asked Sameera.
“Sameera… you know”,asked Abhi.
“Look at her face how she is seeing me pitty”,said Sameera.
“ nothing like that Sameera”,said Pragya.
“Haa.. nothing like that Sameera she has to know that’s y I told of its not today then on tomorrow don’t feel pitty by urself okay”,said Abhi by wrapping his arms around Sameera’s shoulder.
Sameera smiles.

Pragya too smiled “Okay I ll freshup and I ll be back”,said Pragya and left to room.
Pragya got into the room and shouted “SUNIYE…..”,with anger.
Abhi jerked “Sameera wait I ll be back..She is screaming”,said Abhi while Sameera chuckled.
Abhi rushed in “What Happened”,asked Abhi.
“What’s this why you always messed up the things u don’t have any idea how much time it take to set up this why you always doing this”,she scolded him and started to set up the room.
“What could I do I couldn’t find any thing without you..BTW this will be your punishment if u left me like this”,said Abhi like a kid with a pout.

Pragya smiled at his statement “Achaa…”,said Pragya and setting up the room while Abhi watching her activities.
“Have you took your tablets”,asked Pragya.
“Haa..naa…”,said Abhi.
“Haan yaa naa”,asked Pragya with a raised brows.
“Naa..”,said Abhi by downing his head.
“Aap bhi na can’t you take care of urself why u r so careless”,said Pragya.
“After you come in my life I don’t bother to taking care of myself as u always there for me”,said Abhi.
Pragya nods her head in disbelief “This is too much”,said Pragya.
“You won’t leave me ryt”, asked Abhi in serious tone.
Pragya realized he was serious and she got lost in his eyes “I won’t”,she assured.
“Promise”,asked Abhi like a kid.
“Pakka promise my kadoos come on behave like a don don’t be a cry baby”,said Pragya.
Abhi smiled.
Pragya too smiled and goes into the wardrobe to change herself after minutes she came out in her pajama pants and asked

Abhi to change.Abhi nods and goes.
Pragya’s phone rang she looked at the mobile it was Purab.
“Haan..Purab how are you”,asked Pragya.
“I’m okay..tell me have your patched up with Abhi”,asked Purab.
“How you know”, asked Pragya with an amusement.
“Abhi told me as Sameera had came there na now u r alryt”,asked Purab.
“Haa..Purab I was so happy u know what happened today”,said Pragya.
“What happened”,two voices came that is Alia and Purab.
Pragya smiled and narrated the whole.Alia and Purab got excited “Wow Babhi..bhai too loves you but he didn’t did any confession kitna unromantic na”,said Alia.
“Haa..Alia he is just like that na”,said Pragya.
“My poor Babhi caught up with sucha guy like my brother”,said Purab.
“Hey Purab so you guys are gossiping me in my back”,said Abhi while snatching Pragya’s phone.
“Abhi..tum..Good..good night bhai.. Good night Babhi”,said Purab and Alia ended the call.

Pragya stared at Abhi “You didn’t changed yet u came to eavesdrop us because of you they ended the call”,pouted Pragya.
“Arey why u always scolding me I couldn’t find my towel that’s why I came to ask you and btw I’m not eavesdropping”,said Abhi.
Pragya took his towel and gave it to him “Your towel”,said Pragya.
“Thank you”,said Abhi and about to leave but he turned “Pragya may i ask you onething”,asks Abhi.
“Haa..”,said Pragya.
“Did Alia and Purab know I’m your love”,he asked.
“Haa.. they know that”, said Pragya.
“How disloyal everyone knows about this but I’m the last so bad so bad”,said Abhi and leaves to closest.
Pragya smiled at him and thinks ‘I couldn’t explain how I’m happy today I wish to jump and scream my heart out I should thank all my stars.I have a promise for him I ll never ever let him down I ll always be his side to support him..I was so happy today’

She widened her hands and twirls and sings
Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar(The first elation, first hangover)
Naya Pyaar Hai, Naya Intezaar(Love is new to me, so is this longing)
Karloon Main Kya Apna Haal(What will I do to myself)
She was twirling and Abhi came and held her hand and pulled her towards him she was shocked.
He held her hands and sings
Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu(Queen of my dreams, when will you come)
Aayi rut mastaani kab aayegi tu(The amorous season has come, when will you come)
Pragya was surprised her eyes popped out as she had never seen this avatar of him.She laughed.
Beeti jaaye zindagaani kab aayegi tu(My lifetime will pass, when will you come)
Chali aa, tu chali aa.
Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu……
Abhi laughs and hugs Pragya and smiled she was blushing to red and sings.
lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho(Hug or Embrace me because this beautiful night may or may not come again in our lifetime)

lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho
shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho(May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again)
lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho
shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
They both moved their legs while Abhi held her right hand and another hand on her waist she continued by singing…
ham ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se(because of destiny today we got these moments)
ham ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se
ji bhar ke dekh lijiye ham ko qarib se(see me closely until you are fully satisfied)
phir aap ke nasib men ye baat ho na ho(who knows in your destiny these moments may or may not come again who knows in future you may or may not get this chance)
Shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho.
Abhi got lost in her eyes and smiles at her.Pragya too smiles at him and Abhi sings while dancing.
haan hansi ban gaye(You have become my laughter)
haan nami ban gaye(You have become the wetness of my eyes)
tum mere aasmaan(You have become my sky)
meri zameen ban gaye(and my earth)

He twirls her and lost his balance and about to fall she holds him.He smiles at her and sings
haan hum badalne lage(I began to change)
girne sambhalne lage(began to fall and be steady)
jab se hai jaana tumhein(since I have known you)
teri ore chalne lage(I have started to move towards you)
Abhi came towards her and held her by waist and looks into her dark eyes.Pragya too lost in his eyes and she sings..
main jaan ye vaar doon(I ll give this life)
har jeet bhi haar doon(lose every victory)
keemat ho koi tujhe(whatever be the price)
beintehaa pyaar doon(I ll give you timeless love)
saari hadein meri, ab maine tod di(I’ve broken all my barriers now)
dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye..(having given me the address you became wandering)
Abhi smiled at her and sings
Haan hasi ban gaye.haan nami ban gaye
Tum meri asmaan,meri zameen ban gaye…
Pragya continued by singing….
kya khoob rab ne kiya(What a wonder god has done)
bin maange itna diya(has given me so much without even asking)
warna hai milta kahaan(otherwise where do unbelievers like us)
hum kaafiron ko khuda(get god)
hasratein ab meri tumse hain jaa mileen(my wishes have now gone to meet you)
tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye(you have become my last prayer)
Abhi had tears in his eyes… Pragya wipes his tears and nods her head by saying not to cry and sings..
Haan hasi ban gaye,haan nami ban gaye..
Tum meri aasmaan ,meri zameen ban gaye…
Abhi smiles at Pragya and hugs her tight as he found himself in her eyes.Pragya too hugs him tight.

Pragya felt some wetness in her stomach and broke the hug and sees blood was oozing from his wound.
“Oh my god…you are bleeding again I’m sorry”,said Pragya and took first aid box and asks him ti sit.
Abhi was continuously ogling at her “Can’t you say that you are bleeding I almost squeezed you”,she blamed herself and her eyes became wet by Seeing his wound was bleeding.
Abhi carres her hair Pragya lifts her head and looks at him “Pragya u know what I’m so happy today u gave me a rebirth..U made my life so live today u feel me that my life is still alive and thanks for coming into my life”,said Abhi while his eyes were filled.
Pragya wipes his tears “You made me to feel the love for the first time no need to thank me… don’t get too emotional it doesn’t suits you”,said Pragya.
“Then which suits me”, chuckled Abhi.
“Huuuuuu….. Mehabooba… Mehabooba… Mehabooba… Mehabooba…”,she signs while chuckling.
Abhi chuckled and said “Too much I’m not bad as Kabar singh”,said Abhi.
“Just joking yaar..You are so sweet my sweeto”, said Pragya and pulled his cheeks.
Abhi smiles and pressed his lips on her forehead.

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