Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 61


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Its a fresh morning. Singhania house is shown. Rishabh comes there. Naksh is too excited to see him

Naksh: Rishabh…how are you

Rishabh: I’m good Naksh bhai..

Naksh: Yeh hai meri biwi Keerthi

Rishabh: Namaste bhabhi

Rishabh and Naksh get seated. Naira comes down the stairs dressed in a red top and blue jean. Her hair is set up as a tall ponytail.

Rishabh is excited to see her.
Naira: Hai Rishabh Hai bhai..bhai I’m leaving for college tell Maa..
Rishabh: Can I drop you Naira

Just then Kartik’s bike horn is heard.
Naira: No thanks Rishabh

Naksh: Jaa jaa Teri Kartik aagaya

Naira smiles broad as she goes towards the bike. Rishabh looks upon with hatred in his eyes

Rishabh in mind: Whenever I plan to get close to my Naira this Kartik comes as a absence only made Naira think that she is in love with you Kartik..but now once I’m back I’ll separate her from you and keep her for myself.

Meanwhile Kaira are going in bike

Kartik: Lagta hai Rishabh is very close to you

Naira: Haan Kartik he was our neighbor and schoolmate and childhood friend of me and bhai. Bhai had a nice cricket bonding with him

Kartik: Acha..waise Naira do you mind going out with me today after class

Naira: Will I mind going out with you..Huh..all my time is yours because I’m yours

Kartik kisses her hand. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to a cafe. Jeevika is meeting Sid there

Jeevika: Sid…listen to me you are misguided..I don’t know who told you but that was just a truth or dare game where the question was did Prerna hide anything from me and the Answer was your letter that’s it..she didn’t even mention your name.

Sid: If would Komolika trace me and ask me to help her save the lives of Prerna and Anurag from a forced marriage and join them with people they love..

Jeevika: It isn’t a forced marriage Sid

Sid: Oh fo Jeevs after marrying Viren you are more of bhabi and less of friend that’s why you are justifying it..see Prerna loves me and I love her that’s it..she is mine don’t interfere between us

Saying this Sid gets up banging the table and storms away. Jeevika is confused on hearing Komolika’s name. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Mishti’s college. She is in the canteen scrolling through her phone. She gets a message from an unknown number

Message: Hai Mishti

Mishti: Who is this

The person sends some pictures of Mishti taken during the hike and some pictures taken outside her college.
Mishti is shocked. She calls Abir.

Abir: Hey Mishti…

Mishti: Aaaabbbbbiiirrrr(her voice shakes)

Abir: Mishti what everything alright

Mishti tells him the happenings

Mishti: I told you nah…someone is following me but you didn’t see..he has sent my pictures to me….

Abir: I’ll be there in 10 minutes . Don’t panic

After 10 minutes Abir rushes there. Mishti is sitting in a bench and crying in fear

Abir sits near her. She leans her head on his chest and weeps

Abir: Mishti..we will trace out who it is

Mishti: Abir..

Abir: Dont get afraid..When I’m with you no one can even touch you..don’t worry

Mishti Looks up into his eyes. The episode freezes.



  1. Hey,first of all best of luck for your exam👍
    Second, the episode was interesting😊
    Roshan’s jealousy is not good for him.😚
    Jeevika’s attempt of clearing Sid’s mis -understandings was good👍
    Mishbir scene was cute😍
    Waiting for next episode.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Mahikagaur!! Thank you so much😍😊. So happy that the episode interested you. Indeed his jealousy will only disappoint him. Happy that you liked Jeevika’ s attempt to make Sid understand and Mishbir scene🥰

  2. Fantastic 👌👌👌 ❤️❤️❤️
    Excited for next episode

    1. Sai07

      Thank you Shreya 😍😍. So happy that you liked the episode🥰.

  3. Very nice episode ….
    KaiRa scenes were awesome. Rishabh is not in his senses to think that Naira loves Kartik because he wasn’t here
    So Komolika added fuel in Sid’s mind that Prerna loves him
    Waiting for the twists in KaiRa’s, AnuPre’s and mishbir’s life

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver!! Thank you😊❤. So happy that you liked Kaira scenes. Yes you are right Rishabh is indeed not in his senses. More twists are awaiting you. Hope you will enjoy them🥰

  4. I want vatsal Seth to play stranger’s character.
    Nice episode.🥰
    Want more mishbir scenes.
    All the best for your exams.👍🏻👍🏻
    Waiting for next episode.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zuha!! Sure I’ll make Vatsal seth as the starnger following Mishti. Thank you😊❤. Sure future episodes will have more Mishbir scenes. Thank you so much😍😍

  5. Jasminerahul

    rishab is a funny fool to think that naira fell for kartik only bcz he was not there.sad that though jeevika tried to make Sid understand he is not believing her.but now jeevika knows that its komolika who called Sid. so she should inform anupre about it.I think namik can play Sid as he played prerna’s fiance in kzk2.naira telling kartik that she is all his n kartik kissing her was romantic. glad that finally the photographs made abir believe mishti.abir consoling mishti was nice.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! 🤣🤣Yeah Rishabh is a funny fool. Of course Anupre should and will be getting know about Komolika. Such a nice suggestion. Namik will be perfect as Sid. Happy that you liked Kaira scenes. Yeah Abir now believes Mishti. Happy that you liked Mishbir consoling part. Thank you😊

  6. Very episode😍😍😍 waiting for the next episode….😊😊

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna 😍😍. Happy that you liked the episode🥰.

  7. Heyy hello such a nice episode. I loved the moment when Kartik’s bike horn was heard when Rishabh asked if he could drop Naira. I enjoyed Naira saying that she is Kartik’s. Again I guessed it right Komolika sent Sid. Woah someone is stalking Mishti. Hope she is saved by Abir. Loved Abir telling when he is near Mishti no one can even touch her . Kaira kiss was romantic.

    1. Sai07

      Hello friend!! Thank you😊❤ happy that you liked it. So happy that you liked Kartik’s entry when Rishabh was making his move to Naira. So happy tha you enjoyed Naira’s dialogue. Yeah you were right congratulations🎉🎊. Happy that you liked Abir dialogue.

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