Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 51

Hai friends thank you so much for your wishes for 50th episode. Please keep supporting through comments. Let’s go to episode now.

The episode starts by showing Anupre’s room. Prerna is sitting gloomy in her room looking at the clock. The clock shows 11:40

Prerna: People at mom’s house are busy with the welcome of the baby…this yr is my first birthday here Anurag will be away too…what a grumpy birthday.

Times goes on its 11:57. She hears a knock on the door. Prerna goes to open it and sees Abir standing there

Prerna: Abir…what happened.

Abir: Bhabhi…come down na….it’s urgent

Suddenly Kartik comes there and blindfolds her

Prerna: Kartik…Abir…what are you doing

Kartik: Shsh..bhabhi…you will know it in few minutes come with us

Prerna in mind: Atleast they are celebrating my birthday….even if Anurag doesn’t remember

They reach the hall. Blind fold is removed and the hall is dark

Prerna: Kartik…it’s dark anyway why did you blind fold me

Suddenly lights are on.
Anurag: Tada….

He brings in a cake trolly

Everyone: Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you Happy birthday Prerna..Happy birthday to you

Prerna is too happy to see Anurag there.
Abir brings the laptop with video calls on. Naira,Mishti are on a call from home while Viren Jeevika are on a call from hospital ,Maa and Papa are on a call from their home and Naksh and Keerthi are on a call. They wish Prerna

Prerna gets teary eyed. Kartik takes her to cut the cake. She cuts the cake and feeds Anurag. Everyone dance and enjoy. Scene freezes.

Anupre are in their room. Prerna doesn’t speak to Anurag and walks to her side of the bed.

Anurag holds her hand and stops her

Prerna: Don’t talk to me…

Anurag: Arrey it was just a prank nah yaar…sorry

Prerna: I thought that you

Anurag: Forgot your birthday…how did you think like that…is that how much you know me

Anurag leaves her hand . Prerna turns to him and rushes to him. She hugs Anurag from behind

Prerna: I am sorry don’t ruin my day by being angry

Anurag smiles and pulls her in front of him

Anurag: Tumhara birthday mereliye bohot kaas hain…even I don’t want to ruin it

He kisses Prerna and then turns the lights off. The scene freezes.

A week has passed by and Vadhera house is shown. It’s NAAMKARAN of  VIRIKA’s daughter

Viren goes to Jeevika who is struggling with her dress and the baby. He gets the baby from her and helps her

Jeevika: Atlast the day has come to name our cute princess

Viren to the baby: My princess you are going to be named by your pyari bua

They hear voices calling them and go down with their princess

Prerna is called for naming the baby. She names the girl Sara. Everyone love the name and rejoice the celebration .
Scene freezes on the happy faces of Viren Jeevika and the baby.

Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. Naira and her friends are sitting in front of the Physiology department after lunch break for next practical class. Tara and her friends come there and give them a set of notebooks

Tara: Hey juniors complete these notebooks by tomorrow morning 10 am

Megha: But why should we

Tara: Because it’s our order

Naira: Hello you must do your records why are you giving us

Priya: How dare you raise your voice against a senior

Naira and Priya get into an argument. Using this Tara slaps Naira.

Naira slaps her back. Kartik comes there with Vikram and Varun.

Vikram: Hey what’s going on

Megha tells them the happenings

Kartik gets angry and raises his hand to slap Tara

Naira: Kartik she slapped me and I slapped her back…you don’t get into trouble by slapping her now

Kartik: Tara will you never change..I have already warned you to stay away from Naira

Tara: Kartik…it’s Naira who started the argument and insulted Priya that’s why

Varun: Oh shut up Tara…giving records to juniors is a form of ragging and you very well know the punishment for it

Vikram: Naira Kartik you both go away..we will handle these girls…

Naira drags Kartik away from  the crowd.

Naira: Kartik….you get angry soon..anger is on your nose

Kartik: If anyone thinks of touching you even I will not spare them

Naira: Itna Pyar

Kartik: Naira..if you see yourself from my perspective you will know why I love you so much and you will fall in love with yourself

Kartik pulls Naira closer

Naira: Kartik its college

Kartik: So what let everyone see our closeness and burn with jealousy

What Kartik said was very true. Tara sees Kartik and Naira’s closeness and is indeed burning with jealousy.
Kartik kisses Naira.
Naira sees the watch and: OmG I’m getting late..I’ll go Kartik…bye…

Kartik: Arrey give me a kiss and go

Naira: Keep it in reserve I will give back with interest later

Saying this she pushes him and runs towards her lab. Kartik smiles sheepishly at her cuteness. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to a bus stop near Mishti’s college. Mishti is waiting for bus. She hears a bike horn and turns to see Abir there. She tells excuses to her friends and runs to Abir.

Abir: Aaaram aaram se….

Mishti: Why did you come here (panting hard)

Abir: To buy this bus stop

Mishti stares at him

Abir: Aur kya it’s kinda obvious that I came to see you…I’m  it lucky like bhai to have you in my college

Mishti: Acha…ok go now…my bus will come

Abir: I will drop you home

Mishti: Abir..our love isn’t public yet

Abir: Let me shout it aloud and make it public

He is about to shout when Mishti shuts his mouth

Their eyes lock. After moments Abir removes her hand from his mouth and goes on his knees.
He give her a flower

Abir: I love you Mishti

He takes out a gift from his bag

Episode freezes.


  1. Lovely episode……
    The name Sara is really soo cute
    KaiRa’s closeness and Tara’s jealousy was beautifully described
    Please make KaiRa’s story more interesting by giving some twist and turn in the story such as Tara trying to hurt Naira with her wrecking plans..
    Mr Bajaj, Samarth chachu, Aditya inn sab ka kissa khatam ho gaya kya
    Aap agle episode kab tak upload karenge

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver!! Very happy that you liked the name Sara. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely add some twists and turns in Kaira’s story. Mr. Bajaj, Samarth and Aditya track is over for now. If bringing them is ur wish I’ll try to bring them in a way that doesn’t bore us. Next episode will be uploaded tomorrow morning.

  2. Anurag’s surprise for Prerna was amazing.The name of virika’s daughter is wonderful. This update was wonderful.Waiting for next update.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Mahikagaur!! So happy that you liked Anurag’s surprise and Virika baby name. Delighted that you liked the update. Next update will reach you tomorrow morning

  3. Loved the episode … especially kartik’s possessiveness towards naira was really nice ❤️❤️❤️ there should be some twists and turns in the episode

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya!! So happy😊 that you loved the episode and Kartik’s possesiveness. I’ll definitely add twists and turns in story. Next episode will be uploaded tomorrow morning. 😍😍

  4. In upcoming episode tara should try to hurt naira it will be interesting to see it…

    1. Sai07

      Hai Seema!! I’ll definitely make the upcoming episode interesting for you.

  5. Jasminerahul

    virika scene was nice.naming the baby Sara was nice.nice birthday surprise to prerna.prerna hugging anurag from back …apologizing. .anurag saying that her birthday is special for him n kissing her was romantic.Tara naira slapping was unexpected.loved kartik telling naira that if she sees herself in his perspective she will start loving herself. kiss was romantic. mishbir eye lock. ..flower scene ..I love you dialogue were romantic. perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! Happy that you liked the baby’s name, Prerna birthday party, Anupre romance, Kartik’s romantic dialogue and Abir’s dialogue and flower scene

  6. Jasminerahul

    twists will be interesting.but I feel that turning Tara completely black like the usual tv vamps who harm people physically will be unrealistic.instead it’s better to show her grey.

    1. Sai07

      You are very correct turning Tara into a vamp will be like usual soaps. I’ll make sure that I don’t make her a vamp.

  7. The episode was really amazing. The prerna’s birthday surprise and roamance kaira romance and tara jealousy.and misbir cute scene is really soothing. If you bring someone like tara in anurag’s and abir’s life it would be more intresting.❤️

    1. Sai07

      Hai Saya!! Very much happy that you liked the episode. Happy that you liked Prerna’s birthday surprise, kaira romance, tara jealousy. I’ll make it interesting for sure.

  8. The episode was awesome and amazing..and the closeness of kaira was😍😍..waiting for next update….🥰🥰

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna!! Very happy that you liked the episode 😍😍. Happy to know that you enjoyed Kaira closeness. Next update will be uploaded tomorrow morning🥰🥰

  9. Nice episode ❤
    Abir’s dialogue were funny and Mishbir scenes were so cute 💖💕
    When r u going to upload next episode.
    Want more Mishbir scenes.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zuha!! Happy that you liked Abir’s dialogue and Mishbir scenes. Next episode will be uploaded tomorrow morning. Surely I’ll add more mishbir scenes.

  10. When will you upload next episode

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