Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 50

Hai friends Here is the 50th episode. Thank you so much for helping to reach this milestone. My hearty thanks to everyone who reads this ff and special thanks to every comment here for motivating me to keep writing. Thank you friends. Let’s go to the episode.

Jeevika is in the labour room and Viren is with her. He holds her hands as doctor assists her to deliver the baby. Viren’s eyes are wet seeing Jeevika in pain. Finally Jeevika delivers the baby.

Doctor: Congrats Mr and Mrs Vadhera it’s a girl

Viren looks into Jeevika’s eyes as it gets moist in happiness. He sits near her and kisses her on her forehead.
The doctor gives the baby in her hands. Viren puts his arm around and they admire the baby.
Jeevika: Virenji…our…our…

Viren: Our daughter…Thank you Jeevika for giving me such a happiness in my life

Jeevika: Thank you for being with me…during delivery

The nurse gets the baby for a wash and for vaccination.
After sometime nurse hands over the baby to Viren. He gets emotional when he holds his daughter for the first time.
Tears role down his cheeks. He slowly takes the baby out to the families.

Viren: Maa…Prerna…it’s a girl

Maa: Arrey Waah…ghar mein Lakshmi aayi hai.

Everyone get happy. Maa gets the baby in her hand first. Then Prerna and Anurag hold the baby and feel happy. Just then Kartik and Naira rush in

Kartik: Sorry we changed and came to see the baby…we are late

Naira: Aww…cute

She runs to Prerna and sees the baby. Prerna gives her the baby. Kartik and Naira hold the baby and get excited about it. Mishti stands there staring at Abir. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to the Singhania house. Kartik and Abir come to drop Mishti and  Naira.  Naira senses that Mishti wants alone time with Abir and pulls Kartik out with her.

Abir: Seems like I must wait here till bhai comes.

Mishti: Haan…. Abir…I will get fresh and come…

Abir: Oh sure.

Mishti runs up to her room. She gets the red gown and wears it. She comes down. Abir laughs at her.

Abir: Arrey itni raat mein why are you wearing a gown… are Cinderella right going to ball at night

Mishti: Kind of that…Cinderella waiting for her Rajkumar and has dressed up for him.

Abir: Acha who is that

Mishti goes down on her knees.

Mishti: It’s you

Abira: Mishti stop kidding

Mishti: Arrey I’m not kidding…Abir I love you…I love you a lot

Abir: Mishti…I love someone else…

Mishti turns upset.

Abir: I love a girl who is so bubbly and talks reality and doesn’t live in dreamworld…her name is Mishti Singhania

Mishti: What…..

Abir lifts her up.
Abir: Arrey Mishti you could have just told me I love you Abir…that’s you..that’s the girl I love…I don’t need any dream proposal where you dress like a princess and go on your knees like a fairy tale to propose me

Mishti hits him

Mishti: You scared me

Abir holds his ears in apology. Mishti turns away. Abir goes to her and hugs her from behind.

Abir: I’m sorry…please maan jao…I don’t want my silly nature to ruin our proposal memory

Mishti: Duffer…BFF was right…if I hadn’t proposed you would have never told me nah

Abir: I actually was planning to propose you soon…

Mishti: Lie…

Abir: Sach yaar…I love you…it’s true

Mishti turns red as Abir whispers I love you in her ears.
Abir slowly turns her around and looks into her eyes.

Abir: Mishti….I never expected that you will propose me first….though I didn’t propose you first…my love is strong….I promise that I will love you endlessly till my last breath

Abir spins Mishti around holding her hand.

He slowly sways in a rhythm and lifts her in his arms They cherish their moments of love.
The scene shifts outside. Kartik and Naira are in the garden of Singhania house.

Kartik: Hope Mishti and Abir get together like us

Naira: They will definitely

Just then they hear a thunder and it’s starts to pour down heavily. Kartik and  Naira get shade under a tree.

Kartik admires Naira enjoying herself splashing the rain water.
Suddenly a frog jumps near her and Naira holds Kartik in fright. Kartik puts his arms around her and comforts her.

Kartik: Naira….you love a frog Prince..yet you are so scared of a frog…Sherni fears a frog..but it’s good I got a hug

Naira: Nothing like came suddenly so I got a bit scared…

Kartik : Like my sudden entry into your life and you got scared on first encounter

Naira: Aii..I was never afraid of you…

Saying this Naira stamps hard on a stone and hurts her leg. She shouts in pain. Kartik lifts her in his arms.

Kartik: Naira…you are never careful and always hurt yourself and thus hurt me…be careful na jaan.

Naira: Kartik..let me down first

Kartik doesn’t listen to her and takes her towards the front door. He makes her sit on a chair near the door and tends to her foot.

Naira: You spoiled our first rain romance…

Kartik: You are bleeding…I can’t risk

He slowly wipes the blood oosing out and takes the first aid kit form the car and medicates her foot.
Naira:  Baarish dance with you would have been so romantic

Kartik: Achaa..

He takes her back to the rain. Parallel sequences are shown…Mishbir inside the house and Kaira in rain have a romantic dance.

Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai
Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai
Aaj bhi mujhse teri baat karti hai
Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai

Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai
Aaj bhi mujhse teri baat karti hai
Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai

Woh pehli nazar woh chehra tumhara
Jab aankhon se tumko tha dil mein utara
Woh pehli nazar woh chehra tumhara
Jab aankhon se tumko tha dil mein utara

Main bhoola nahi hoon panaahon ko teri
Woh jismein tha maine zamana ghuzara

Bichhadne se pehle tera
Woh mujhse lipat jaana
Woh bebas nigahein meri
Ab tak fariyaad karti hain

Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai
Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai
Aaj bhi mujhse teri baat karti hai
Tumhein baarish bada yaad karti hai

Plays in the background.has

The scene freezes on the happiness of the couples.



It’s next morning. Singhania family is at the dining table. Naksh rushes down the stairs in a good mood.

Naksh: Maa..Papa I have a good news for you people

Akshara: What’s it

Naksh: Krishna has got a very great order…it’s for one of the biggest functions in town

Mishti: Wow

Naira: Congratulations bhai…

Akshara: All credits to Keerthi for motivating Naksh

Naksh: True Maa..and it’s your blessings…Chachu and chachi’ prayers..Naira and Mishti’s love and wishes

Naman: And your hardwork…that’s very important beta

Keerthi: Naksh literally worked very hard.

All feel happy . Keerthi goes to the kitchen while Naksh follows her

He holds her close to him.

Keerthi: Naksh..everyone is sitting out…

Naksh: So what you are my wife

Keerthi blushes as Naksh gets closer

Naksh: This was possible because of you…thank you..I love you

Keerthi: I love you too

Scene shifts to Kashmir. Naina and Akash are in Kashmir for a trip to enjoy their victory and Naina’s recovery. They are approached by AKASH’s local friend for a help in an investigation.
Naina: Seems like we fall into something always

Akash: What to do…but if you don’t want to

Naina: Akash…I enjoy such things with you and I will love it

They share  hug and proceed to the crime site.
Scene shifts to Goenka office. Anurag is in his cabin. He looks at the calendar and remembers something.

Anurag: Arrey Anurag how did you forget this….it’s Prerna’s birthday tomorrow …I must plan a surprise…

He decides something and calls Prerna

Anurag: Prerna I’m going to Delhi regarding a work..I won’t come home tonight

Prerna gets upset but doesn’t show it

Prerna: I’ll send the luggage through the driver.

The scene freezes.



  1. Congratulations once again for the 50th episode I hope you achieve more wishes.
    Virika welcoming their daughter was very emotional
    Mishbir’s confession of their love in a unique way was very beautiful
    KaiRa’s rain romance and their own MV baarish playing on the background was very romantic
    Aap agle episode kab tak upload karenge

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver Thank you so much 😊with the support of people like you I hope the same. So delighted that you liked Mishbir confession and Kaira romance. Next episode will be uploaded tonight.

  2. Jasminerahul

    wow.virika had a daughter.virika conversation was sweet.I was shocked when abir said that he loves someone.I am happy that he was talking about mishti only.I loved abir saying that mishti could have simply confessedlove instead of arranging a grand proposal atmosphere.loved all the dialogues n the hug. kaira first aid scene was lovely.I liked the frog Prince dialogue.rain dance was very romantic. misbir dance was also romantic. anurag planning surprise.nice.anupre pics are missing.all the pics are perfect.really appreciate you for taking the effort to find rain pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine 😊 Very happy that you loved Abir saying that he loves Mishti , the dialogues of Mishbir and their hug. Happy that you liked the Frog Prince dialogue and first aid scene of Kaira. Thank you so much for your valuable appreciation it motivates me to put in more efforts to bring in pics that suit the situation.

  3. Jasminerahul

    keesh scene was also romantic

  4. Congratulations for your 50th episode.The update was wonderful.

    1. Sai07

      Hai MahikaGaur 🥰 Thank you so much. Very happy that you liked the update.

  5. Loved the episode 💞💞💞

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya Very very happy that you loved the episode 😍🥰

  6. I want to ask something what is that orange colour thing in Viren’s hand.
    Now coming to the story, I loved keesh scenes, I know they did not get enough space in yrkkh .
    Do update the next part soon. 😄😄

    1. Sai07

      Hey The orange color thing is a kind of a band I guess we gotta confirm it with Viren (Karan Tacker) himself 🤣. Jokes apart so happy that you have paid attention to such details. So happy that you liked Keesh scenes.. I personally feel Rishi and Mohena gave life to Keesh once the pair broke they don’t receive much screen space and importance in yrkkh. Next part will be updated tonight before 10 pm.

  7. Congratulations for your 50th episode.
    This episode is just fantastic and heart touching😍😍
    Perfect pictures for each scenes.
    Each n every scenes were just amazing.
    I enjoyed each scenes.
    Keep going.
    This was the best episode in all the FFs I have read so far.
    Waiting for next episode.
    Thank you so much for keeping up my request regarding abir’s reply.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zuha Thank you so much. 50 episodes are possible due to support of you guys. Very glad and delighted when you say that you enjoyed each scene. This will keep me going. So happy that this episode found a place in ur heart and you consider it as best. It’s always a pleasure to add your suggestions. Next episode will be updated tonight before 10 pm

  8. Loved the episode…waiting for next update..and sorry for commenting late …

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna!! Very very happy that you loved the episode. Next update has been uploaded please do check it out. Your comments are valuable immaterial of them being late or early so please don’t feel sorry 🥰🥰

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