Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 23

With the sun rising sunlight has started to fill the room.Birds are chirping and creating a beautiful background music. As usual Kartik is in his dream world. Suddenly the phone starts to ring. He gradually wakes up from his sleep. With sleep taking over him he takes the phone is his hand and sees the display. He gets up with a jump because the name on the display is Sherni. In an instant he wipes his face with the blanket and picks up the call.

Naira: Kartik 

Kartik: Naira gooaah(yawns) 

Naira: Kartik you are still yawning did I disturb your sleep

Kartik (cursing his yawn in his mind) : Arrey Naira nothing like that. By the way you have called at this time anything important (is excited)

Naira: Arrey budhu sangeet discussion.

Kartik: Acha…(in a disappointed tone)

Naira: Were you expecting something else

Kartik: Nothing..nothing Naira..let’s discuss

Naira: Can we discuss in person …maybe after college

Kartik: Yeah sure.. Naira today you have your field activity right

Naira: Yeah do you remember that

Kartik: Arrey I’m your representative have you forgotten

Naira: Arrey I forgot sorry sorry

Kartik: Haha no problem. You take care. Go carefully. Don’t leave your group and do your Sherni works there. 

Naira: Bas..bas…I’ll take care.

Kartik: Teek hai. Let’s meet after college hours

Naira: Kahan 

Kartik: Hm…

Naira: The park between our houses. I’ll come there straight from field as it is near that too

Kartik: Very good. I’ll come there too.Take care . Bye

Naira: Bye

Kartik hangs up the call. 

Kartik: Chal beta Kartik aaj Naira ko propose kar denge. I’ll better bunk college and do all preparations for proposing her. I must make it special.

He hears a knock on the door

Anurag: Kartik’s Monday you have college 

Kartik jumps off the bed and runs to the door and opens it.

Kartik: Bhai …I’m bunking college today

Anurag holds Kartik’s ear and twists it

Kartik: Aaahhhhh 

Anurag: How dare you 

Kartik: Bhai leave na please 

His entire face turns red. Anurag sees this and laughs. Kartik gestures him to leave his ear. Anurag leaves it. Kartik rubs it.

Kartik: You have reacted before I could complete my statement 

Anurag: Acha..aisa kya baat hai Jo college se Zyada zaruri hogaya

Kartik: Bhai..I’m going to propose Naira

Anurag: For that why are you bunking the whole day

Kartik tells him his plan to meet Naira in the park and propose her.

Anurag: Very good idea but what are you going to do in the park

Kartik: I’m confused a bit about how to make it special 

Anurag: Hmm

Kartik: Vaise aap batayiyena about how you proposed bhabhi

Anurag: Woh…I told her during a phone call and she did it when we met one morning when I went for jogging 

Kartik: I have helped in your proposal 

Anurag: Han..I agree

Kartik: So you must help too

Anurag: Tell me what help you want

Kartik: Simple tell me how to make it special 

Anurag: Kartik….things don’t matter the emotions are the ones which matter. See I proposed her through phone , I didn’t give any costly gift nor did I propose in a dream place,I just conveyed my feelings as words,same with Prerna..(he gets a blush) she too told her feelings.

Kartik: But Bhai…that is my problem….I can’t convey the feelings as words to a girl whom I was calling friend..won’t it be wrong

Anurag: Kartik…

Just then his phone buzzes. It is Prerna, Anurag picks it up.

Anurag: Prerna…

Kartik snatches the call and puts on speaker. 

Kartik: Bhabhi right time bhabhi..I need your help.

He tells her his issues

Prerna starts laughing.

Prerna: Kartik…why did you ask your bhai about it

Anurag: What..what did you tell

Kartik is laughing uncontrollably. Anurag stares at him.

Prerna: Aur kya…Anurag you think that everyone has same love story. Ours wasn’t complicated with a relationship called friendship but Kartik is in a different situation. How can he convey his feelings only though words. 

Kartik: Very true are great.

Prerna: Kartik just think of something Naira loves. Make arrangements in such a way that before you say those magical words she gets and idea of what you are going to convey.

Kartik: Par…

Anurag: Kya must only know what will make her feel like that. And khabardhar, don’t call Naksh or Keerthi to ask about it.  Until Naira accepts your love no one must know about it. 

Kartik: did you 

Prerna: Kartik…Anurag knows you better than yourself. He adores you.

Anurag: Arrey pulled my leg and now you say this 

Prerna: I have rights to say both, both are true and I know it

Anurag: Seems like someone understands me better than I do

Prerna blushes and: Maybe

Kartik: Arrey I’m leaving, you both continue your romance. Kartik closes his room door and goes inside.

Anurag: Prerna I’m nervous, Kartik cannot take rejection

Prerna: I understand your feel. But Naira won’t do so. 

Anurag: What if …..

Prerna: Anurag be positive. Love makes life beautiful. It will make Kartik’s life beautiful too. 

Anurag: Love makes life beautiful, I hope it is true for my bhai like it is true for me

Prerna: Has it

Anurag: Yeah , hasn’t it made my life beautiful with such an angel. Is it true for you

Prerna: If not I wouldn’t have said that. Your my first and last love

Anurag: But you aren’t my last love. Even after you enter my life I’ll love someone else too

Prerna: Acha then marry her why me

Anurag: Woh..she is not born yet only if you marry me she will be born

Prerna blushes… Anurag smiles . The scene freezes.

It is evening 6pm. Naira reaches the park. She is surprised to see that it is empty yet it is decorated with lights everywhere. When she enters the park the floor is laid with rose petal creating a path leading to a table on which a gift is kept.

 Naira walks on the rose path to the table. She opens the gift and is surprised to see a box full of her favourite Ferrero Rocher chocolates. She lifts the box to find a note beneath it which reads “TO SOMEONE SWEETER THAN THESE SWEETS”. 

She stands there in a state of shock and surprise. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder. 

She turns to see Kartik dressed in a white shirt and pant kneeling down in front of her. She is about to ask something 

Kartik: Naira.. I know what you want to ask but please listen to what I say, you will get you answers. Naira our story is like the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. I was a beast till I met you but now I have changed. I want to live and love life . I have understood the value of family. I have become someone whom everyone likes. It’s all due to you. You have become an irreplaceable part of my life. Naira I have a lot more to say but…I … comprising of all the feelings I made these arrangements to say that I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU NAIRA.

Kartik extends his hand to Naira. They both look into each other’s eyes. The scene freezes.

PRECAP: HOW DID NAIRA RESPOND TO KARTIK. ( IS IT YES OR NO. HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO CARRY THE STORY. ❓)Please tell me down in the comments about how do you want the story to proceed.

  1. Naira should say yess…and their love story should be shown….

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna. Hope you liked the episode. I’ll definitely take the story in a way you like. Thank you so much for your valuable comment.

  2. Jaise yrkkh mein hua agar aisa ho jaaye toh
    And rejection ke baad kartik apne puraane behaviour mein aaye then naira apni mistake realize karein aur woh Kartik ko propose kareyy
    It was just a suggestion aap jaisa chaahe waise banana
    I love reading this

    1. Sai07

      Thank you for your valuable suggestion. I’ll make it based on most asked version. Please keep supporting. I’m so happy that you liked reading it.

  3. Please let Naira tell yes… and their cute love story

    1. Sai07

      Hello Samheeta. Thank you for your valuable comment. I’ll definitely take the story in way everyone like. Hope you enjoyed the episode.

  4. Jasminerahul

    I just love anurag kartik bonding.anupre kartik discussion scene was lovely.anupre conversation was beautiful. anurag was talking about loving their daughter in future.that’s so sweet.I liked kartik’s confession dialogues.I am tensed about naira’s reaction.hope she says yes

    1. Sai07

      Thank you for your valuable comment. I’m so happy to know that you liked the episode. I love the way you express each and every aspect of what you liked. I’ll definitely take it in a way everyone wants.

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