Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 2

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Hi guys Keep supporting. Lets go to the episode of our ff.

Prerna’s mother goes to the temple. There some women enquire her about Prerna. When she says about her going to office they make fun of her.

Lady 1: Are kaise log hain ye sab. Prerna’s friend Jeevika is married to Prerna’s brother but…

Lady2: Yes u r right.  Prerna must be having some issues….

Prerna’s mom who was hearing this sheds tears.

Shankari is also there. She hears it… She comes near Prerna’s mom and touches her shoulder. She turns..

Prerna’s ma: Shankari tai aap?

Shankari: Haan I heard all… What happend?

Prerna’s ma: Shankari actually we thought of searching for a bride for Viren. Jeevika was Prerna’s friend. She was a very good girl. So Viren’s papa wanted her to become our bahu. We asked Prerna she said that she was happy. So we got them married after Viren and Jeevika liked each other.

Shankari: But why could’nt you postpone the marriage.

Prerna’s ma: Voh.. Viren’s kundali mein ek dosh tha that he must get married by Kartik month so..

SHankari: Acha.. Dont worry.. I will find a good match for Prerna.. Giveher photo

Prerna’s ma: I dont have one now. Kal subah isi mandir mein de doongi.

SHankari: OK good.

Both leave. SHankari gets dadi’s phone.

Shankari: Are Susasini ji..

Dadi: Shankari.. Come home want to talk to you.

Shankari: Hmm aathi hoon.

Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. Its the interval. Naira comes out with a group of girls. They r walking towards the canteen. Kartik’s friends are coming opposite to them. Naira dashes on Kartik and is about to fall down. Kartik holds her hand. They have an eyelock. Naira stands up.

Naira: Oy! Mister are you blind?

Kartik: MIss same question to you. Silly..

Naira: Ye

Kartik: B

Naira: Chi

Kartik: Chi nahi hai C.

Naira pokes her finger towards him. Kartik pulls it down.

Kartik: Your poking ur finger towards me. I am ur senior. See what I’ll do.

Naira: Lets see..

Both go away..

Scene shifts to goenka house.

Shankari reaches goenka house. Dadi makes her sit and servant give her tea. Shankari sips the tea.

Dadi: Shankari the reason that I have called you is..

SHankari: To search a bride for your potha Anurag.

Dadi: But how do you know?

Shankari: For what else do people call me.

Dadi: MM. SO what do you say.

Shankari: Uska photo dedo. I have a girl in my mind. Will tell tomorrow.

Dadi takes a cover and gives it to Shankari. Dadi: Here it is.

Shankari keeps the tea cup down gets the cover and gets up : Ram Ram. Mangal ho. I will leave now. Shankari leaves. Dadi is relieved and sits in a relaxed mood on the chair.

Scene shifts to Prerna’s house.

Jeevika is packing lunch. Prerna’s ma comes in.

Jeevika: Ma Why so late.

Ma: Voh I met Shankari in temple. She has asked for Prerna’s photo to search for groom.

Jeevika: Super ma.

Ma: Jeevika ur Prerna’s best friend. Please select a photo .

Jeevika keeps the tiffin box and is abt to go.

Ma holds her hand to stop her.

Ma: Jeevika I know that u r going to give Viren his lunch. Come back and then give photo.

Jeevika blushes and packs the bag to go to court. She adjusts her pallu and gets into the car and goes to court.

In court Viren is in his cabin going through his files. There is knock at the door.

Viren: KOn hai. Is it you dabbu. Have you got my lunch. Aaj inti jaldi mein no one thought of my lunch. Acha come in

Jeevika comes in with a bag. Viren is surprised and smiles. Viren: Why did u come here.

Jeevika: KYu. U r surprised aren’t you.

Viren: Aisa kisne kaha?

Jeevika: Virenji ur eyes say it. And ur face’s smile too.

Viren smiles and adjusts his hair and gets up and goes to Jeevika. He holds her. She blushes

Viren: Hmm u r right. I am surprised. When I see you I just forget everything else except you.

Jeevika steps back: Virenji… Its office..

Viren: So?

Jeevika: Chodiyena. Khana tanda hojayega.

Viren holds her hand and takes her towards the table…

Precap: Virika have a romantic time. Shankari decides to give marriage proposal for Anuarg and Prerna. Anurag sees Prerna’s photo. Kartik’s friends lock up Naira in a room without his knowledge.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    irritating people gossiping about prerna.waiting for prerna’s marriage proposal.virika scene was romantic. naira caught by kartik…eye lock was romantic

    1. Sai07

      Keeping supporting Jasmine

  2. Nice update yaar..
    Just loved it..
    Plz do continue..?

    1. Sai07

      Thank you. Keep supporting. Will continue for sure

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