Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 11

Hey Guys, Love Makes Life beautiful my very first ff which I started on May12 2019. But I stopped it in mid way due my personal health issues. Now I started the other ff Whenever I see you my heart skips a beat thinking that I would have been forgotten but I was prove wrong. Thank you Jasminerahul and many other silent supports. As per your wishes I’m continuing Love makes life beautiful. Let’s recap the previous 10 episodes before we continue with its progress. Keep supporting guys. I promise I will never stop it mid way.


Prerna is working in her family office. She has an elder brother Viren who is a lawyer married to Prerna’s close friend Jeevika.

Anurag is the elder son of Manish and Swarna. He is taking care of family business. He has a younger brother Kartik studying MBBS. Kartik is a bit spoilt.

Naira is the daughter of Akshara and Naitik and is the younger sister of Naksh who is married to Keerthi. Naira too joins Kartik’s college.

Prerna and Anurag’s marriage is fixed through Shankari. Kartik and Naira fight in College. Naira is locked in a room by Kartik’s friends. But Kartik saves her. Kartik’s friends try to betray him but Naira saves him. Kartik changes for good. Kartik and Naira become friends. Kaira get close.

Anupre get to know each other. Their engagement is fixed after 15 days.

Naitik and Akshara meet with an accident. Naitik is critical. Anurag proposes Prerna.

Anurag: Kya bevakoof hai tum? You have not even propsed her or asked her if she is willing to marry you.

He calls Prerna.

Prerna sees him calling again and is surprised.

She takes the phone.

Prerna: Hello

Anurag: Prerna I wanted to tell you something

Prerna: Kahiye..

Anurag: It is not a matter to be told on phone. But phir bhi..

Prerna: Kya formality?

Anurag: Prerna I really really love you!

Prerna is shy and is blushing.

Anurag: I know this is very unromantic. But I just realised that… He gets shy himself and blushes.

Prerna: …

Anurag: Prerna tum mere bhare mein kya soch thi ho? Do you want to marry me?

Prerna: Hmmm.

Anurag: Prerna hmm alave bhi kuch kahona. Please.

Prerna: Haan. I am also happy with this.

Anurag is happy to hear this and his face turns red. Prerna blushes.

Winds blows in through the open windows. Aaaa Kasauti bgm plays.. Scene freezes.

Scene shifts to City hospital. Naira and Naksh cry on each other’s shoulders while sitting on the bench I front of the ICU. Kartik stands by the pillar by resting his back on in and with folded arms. Keerthi is with Akshara who is under sedatives in a room.

Time passes clock ticks 1 am. Keerthi is half asleep in a chair near Akshara’s bed. Akshara slowly wakes up. She sees around her and tries to take a glass of water from the nearby table. The glass clatters. Keerthi wakes up and sees Akshara awake

Keerthi: Maa do you need something

Akshara: Paani paani

Keerthi gives her water. Akshara drinks it.

Keerthi: Maa how are you feeling now

Akshara: I’m good. But … she holds her head with her hands

Keerthi: Maa I’ll call doctor

Keerthi comes out and informs the nurse about Akshara. Seeing her Kartik comes to her.

Kartik: Ji aap kuch chahiye Kay

Keerthi: Ji Nahi Voh Maa has regained consciousness.

Kartik: That’s great news. By the way I’m like your brother don’t call me Ji call me Kartik.

Keerthi: okay Kartik. Where are they both

Kartik: Infront of ICU. Almost seven hours have passed. Doctor is checking Naitik sir. So they are waiting for him. I’ll inform them you please be with Muma.

Keerthi: Okk

Kartik goes to Naksh and Naira. They are nervous and tensed

Kartik: Naksh Naira Muma has gained consciousness .

Their face brightens for a moment. Just then doctor comes out of the ICU. All go towards him.

Naksh (tensed): How is papa

Doctor: He is stable now Mr. Singhania. But….

Naksh: But..


Naira: Doctor please tell….

Doctor: We need to give proper care. So we can’t discharge him soon.

Naksh leaves a sigh of relief: I was scared. Doctor don’t worry about that. You discharge him whenever you can. He is stable that’s enough for us.

Naira: Can we see him sir

Doctor: Yes Ms. Singhania but not for long

Naksh and Naira go inside. Kartik stays out.

Meanwhile Keerthi is with Akshara

Akshara: Keerthi where are those two

Keerthi: Maa with papa

Akshara: Naitik ko Kya hua

Keerthi to herself: Don’t tell anything bad now

Akshara: Keerthi bolna. I will go and see him

Akshara tries to get up

Keerthi stops Her and: Maa papa is fine. He is under sedatives. You too take rest. Morning we can see him

Akshara is restless but she doesn’t argue. But lies down.


Naira and Naksh see Naitik under sedation. They cry and come out.

Naksh sees Kartik standing there

Naksh: Kartik you are so tired . Go home.

Kartik: Naksh so is everyone. I can’t leave you alone

Naksh: You are too good. Thank you

Naksh hugs Kartik

Kartik: Arrey no need for thanks. Anything for friendship

Naksh: This quality makes you vulnerable for guys like them

Kartik: Not anymore. Ab Naira hi meri dost hai. Aur uskeliye kuch bhi karoonga me in.

Naira smiles. Scene freezes.

It’s morning 5 am. Anurag’s room is shown. Anurag wakes up to the alarm sound. He takes his phone and unlocks it. Display shows Prerna’s pic. Anurag smiles

Anurag (sleepily) : Good morning Prerna. I love you.

He gets up and gets ready for jogging. He goes down

Just then Kartik comes in his bike. Swarna sees this and gets angry

Swarna: Kartik you will never change where were you till now

Anurag runs to her and : Maa don’t scold him. I knew him staying out {he tells everything}

Swarna: How are they now

Anurag: I hope you didn’t strand them

Kartik: { Naitik regains consciousness at 4 am. He is kept under observation. Naksh asks Kartik and Naira to go home. Kartik offers to drop Naira at home. He drops her and comes home}

Swarna: Thank god. You take rest. Don’t go to college today.

Kartik: Nahi Maa. Aaj postings hain mujhe. Vaise Naira is stubborn to not be absent on a single day and is coming today.

Anurag: Hmm… at least someone is conscious about attendance.

Kartik: Bhai… stop kidding.. I’ll sleep and get ready and leave for college. You go for jogging soon. You have a surprise.

Anurag is confused and goes for jogging

He reaches the park and is shocked to see Prerna sitting under a tree in a bench.

He goes towards her.

Anurag: Prerna tum Nayan

Prerna sees him and blushes: Voh Bhai and Bhabhi… forced me to come here for some work

Anurag: Hoo.. sorry for distracting

Prerna:Rukhiye … Woh.. work toh Apko Milne Kha hi hai.

Anurag smiles to himself: So you didn’t want to come.. They forced you right

Prerna: Nahi Nahi I didn’t know you come here regularly so they told me

Anurag: Acha

Prerna: Hmm….

Anurag: Prerna your hmm sounds cute but you need not use it always. I want to hear other words from your mouth.

Prerna: I spoke right

Anurag: Haan you spoke everything other than what I wanted to hear. Yesterday I got no reply. Should I take it as no

Prerna: I told that I’m happy with it nah

Anurag: But my I love you got no reply

Prerna gets shy: It’s public place

Anurag: So what..

Prerna gets shy and turns to leave. Anurag holds her hand

Scene freezes.

PRECAP: Anupre have romantic time in park. Kartik boosts Naira’s morale.

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    thanks for continuing it.anurag confessing love to prerna was romantic. kartik telling keerti not to call him ji as he is her brother was nice.glad that naitik is fine.prerna is so shy. anurag holding her hand was romantic

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