Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 1

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Hi Guys. Here is second episode of my ff. Lets go to story.

Jeevika goes down. Viren goes to his room. Prerna gets ready wearing a red salwar. She goes near the mirror. She applies Kajal to her eyes. Then she applies lipstick and goes down. Her mother and father are sitting at the dining table. She goes and gets their blessings.

Mom: Prerna beta you are looking gorgeous. May god bless you

Dad: Haan beta today you are going to join our office. I am so happy.

Viren comes down with a present. He gives it Prerna.

Viren: Ye Jeevika aur meri taraf se. All the best

Prerna hugs Viren and Jeevika.

Prerna: Thank you bhai and bhabhi.

Jeevika: Haan bas bas subhah se dhek rahi hoon kya bhabhi bhabhi bula rahi ho?

Prerna: Yes aap meri bhabhi ho na.

Viren laughs.

Jeevika: Haan toh. Mein kya boodi hogayi hoon. Sirf ab mein teri bhabhi oon. Humesha I am ur friend. So call me Jeevika.

Prerna: Teeka bhabhi (Jeevika stares) Oh sorry Jeevika.

All smile and have breakfast. Prerna and Viren go to office with their dad. Prerna joins office and is shown her cabin. Viren wishes her and goes to court.

Now Sighania office is shown. Naira dressed in white salwar does the puja. Naitik hugs her.

Naitik: Thanks beta. Aaj puja mein aane keliye. Chalo hum tumein college mein drop kerthe hain.

Naira: Haan papa.

Scene shifts to Medical college. Kartik is sitting with his friends under a tree near the entrance

Kartik: Kya yaar aap sab ithni kush kyu ho?

Vikrant (Friend): Kartik today freshers are coming.

Kartik: Oh superb last year we were juniors. Ab humse chote koyi aane vaala hain.

He turns to hear a car sound. The car stops outside near the entrance. The doors open and Naksh, Akshara ,Naitik and Naira get down.

Naitik: Naira atlast you have achieved your dream.

Naksh: Haan Naira your hardwork for the past years have earned you this seat

Akshara: Naira beta yahan bi tumhein apne aapko prove karna hoga.

Naira: Haan Maa I will give my 100%

She gets their blessings. Kartik sees all this and laughs.

Kartik to his friends: Naya naya college join karne log kithna senti hena. (Naksh,Naitik and Akshara leave)

Naira enters the college after touching the ground and praying.

Kartik calls her: Oy madamji. Yaha aayiye to sahi.

Naira: Kya hai?

Kartik: Kyu dar gayi?

Naira goes near him and: Mein kisise darthi nahi hoon. Apko kya chahiye?

Kartik: Acha ji aayi badi sherni. Senti..

Naira gets angry: Agar aise bath karogi toh mein..

Kartik: Toh kya karogi

Naira: Dean se complan karungi yeh kehkar ki aapna ragging kiya.

Kartik’s friends ask him to stop.

Naira: Apne friends ki baath suniye. Ok bye senior. She goes inside

Kartik stands speechless.

Scene shifts to Goenka house.

Swarna gets ready to go out.

Swarna : Maaji mein apni dost ki beteki sagaai mein jaakar aathi hoon.

Dadi: Swarna ! Apni dost hi beteki sagai mein jaari ho par ye kab samjogi ki tumhe bi ek beta hain. Usko bi umar hogaya shaadi karne keliye.

Manish comes in and: Maa par ab iske baare mein..

Dadi: Kya galat kaha humnein

Swarna: Maaji voh..

Dadi: Voh kya.. Ab jao aur mein shankari ko bularahi hoon.. Anurag keliye ladki doondna hai

Manish: Teeke ma jaise aap kahe..

Swarna: Teeke maaji. Mein chalthi hoon.

Swarna goes to the function.

Precap: Kaira fight. Some people make fun of Prerna’s family for not getting her married. Shankari meets Dadi.


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  1. It is interesting bcz i love both virika and anupre…
    Just loved the way u linked each character..
    Plz do continue the update…?

    1. Sai07

      Thank you Raga. I have submitted the next one. It will appear soon. Keep supporting. Please do comment in future too.

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