Love is what makes everyone alive – Intro and Part 1

Hi it’s my 2nd story and i hope u’ll enjoy reading it.

Mehek – !9 year old , chubby and innocent , 1st time dropper for neet .

Shaurya – 26 year old, rich and charming , professor of bio.

Sonal meheks bestiee and maths student also preparing for iit.

Vicky – Shauryas friend and colleague.

Lets start the story now .

Mehek gets her admission in one of the institute which help to crack neet exam.Its her 1st day in in the institute. As she enters the classroom she greets everyone and they chitchat a bit after a while the class starts its bio class and shaurya come and continue the topic he left in last class he points at mehek to explain it but she says its her 1st class there and have no idea about it . (they don’t allow more than 20 students in a batch so it was his prank ) Days passes and each time mehek and shaurya will be arguing about one thing or the other . Mehek gives shaurya nick name Chiroptera (bat) but wont let anyone else comment anything about him .

Once mehek starts coughing in class shaurya ask her to drink water but her bottel is empty so he rushes out side to get water and help her drink .as she get stable he move back to his position and mahek thanks him.

At hostel mehek & sonal are talking Mehek- U know what happened today in class?

Sonal -no, Kya aaj phir se tere Chiroptera

Mehek – kya bola :@

Sonal- sorry sorry i meant tere sir ne kuch kiya kya fir se ( as always he is taunting mewhek about some thing)

Mehek – haan kiya to per iss barr he helped me , wo itne bhi bure ni hai .

Sonal- (in shock) kya wo bure ni hai ye tu bol ri hai aisa kya kiya hai waise ??

Mehek tell her all what ever happened today in class .

At the same time as she stops she saw shaurya coming  as he come nearer mehek wishes him with a smile but he ignors her  and comes near them he then ask mehek for his notes .

Fb – mehek as passes by the staff room she jumps in and find his notes she steal the and smirks .She take them with her to hostel and hides them. IFb ends

Mehek was shoked to hear him.

She stammered what kind of notes sir.

Shaurya –  those which u stole from my desk yesterday.

Mehek – u knew?

Shaurya- not every student is thief.

So , mehek helplessly gives him his notes he leaves without hearing any thing .

She looked sad and went to her room crying sonal follow her and console her .

Sonal- why are u crying mehek , he haven’t scolded u.

Mehek- his silence is more bitter than words to me , he said nothing ,i haven’t felt bad if e had scolded me and cries more .

Precap- Mehek hits shaurya with ball and Vicky scolds her.

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