The love made together.. (Part 2)

Actually, I wrote this story long back, I thought it was not published, but I just choked the name today, I’m surprised it was actually published then itself. So, I want to continue this one from today.
I have wrote part one. It’s right in the link…

Part 1:
Part 1

Now part 2:

Recap: raglak’ love at first sight…

Swara and Ragini return back to house. Swara is still furious on Laksh.

Swara: why did you stop me didi? I would have bashed him left and right. And why did you stay calm when he proposed you…??

Ragini: I felt like, he is my love. I’m actually loving him Swara.

Swara: what nonsense, don’t think this infatuation as love. It’s better if you forget that guy.

But ragini keeps thinking about him. She observers, one of her anklet is missing from leg.

Laksh, who too was thinking about her, was looking at the anklet. It was feel from her leg, when she was stopping Swara.
“Hey angel, how to meet you again…?” He asks that anklet.

Then he remembers the car number. He finds their address by that number.

Ragini will be drawing a pencil sketch. She draws Laksh’s image. Swara just comes near her holding some photos.

Swara: Ragini didi, maa asked you to check these photos of boys. Come, let’s select some photos…..

But Ragini is busy in drawing laksh’s image. Swara amazes with her behavior.

Just then door bell rings. Swara goes to open the door. She is amazed to see LAKsh over there.

Swara: you…why did you come here..?? Get lost at once.

Laksh: hey mirchi girl, just move aside. You are just like barrier to my love story…

Swara: haa…love story… I will kill you….

Just then Shekar comes.

Shekar: Shona, who’s that.

He sees Laksh and surprises.

Shekar: hey Laksh, you here…?

Laksh: doctor uncle, I never thought this is your house.

Swara amazes with their conversation.

Swara: you know him before papa..?

Shekar: yes, he is my patient’s brother. Well, why did you come Laksh?

Laksh: uncle, vo mein, I came for my bro’s reports.

Swara: hey.., you came for reports?? Just now you said, you didn’t know that this is papa’s house.

Laksh: I never said that…

Shekar: Laksh, reports will be given in hospital, you need not come to house. Chalo, however you came, drink coffee and go. Swara beta, get coffee for us.

Swara goes into kitchen looking angrily at Laksh. He gets relieved when she goes away. Just then Ragini comes there.

She is amazed to see Laksh. Laksh gets struck looking at her. Everything around becomes blur and he can see only Ragini clearly. Ragini sometimes bends her eyes and again raises them to see him. Laksh takes out the anklet and shows it to her. Ragini amazes looking at it and realizes that it her’s.
Laksh is just about to go forward to give that to Ragini. Just then Swara comes in middle.

Swara: here’s your coffee. Don’t go near my sis.

Laksh takes coffee cup. Shekar asks him to sit. Ragini is busy in looking at him. Laksh too keep looking at her, taking each sip of coffee. Swara drags Ragini into room and closes the door.

Laksh thinks: man, what a rebel.

Shekar: Laksh, your brother is showing some improvement. He is recognizing everyone right..!

Laksh: yes uncle. He is telling my name. And even he is recognizing everyone.

Shekar: if we continue treatment, he will be normal in few days.

Later Laksh goes away. Swara comes near Shekar.

Swara: what happened to his brother..?

Shekar: his brother was actually normal, but suddenly he became mentally ill. Now, we are giving him treatment.

Swara thinks something and looks at Ragini. She is drawing that sketch.

At night time, While sleeping,

Swara: didi, why do you like him that much..?

Ragini: I don’t know Swara, but I feel like he is much close to me.

Swara: you shouldn’t believe that love at first sight. How can we love a boy without knowing about him…?

Ragini: I don’t know…I spoke what my heart said.

Swara keeps looking at her…..

Precap: swara’s mission to know about Laksh.

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