Hey guys… here is the first epi of love! Live!! Dream!!!


A busy road is shown… A college bus is seen waiting for someone..

Driver : It’s getting late… let’s move.. then we will get scolding from the principal..

The girl in the front seat nods half heartedly.. The bus starts moving.. A girl comes running with loose hair wearing a blue salwar.. She is our Anika… She shouts…

Anika : Arey bhaiyya.. stop.. I am coming..

But the driver did not listen to her…

Anika : (to herself) Oh God!! Anika.. Its second day in a row that u are missing the bus.. what to do now?? Let’s call him and ask him to pick u up like yesterday..

She takes her phone..


On the other side, a college entrance is shown.. A guy enters the college in his bike.. He comes inside and removes his helmet.. He looks at the rear view mirror and does his hair.. He is our Rudy..

Rudr : (seeing the rear view mirror) This helmet? This too is making fun of me.. this messed up my 1000 rupees wala hairstyle..

He sees a girl passing by…

Rudr : (to the girl,smiling) Hi..

That girl too smiles at him..

Rudr : Hello.. can u give me ur number??

By then,his phone rings.. He sees the name “grannie” flashing.. it is Anika..(Rudr calling Anika as grannie will be revealed soon)

Rudr : This girl never lets some good thing happen to me..

He talks to her..

Rudr : Hello.. what is ur problem??

Anika : Rudy… my boy.. Have u had ur breakfast?? If not,I will bring from home…

Rudr : Hello.. don’t cheese me.. tell me directly…what should I do??

Anika : Actually.. I missed the bus.. can u come and pick me up like yesterday??

Rudr : Don’t u have any other job?? U do make up for so long and miss the college bus.. and then disturb me while I am busy with important works..

Anika ,: Important work?? What is that?? Checking out girls?? Rudy… I warn u.. come and pick me up.. else u cannot handle the consequences..

Rudr : What consequences??

Anika : U know what I will do.. so come without wasting time..

Rudr : No Anika.. actually,the watchman uncle told me that from today a new rule is being implemented in our college.. that is if we come inside the campus once,we should not leave until evening..

Anika : (sarcastically)Oho.. is it??

Rudr : Ya Anika.. it’s true.. u come by cab or something.. else take leave.. atleast I will be happy..

He cuts the call before she could say something..

Rudr : Oh God… It’s getting tougher day by day handling this girl..

He says that and drops the phone by mistake.. it’s about to fall.. rudr closes his eyes as it is his new mobile… he could not hear the breaking sound of the phone.. he opens his eyes and sees..

There was standing a handsome guy showing Rudr’s phone on his face.. It’s is our SHIVAAY..

Rudr : Thank u.. thank u so much bro.. u are like God to me.. if this phone had been broken,then I could not think of another phone.. thank u bro..

Shivaay smiles on hearing him..

Shivaay : Coming from a poor family??

Rudr : What?? Why bro?? Am I dressed so?? (He checks his dresses)

Shivaay : U told that u cannot think of another phone nah??

Rudr : That is because of my parents bro.. they will start their lecture if something happens to it.. they will say ‘when we were kids.. blah blah’,lecture.. that’s why I said so.. anyways,I am rudr.. first year MBA..

Shivaay : That’s great.. I am Shivaay.. ur senior..

Rudr : Cool.. then I will call u as Shivaay bhaiya..

Shivaay smiles..

Rudr : Bhaiya.. ur smile is cute..

Shivaay : Are u kidding me??

Rudr : No bhaiya.. it’s real..

Shivaay : Oh.. thanks.. Shall we go together??

Rudr : Bhaiya.. I am waiting for my friends.. u go and I will come with them..

Shivaay : Ok..

He moves..


Anika comes from behind Rudr.. She hits him with the books she has in her hand.. Rudr jerks..

Rudr : U devil.. what the hell are u doing??

Anika : u didnt do what I said nah?? Now u have to bear it.

Rudr runs.. Anika chases him.. rudr folds his hands and pleads.. Anika stops as she was panting..

Anika : Think twice before u say no to anything this Anika says..

Rudr : (sarcastically to himself) Ya.. she is the Queen and I am her servant..

Anika comes and sits.. after sometime,rudr too comes and sits with her..

Anika : Ok.. now listen to me..

Rudr : What?? Story??

Anika : U told no to me nah?? Now listen to whatever I say..

Rudr : U are proving that u are the old granny.. I am not a kid to listen to ur stories..

Anika : No.. u have to listen.. else ____ (she takes the book to hit him again)

(Anika is fond of stories.. she wants to become a story teller.. Everytime,she says stories to her friends to emphasize any of her thoughts.. her close friends Rudr and Gauri have no interest in listening to her kiddish stories and they always run whenever she starts one.. that is why rudr calls her as granny)

Rudr sits like a child who has no option when his parents threaten him..
Anika starts..

Anika : Once there was a village.. there was a small hut.. ___

By then a girl called her..

The girl : Anika.. The seniors are ragging our Gauri.. go and save her..

Anika Gets up..

Rudr : (to that girl) Meri maa.. u are my god.. u saved me from her stories..

Anika : Stupid.. come.. let’s go and save her..

Rudr : it is not her who is to be saved. It is those seniors.


A beautiful girl with a long hair wearing red salwar comes with headphones on her ears murmuring some song.. A man is coming behind her in his bike.. he blows horn.. but no response.. he is irritated and shouts “Leave my way u idiot”. Suddenly she moves as if she had heard him..he goes to the parking lot.. he removes his helmet.. he is Om..

Om : (irritated) I don’t know from where these kind of girls come!! Such idiots!!

A group of boys come in her way.. they were talking something and Om did not listen to them as he was busy correcting his long hair.. Om heard her saying ,” How dare u??”,and saw in the direction.

The girl has turned and Om saw her face.. she is Gauri.. he was mesmerized..

She holds the collar of a boy.. A group of boys were standing around them with terrified faces..

Gauri : What did u ask me to do?? To dance on ur favourite song?? Now see.. u are gonna dance on my favourite song..

She started slapping him..

The boy : Sorry sorry sister.. leave me leave me..

Om opened his mouth wide in surprise..

Gauri : Will u rag anybody anymore?? Answer me..

She grabbed his hair and shook him..

The boy : No sister.. I won’t..

The other boys looked at her with scared faces..

Gauri : This is a warning to all of u.. if I see u guys ragging anybody again,I will kill u guys..

She roared.. and released the boy.. the boys ran away picking up their bags and that boy goes and stands under a tree to correct his  dress..

Om : Thank god.. Om!! It’s good for u that she did not hear u calling her as idiot.. Else she would have killed u..

She corrected her hair and started walking..
By then Shivaay saw om from a distance and starts walking towards him..

Anika and Rudr came running to Gauri..

Anika : Gauri sweetie.. are u alright??

Gauri : Nothing dearie.. I am alright..

Anika : Who ragged u?? Tell me I will go and smack his head..

Gauri : He was there standing under that tree..

Gauri tells without looking back.. Anika sees there only to see shivaay standing over there.. he was signalling Om to come near him..

Anika : That guy under that tree??

Gauri nodded without looking..

Anika : wait.. I will go and kill him..

Rudr : Miss.Superwoman! It’s getting late for the class.. come on now..

Anika : U shut up Rudy..

Gauri : Sweetheart!! That’s ok.. come let’s go..

Rudr : grannie.. don’t talk as if u don’t have any idea of what she might have done to those boys… She might have beaten them black and blue by now..

Gauri winks at Anika.. Anika opens her mouth wider..


It’s SRG women’s college.. A figure wearing a hoodie and a jeans with helmet comes in an RX100 bike..

The watchman at the gate stops the bike..

Watchman : Are u blind or what?? It’s women’s college..Men are not allowed inside the campus.. don’t u know??

That figure : Bhai.. I am…

Watchman : Can’t listen to u.. go from here before the principal sees..

A girl comes from inside..

Girl : Watchman bhaiya.. u don’t know anything..

That figure stretches her hand forward and asks her to stop.. She removes her helmet.. her hair untied and fell like a brown cascade.. She smiled at the watchman.. She is Saumya..

Saumya : Bhaiya.. I am Soumya.. final year student..

She shows him her ID smiling..

Watchman : Sorry sorry.. I am new here.. I was just confused seeing it attire..

Saumya : That’s ok bhaiya.. Don’t judge anybody by their appearance..

Saying that,she enters the college..

PRECAP : Face off of our couples..

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  1. di wat r u doing now

    1. Anokhi21

      I have completed PG in physics

  2. Sufija

    Awesome epi didi /bby …I think annie is like me..nd hers frnds also like mine..???. ..eagerly waiting fa next one…to see ur couples..especially fa my shivika ❤❤??

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear… Will post the next asap…

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Wow, Amazing episode…loved each and every scene of this epi..excited for the next.. till then take care..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear… U too take care…

    2. Super di…Loved Soumya’s entry & anika as a story teller….Waiting for d nxt epi di…

    3. Anokhi21

      Thank u Sara… Will post asap

  4. so didi its superb i can’t suppress my laughter thinking about shivika meet as she misunderstood the person. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt upd8

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u for ur lovely comment dr.. let’s see what is gonna happen when they meet…

  5. Wowww siss osm epi….loved it….I think so now rudy wil be ma fav….I started to laugh in 1St epi itself….sry sry…1st welcm back sis…*back wid a bang*….loved the concept….update soon

    1. Anokhi21

      Ramya dear.. happy to read ur comment after really a long time.. thank u for ur lovely words dear.. keep on supporting and love u??

  6. Awesome episode dear…loved all the character’s entry…Rudy is really funny character….loved the episode…?????

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u Prachi dear…glad dat I like it

    2. Anokhi21

      Thank u Prachi dear…glad dat u liked it

  7. It’s really nice dr….eagerly waiting for nxt episode….

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dr.. will try to post tmrw ia..

  8. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka.. The episode was superb.. I loved they characters nd RUDY ??.. Must excited for further episodes.. All r same clg expect somu…
    Ya akka. I’m fine… Studies r going on akka.. This month ending I’m having my exams.. So did ur exam’S go on akka… I hope now ur freebird… Tension free of clg work, exams etc..
    Even me love RuMya akka.. Will b waiting to watch them in ur FF akka.. TC

    1. Anokhi21

      Hi dr..thank u dr.. all the best for ur exams dear.. ya dear.. as of now,I am free bird.. but looking forward to do M.Phil dear.. let’s see… Ya dear.. I will try to show a cute love story for rumya

  9. Nila_27

    Superb akka??
    That moment “kaapatha vendiyatu Gauri ya ilada, anda seniors ah” Hahaha??

    1. Anokhi21

      I was Think Ng the same dialogue dear..??? thank u and love u dearie???

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