LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 89

CHAPTER 89: Happy times

(A month after the arrest of the culprits)

Both Om and Ishana had immediately started with their work of getting Daksh released from the prison the very next day, after Shaantanu had confessed about killing Devika and when Ishana’s parents and Ishana had given their statements that whatever Daksh had done was to help them and keep their family safe…. Also, Ishana had taken back her complaint about Daksh kidnapping her…. Ranveer had called them the morning and told them that Daksh would be released today…. Ishana and Om had gone to the police station and met Daksh….

Daksh thanked Ishana and Om…. Daksh also informed them about his plan of shifting to Pune to stay with Ishana’s parents and take care of them, he thought of it as his duty to take care and look after Devika’s parents…. He had lost his parents years ago, and now that he had found them, he wanted to be with them always…. Ishana was extremely happy seeing the care Daksh had for her parents…. Om also felt proud of Daksh’s decision…. Whatever may have happened between Riddhima and him, Om knew Daksh was not at fault then and appreciated Daksh’s decision….

They had dropped Daksh at his home and started towards Ishana’s house….

Om parked the car outside Ishana’s apartment…. He looked at Ishana and saw her lost in her thoughts….

Omkara: Ishana, what happened, kya soch rahi ho? (Ishana, what happened, what you are thinking)

Om’s voice brought Ishana out of her thoughts and she looked at him….

Omkara: Ishana, what happened?

Ishana: Nothing Om, I was just thinking how much our lives have changed in these past months.

Omkara: Woh toh hai, but who kehte hai naa badalna toh fitraat hai zindagi ki. (That is right, but they say it changing is the trait of life)

Ishana: Om, I wanted to talk to you about something.

Omkara: We’ll talk, but not here, at least invite me to your house.

Ishana smiled hearing him and they both got down from the car…. They reached Ishana’s house, and Ishana prepared her favorite ginger tea which had become Om’s favorite also now…. Om and Ishana settled in the living room….

Omkara: Now tell me what did you want to talk about?

Ishana: Om, actually Aai and Baba were asking about us, and….

Omkara: And….

Ishana: And when are we going to get married?

Om looked at her surprised hearing her….

Omkara: Ishana….

Ishana: Om, don’t worry I understand that you and your family have a lot to deal with and I’ll talk to Aai-Baba and explain to them, I know they’ll understand. It is just that after losing Devika, they are more worried about me….

Omkara: Ishana, I understand what you are saying, and I can understand uncle-aunty’s perspective also, but….

Ishana: Om, it is okay you don’t have to worry about it.

Omkara: Ishana, do you want to get married?

Ishana looked at him surprised by his sudden question….

Ishana: Om….

Omkara: Tell me Ishana, what is your wish, what do you want?

Ishana: Om, all I want is for us to be together, it doesn’t matter if we get married tomorrow or after years, all I want is you to be with me always.

Om smiled hearing her answer…. He felt extremely happy for choosing her as a part of his life…. Ishana was indeed different…. The circumstances that had brought them into each other’s lives may not have been ideal, but he thanked God that he met her…. He felt happy for deciding to help her investigate Tia’s case and Daksh’s intentions…. Om may have realized his love in the recent time, but being with her felt he had known her for always and that they were always meant to be together….

Omkara: Then get ready Ishana….

Ishana looked at him confused….

Ishana: Ready, for what Om?

Omkara: We are getting married soon.

Ishana looked at him shocked for few moments….

Ishana: Om….

Omkara: You trust me?

Ishana: More than myself.

Omkara: Then don’t think much and trust me, I know what I am saying.

Ishana looked at him and hugged him tightly…. Om also hugged her back….

Love is not an easy road, but Om and Ishana had together made the journey worth all the efforts…. Today they had decided to take a new step in their life and let all the happiness enter their lives…. This was the beginning of their forever…. A forever where they would always stand by each other, trust each other and understand each other….


Shivaay was driving towards the place Anika had called him to meet him…. As he was driving towards the place, he recognized the route and wondered why Anika had called him to this place…. He parked his car on one side and got down from the car…. He was walking towards the other side, looking around for Anika…. This was the same cliff they had come to a few weeks back when Shivaay had decided to get Anika back in his life…. Shivaay took out his phone and dialed Anika’s number, the call connected but Anika did not answer it…. Shivaay was confused not understanding where she was when she herself had called him to meet and why had she called him to this place…. He was thinking about what to do when he saw her approaching him….

He looked at her and saw her smiling…. She looked different…. There was a twinkle in her eyes…. The smile on her face reached into her eyes…. He could see a spark in her personality, the same spark that he had witnessed when he had met her in the hotel when she had agreed to fight the case for him…. Her personality today reflected the confident and strong Anika, he had known then…. He could see the Anika he had known three months before…. He was happy seeing her being her old self again….

Anika walked towards Shivaay and stood in front of him…. She was smiling brightly, and seeing her smile Shivaay felt happy….

Shivaay: Anika, what is the matter, you are smiling a lot today?

Anika: I am smiling because I am very happy today.

Shivaay looked at her surprised…. Her usual chirpiness was back in her voice and Shivaay wondered what had happened that had made her so happy….

Shivaay: And may I know, what has made you this happy?

Anika: You….

Anika looked at him…. Shivaay was surprised to hear her answer and looked at her….

Shivaay: Me?

Anika: Yes Shivaay, you are the reason why I am so happy today.

Shivaay: What did I do, as far as I remember, I didn’t do anything in these past days that can make you so happy?

Anika: You being with me is more than enough to make me happy.

Anika held his hand in her hand and looked at him…. She smiled at him…. Shivaay was looking at her hearing her answers…. He looked at their hands and then back at her….

Shivaay: Anika, why did you call me here?

Anika: Shivaay, the last time we came here you had asked me to give you chance, and that you would make everything fine. Today, Shivaay I have called you here so that you give me a chance.

Shivaay: Chance? For what Anika, what do you want a chance for?

Anika: A chance to know you, a chance to be with you, a chance to love you Shivaay….

Shivaay looked at her hearing her words, he was shocked for a moment before reacting….

Shivaay: Anika….

Anika: Yes Shivaay, I love you, I really love you a lot, and I don’t ever want to go away from you.

There were moments of silence…. Anika was waiting for him to reply while Shivaay did not know what to say….

He was happy, in fact extremely happy…. The girl he had loved with all his heart today had confessed her love for him…. He could not have asked for any other happiness other than this…. This was the best and the most precious moment of his life….

Without saying anything he pulled Anika towards him and hugged her tightly…. Anika was surprised by his sudden action but soon reciprocated the hug….

Shivaay: I love you too Anika and I’ll never let you go away from me.

Anika smiled hearing his answer and tightened her hold on him….

After going through the struggles of life, and complicated emotions, today Shivaay and Anika had found their love and their forever with each other…. This was the beginning of the happy times of their lives….


Mallika was arranging her wardrobe when Siddharth entered the room…. He saw her and smiled…. How much life had changed in the past months…. Their relation that was on the verge of breaking had now become stronger than ever…. He thanked God for making him realize his mistakes at the right time before he would have lost her forever….

Tia’s death had taught Siddharth one thing for sure, that life is very unpredictable and we are all not sure of how much time we have together, so with whatever we have we should not let go of time in fights, and misunderstandings but instead cherish all the moments we have together…. And so as soon as Pankhuri was arrested and the case had been closed, the first thing Siddharth did was to apologize to Mallika and ask her for a second chance in their relation…. Mallika had agreed and now today, months later they were more than happy to have each other forever….

Siddharth walked towards Mallika and hugged her from the back…. Mallika was surprised for a moment but soon smiled….

Mallika: Not bad Mr. Rana, you have learned to be romantic also.

Siddharth: I have to learn, ab agar biwi itni sundar ho toh bhala koi romance kaise naa sikhe. (I have to learn, if the wife is so beautiful, the husband has to learn to romance)

Mallika: Hmm, toh aap ne sirf romance nahi, balki baatein banana bhi sikh liya hai. (Hmm, so you have not only learnt to do romance but also say such things)

Siddharth: For you and your happiness, I can do anything.

Mallika: I love you so Siddharth.

Siddharth: And I love you too Mallika.

Mallika hugged Siddharth and he hugged her back….

Life may not be a path of roses, but in the end, when you get your deserved happiness, crossing the thorns is worth it….


Ranveer was going through a file when he saw Priyanka was smiling to herself…. Ranveer was confused seeing her behavior…. He kept the file on the table and went and sat beside her…. Priyanka looked at him and smiled more…. Ranveer was happy seeing her smile, but was thinking of what could be the reason for her happiness….

Ranveer: What has happened Priyanka? You are smiling a lot today.

Priyanka: I am smiling because I am so happy today.

Ranveer did not understand her answer…. He could understand that she was smiling because she was happy, but he could not understand why she was so happy….

Ranveer: Priyanka, that is what I am asking, why are you so happy?

Priyanka: Ranveer, I am happy because….

She took out a file from the dresser and forwarded it towards him…. Ranveer looked on confused but took the file…. He opened the file and read the contents…. He looked at Priyanka and then back at the file…. He kept the file back and took her hands in his….

Ranveer: Priyanka, yeh….

Priyanka: Yes, Mr. Randhawa, you are going to become a father.

Tears of happiness filled his eyes and he hugged Priyanka…. Priyanka also hugged him back….

Ranveer: I love you Priyanka, I love you a lot….

Priyanka: I love you too Ranveer….

Fate is fair with all of us, and we all get our share of happiness at the right time…. And so was with Ranveer and Priyanka, their love and found its destination and now they were going to embrace the new happy beginning of their life….


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