LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 19


CHAPTER 19: Let us find the truth

(Day of Tia’s last rites)

“No…. No…. No, this is not happening at all”

Ranveer said it loud enough to make Priyanka move back two steps….

She had called Ranveer to meet her as she wanted to talk about something important…. They had decided to meet at Ranveer’s house as no would come there and they could talk without anyone finding about them…. From the past one hour Priyanka was requesting Ranveer to let her help him with the case while Ranveer was explaining her that it was dangerous and he would not put her life at risk…. He explained her with much patience but seeing Priyanka not budging at all Ranveer lost his cool and replied in a raised voice…. Priyanka was taken aback by his anger…. Tears formed in her eyes but she quickly wiped them…. She had made up her mind and she wouldn’t give up…. Sensing that his tone was incorrect Ranveer tried to apologize….

Ranveer: Prinku, I am really sorry, I did not mean to shout on you.

Priyanka: Ranveer, please try and understand I really want to help you all. It is about my family and all I want is to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Ranveer: So you mean to say that you don’t trust me with your family.

Priyanka: I did not mean that, you are taking it the other way.

Ranveer: Then you only tell me, what you mean to say.

Priyanka: I don’t think you will understand. It is okay if you don’t want me to work with you, but I’ll find the truth, even if I have to do it alone.

Saying so Priyanka moved back further…. She turned to go when Ranveer held her hand…. She smiled to herself…. She knew that Ranveer would never let her do it on her own…. She was happy that her last move was a success…. She hid her smile and turned to look at him….

Priyanka: Let me go Ranveer, I’ll do it myself, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Ranveer: You very well know that I wouldn’t let you do it alone.

Priyanka: So what, you are not letting me do it by helping you? I’ll have to do it myself then.

Ranveer: Sometimes, I feel it is so true that you can never win over an Oberoi in terms of stubbornness.

Priyanka looked at him with a smile and hugged him…. Ranveer also hugged her back…. He knew that she was taking advantage of his weakness; she knew that he would never leave her alone; she knew that he would finally agree…. Sometimes he really felt that even Priyanka had the stubbornness and attitude that ran in the family…. But whatever it was he loved her so much that he could never upset her…. But now he had to be extra careful, he had to look after Priyanka and ensure her safety…. He was thinking what he was supposed to tell Abir and Mishti when they would ask him why Priyanka was working with them…. He was going to have a hard time managing everything but he knew he could do it for her with a smile on his face…. Breaking the hug they looked at each other and he planted a soft kiss on her forehead…. She could feel him assuring her that he would always be with her with that kiss…. She smiled at him….

Ranveer: I am allowing you but only on one condition. You’ll always be with me and will not try any stunts on your own.

Priyanka: Okay DCP Sir.

They looked at each other and broke into fits of laughter….


Om had been standing outside the apartment from the past thirty minutes…. He did not know what to do…. He tried ringing the doorbell a few times but every time he took his hand forward something pulled him back…. Coming directly to her house now seemed to be the worst idea ever…. He should have met Ishana at her office and talked to her…. What was wrong with him that he found her home address and came all the way here…. What would she think about him…. He had already behaved weirdly with her and now coming to her house unannounced would just make it more difficult…. He was pacing around in the corridor thinking about what to do when he heard the door opening…. He did not know what to do…. Should he run away…. Or should he just wait for her to see him…. Lost in his thoughts he stood rooted at the place….

Ishana came out of the house and kept her dustbin outside…. The garbage collector always came early morning and she did not like spoiling her sleep so she had to keep the bin outside at night only…. She kept the bin and turned to go back inside when she felt someone looking at her…. She turned to look the other side and saw Om staring at her…. What was he doing here…. Was he keeping an eye on her…. Was he following her…. She was lost in thoughts when she heard his voice….

Omkara: Sorry I came directly to your house but it was important and I wanted to talk to you.

Ishana: How did you know I stay here? Were you following me or are you keeping an eye on me?

Omkara: Excuse me….

Ishana: Answer me, why are you stalking me?

Om looked at her bewildered by her accusations….

Did he look like a stalker….

He is Omkara Singh Oberoi, using a few contacts he had found her address easily…. For the first time he had used his surname to get some work done…. Why would he have to follow her…. She was really an expert in making assumptions he thought…. She had done the same in their first meeting also….

Omkara: Why do you always assume things on your own? To make it very clear, I am telling you I did not stalk you or follow you. I just used some contacts; I am an Oberoi, if you are forgetting.

Ishana looked at him…. She felt he was saying the truth…. He could easily get her address after all he was an Oberoi…. She was lost in her thoughts when Om snapped his fingers and she looked at him….

Omkara: Where are you lost?

Ishana: Nothing, you said you came here to talk. What is it?

Omkara: Are we going to talk here?

Ishana realized that they were still standing in the corridor…. She quickly invited him inside and they both walked inside the apartment…. As they reached the living room Ishana asked him to take a seat while she will return in a few minutes….

Om sat on the couch and keenly observed the house…. The house was filled with colours…. There were various decorative pieces from vases to wall hangings…. Ishana indeed had a great taste in artworks he thought…. It had been several minutes that Ishana had been inside…. He did not understand what she was doing making him sit here…. He thought to go and check but then he sat back thinking he could not invade her privacy…. As he was busy thinking Ishana came back with a tray…. He looked at her surprised…. She placed the tray on the coffee table and he was surprised to see two cups of tea….

Ishana: Actually Aai always says we should not let our guests go empty stomach from our house so thought to get something for you. And also, I hate coffee, so I don’t have any at home. That’s why I made tea, but now I don’t know whether you are a coffee or a tea person, so….

Omkara: I am a tea person, and adrak wali chai is my favorite.

Ishana: How did you know this is adrak wali chai?

Omkara: The aroma says it all.

Om smiled at her and picked up a cup…. She also smiled and sat taking her cup…. There was silence as they sipped their tea…. Ishana was waiting for Om to start a conversation as he had come to meet her…. Om was waiting for her to ask his purpose for coming here…. They decided to break the silence….

Ishana/Omkara: So….

Ishana: You said you wanted to talk, what is it?

Omkara: Actually you know whatever is happening in my family, with Tia’s murder, things have changed drastically. My family is under a lot of stress, especially Shivaay. I just want to do something to help him come out of this case sooner, so I wanted to find the truth about the murder.

Ishana: But the police is already doing their work, and moreover shouldn’t you have gone to the police, why did you come here? Sorry if I sound rude, it is that I am just confused.

Omkara: I would have gone to the police but then they wouldn’t reveal anything to me as I also belong to the family that is under their suspicions.

Ishana: Well, you have a point and as far as I know Ranveer, he would never involve any family member in the investigation. So, what can I do for you?

Omkara: I have read your previous stories and I have heard that you write them only after finding the truth yourself, so….

Ishana: So….

Omkara: Why don’t we work together?

Ishana looked at him surprised…. Did he say that or did she hear something different…. No, she must have misheard it…. why would he say it…. Why would he work with her….

Ishana: What did you say?

Omkara: I said, why don’t we work together?

Ishana: You want to work with me, you mean you’ll work with me?

Omkara: Why are you asking like this?

Ishana: How can we work together?

Omkara: Why cannot we, you want to let the people know the truth, and so do I, what is wrong in that?

Ishana: The work will not at all be easy, we’ll have to face many difficulties, even our lives could get in danger, will you be able to it?

Om looked at her surprised…. Was she trying to frighten him…. He very well knew where was he leading to and knew what could happen…. He was not going to back off now…

Omkara: Of course, I’ll be able to do it. I didn’t come here just like that, I have well thought about everything.

Ishana: Okay then we can work together but only on one condition.

Omkara: What condition?

Ishana: We’ll work my way and you will not use your surname power.

Omkara: Done.

Ishana: Good then.

Ishana was surprised that he did not think before accepting her condition….

They looked at each other…. A small smile crept on their faces…. Om stood up from his place and forwarded his hand…. Ishana looked at his hand and then stood up to shake his hand…. The smile on their lips widened a little as their hands felt a sparkle with each other’s touch….

This was the beginning of a new phase in their life….


Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.
Before, we progress more into the story, I’ll tell you all that the story will mostly focus on the Oberoi family till the murderer is not revealed. Other characters will play an important role, but the main plot will focus on the Oberois, especially the younger generation. Also, you’ll get plenty of Mishbir and Pranbir, so no worries.

Do share your views on the chapter.

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  1. Let’s see how they solve the case
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    1. Prajkta

      Thank you Nandini

  2. Shesha485

    Nice episode. PriVeer and IshKara scenes were nice. Om and Ishana conversation is well written

  3. Amrita

    Hey Prajakta,
    I’ve been reading your story from Day 1 and trust me your story and also the writing style, both have kept me hooked on to it. And honestly, I keep coming to the YRHPK feed every 2-3 days to check if you have posted your fan fiction or not. I even took some inspiration from your writing style. Please don’t leave this story incomplete and do continue writing like this. (I’ve been there and done that, so I know it isn’t a good thing.) But anyways, I can’t comment always, but I assure you that I am your permanent reader from here on. And I’m writing this comment in a letter format because I’m really happy with this story and the writing style of yours as well. God bless you.

    -Love, Amrita

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you so much Amrita…. These words mean a lot to me….. I am glad that you liked the story to this extent…. I assure you I will definitely not leave the story incomplete and will try my best to make it worth a try….. Take care and lots of love

  4. Yeh toh shuru hote hi khatam ho gya 😕😂😂. It was an amazing start to ishkara. Please post next part asap.😊

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you Nikita…. Been busy lately so sometimes you’ll get short updates

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  6. Jasminerahul

    felt sad for’s good that ranveer apologized to her.loved ranveer hugging does that mean that ranveer has finally given up and decided to allow priyanka to help him in the mission? omkara too wants to work with ishana n finally she too agreed.nice.ishkara handshake was romantic

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you…. How can Ranveer deny when his Priyanka is asking for something…. I am glad you liked Ishkara….

  7. Ruby_MarNy

    Prinku made Ranveer to agree to let her to work with him… Ranveer was right… No one can beat the Oberois in stubbornness… Ishana accusing Omkara for stalking her was funny and cute too… Let’s see how they are going to investigate the case…. Overall the chapter is awesome… Take care and stay safe…

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you…. Well Ranveer has to give up when it is his Priyanka in front of him…. Ishkara are always love…. Take care you too

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