where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 9)

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This time i am early af.. Coz its his birthday time And most important i forget my 1st year anniversry on Tu that was during my exam in march so forgot about that ?

I wish a Happiest birthday to the person whom i love the most My Bae ?

May you get all success in your life

May you Get all happiness in life

Love you to the moon and back ❤

Next epi on my birthday ?


Epi Start with Twinkle talking talking and talking

“Ohhhh. Godd yeh lrki kitna bolti hai” Kunj think irritatingly

Kunj: Twi what are you studying?

Twi: I am studying law because i wanna become a lawyer

Kunj: Ohhh.. Thats good

Soon thet finish the dinner and sit in living room Talking and enjoying Except kunj because he is irritated with twinkle continous talk

Twi: Ok bua i have to go

Usha: But it just 3pm stay for some more time

Twi: Sorry but tommorow i have a test and i have to prepare

Usha: Ohhh.. okkk But come again soon

Twi: Yup next sunday again but to meet you only no dinner and nothing

usha: Ok but with your friends

Twi: Ok i will

Usha: how will you go?

Twi: By taxi or a cab

Usha: Wait kunj will drop you

twi: No i can manage

Usha: I said kunj will drop you And thats final

Twi: Hmmmm..

Usha: Kunj go

Kunj: ok mom

Twi hug usha and bid her bye Both twinj left

Twi sit on back seat Kunj raise his one eyebrow (Killer ?) and said

Kunj: Ohhh.. hello i am not your driver So sit on front seat

Twi: Huh.. i will sit Here only

Kunj: thn i am not gonna drop you

Twi: Ok ? She sit on front seat

Kunj: Good girl ?

Twi: Whatever

kunj sit on driver seat and start driving

Twinkle just looking out of window

Twi: Ummm.. Can i turn on the radio?

Kunj: Yeah sure

Twinkle turn on the radio and song play

?(Rab wrga….

Rab wrgaaa….

Mano hai mila

mahi rb wrga) 2×

? Zinda hai yeh dil mera

sanso sa teri sanam

Tera dil main basa hai

mera sara jahan

Pehla piyaar tu mera

tu hi aakhiri sanam ?

Twi look toward kunj and they share an intense eyelock

Twi: I should change it She change tge song and next song play

? Dil diya gallan

krain ga nal nal

bey ka ?

they again share an eyelock But it broke by voice of water falling

Twi: Stop the car *yell* its raining ?

kunj stop the car with a jerk

Kunj: What the… Before kunj can complete his sentence Twinkle is out of car Twirling in rain Splashing the water and laughing

For kunj its the best sight Soon the song End the next song play

? yeh musam ki barish

yeh barish ka pani

yeah pani ki bondi

Tujha hi toh dhondain ?

Kunj walk toward twinkle Twinkle was busy playing when kunj pull Her with a jerk she landed on his chest and there eyes met

Kunj put his one hand on twinkle waist and other on her shoulder But his eyes never left her

They start moving With rythm Enjoying the moment Kunj look at twinkle wet lips Twinkle close her eyes to let him do what he want

Kunj start coming closer there lips just inches apart when suddenly everything vanish

kunj look At twinkle she was still Coming toward car

What was that It was just a dream ohhh.. God I was just gonna kiss her i have to control These freaking emotions of mine or else i will be in trouble. *Kunj think*

twi: Kunj lets go or else i will catch cold

Kunj: Huh..?

twi: i said lets go

Kunj: ohhh.. okk

Kunj again start driving soon they reach twinkle hostel twinkle come out of car bid kunj byee and start walking

Kunj: Twinkle *yell*

twi: What?

Kunj: Won’t you invite me Inside for a cup of coffe or tea?

Twi: Sorry *embrassed* come

Kunj: no its ok next time for sure

Twi: Ok btw thank you for Dropping me

Kunj: No its my duty ☺

Twi: ok byeee

Kunj: Byee and he left

Twi went inside her room Sia and rosy were sitting there chit chating when they notice twinkle

Sia: Ohhh.. You here

Rosy: What happned

Twi: I got drenched in rain

Sia: Ohhh.. Go and change your dress or else you will catch cold

Twi: Yup

She left after sometime she come out wearing Her night dress

A denim short and Black crop top

and sit beside Sia and Rosy

Sia: So how was your lunch

Rosy: yeah tell

Twi: that was awsome

Sia: next time take me with you too

Twi: Yeah bua invited all of us Next sunday

Sia: Really i wanna meet that handsome hunk

Twi: He is married Sia

Sia: So what twinki baby i will just stalk him

Twi: and his wife will kill you

Sia: ohhh.. really btw do you have any pic of your czn and his wife

Twi: Umm… wo wo

Sia: kia woo

Twi: nahi hai Good night

She took her Duvet and sleep instantly

Sia: she is hiding Something i have to find out but first priority is Beauty sleep

And they all sleep


Why my all episode end on sleeping ?

Btw some twinj moment i have to post epi tommorow but i have to go somewhere so posting it today

Guys i wanna say something



as said by Bae


Nisa ?

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  1. Fenil

    Beautiful…becoz u r lady kumbhkarna !! :P:D

    1. Lovey_kz

      hahahahahah.. ? Thank ypu for cmnt and New name

  2. u always end on a GOOD NIGHT note
    but episode was fantastic and abhi se twinkle thodi thodi jal ne lagi haiiii

    post soon

  3. Awesome epi…..

  4. lgta h madam ko sona bhut jyada hu psand h ….kidding..
    epi was beautiful…
    luved it

  5. Hello..
    Episode was awsm..
    I luvs it…
    Thanksfor posting yrrr…
    It helped me a lot in changing my mood….

    Thanks for ur constant support….

    luv u…
    Pray for me

    1. Lovey_kz

      Always my Jaan
      i will always be on your side
      Love you ?

  6. SSK

    Amazing episode 🙂

  7. Awesome episode dear
    Plzz post soon dear plzzzz
    Luvvvv u
    Aur twinj scene superb
    Aur kunj ki imagination mindblowing

  8. Awesome Amazing
    Bechara kunj dream got broke

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