where there is LOVE there is LIFE (Epi 11)

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Hello Nisa here again


how many of you are Muslim?

i am Proud Muslim ❤


Epi start with twin in kunj’s arm Conveying there love through eyes the eyelock is broken by Kunj

Kunj: Sorry!

twi: ohhhh its ok

kunj: btw your spring vacations are coming?

twi: Yup and i am so excited

kunj: So what your plans?

Twi: Me and Sia are planing to roam Turkey and to spend some days in Cappadocia Because of Hot air ballons ?

kunj: Nice plans btw do you have any Guide because you both are new here

Twi: No but we will get one surely

Kunj: Good ok so tea is ready

Twi: Hmmm.. its smell so Good ?

kunj: Made by Chef. Kunj Sarna ?

Twi: Ahan! Lets see how it taste

Twi pour tea in Cups and both went in balcony they enjoy the tea Togather *perfect couple*

Kunj: Ok byee now i have to leave Mom will be waiting for me

Twi: Ohhh.. Byee *Sad*

kunj: Sorry again for the cake

Twi: its ok but you have to buy another for me

kunj: Why not

and he went from there twi stand in balcony watching him How she wanted him to be with her always but destiny ?

Soon Sia and Rosy also came in room

And start talking non stop *Blah blah blah*

Twi: Just stop *Yell*

and there was pin drop silence

Sia: Yrr.. we were just telling what happened in hall?

Rosy: Yup

Sia: Btw your czn is soooo hot

Twi: He is married stop drooling over him

Sia: If he has wife thn why he was here with you?

Twi: ummmm.. i don’t know

Sia: Tell me THE TRUTH

twi: Wooo.. woooo..

Sia: What wooo Wooo say it

Twi: i am his wife *in one gi and close her eyes*

Sia: What? You are joking right

Twi: i am saying truth he is married to me

Sia: Tell me whole thing

And Twi tell her everything about how she got married to kunj and how there life is going

Sia: Btw you got a perfect husband your lucky

twi: indeed i am ?

Sia: Oyeeeee Hoyeeeee..

Twi: Shut up i told you all this that does not mean you will tease me

Sia: Ok Ok sorry

Twi: Now lets sleep

They slept and in no time the morning came Its the last day before Their spring vacation

In Universty

Twi has no classes and Sia has only one class so after taking class Twi and sia were sitting in ground and talkin

twinkle’s whole outfit:

Sia’s whole outfit:


Sia: Twinkle

Twi: hmm..

Sia: We need a guide

twi: Yeah ofcrs kunj said the same

Sia: ohooo Hubby said ?

Twi: Shut up its nothing like that

Sia: Ok if yoy say soo Btw Kunj can be our guide

Twi: Nooo way

Sia: Yes! Babes

Twi: i don’t agree with this

Sia: You just shut up and give his number

Twinkle give Sia Kunj’s number

Sia call him after like 2 min kunj pick up the call sia Open the speaker

kunj: Hello

Sia: hello

Kunj: Who’s there?

Sia: Its Sia Twinkle’s friend

Kunj: Ohhh… How i help you

Sia: Can you be our guide during our Spring vacation? actually twinkle want

Kunj: Why not?

“Sadu agree so eagerly i don’t belive” Twi think

Sia: Thank you Thank you soo much

Kunj: No need of thank you

Sia: Thats so sweet of you

kunj: Hmm.. i have some work can talk to you later?

sia: Ofcourse

And they hang up

Twi: What was that? ?

Sia: what? *inoccently*

Twi: As you don’t know

Sia: No i don’t know

Twi: Why you took my name Stupid

Sia: ohhh.. Because he is your ohhhh sooo perfect Husband ?

Twi: You are such a B*tch *irritatingly*

Sia: I know tell me something knew

Twi: Go to hell

Sia: As you wish

And twi went from there

Next day Twinkle and sia was supposed to meet kunj So kunj Came to there Hostel

kunj: So ready to roam My beautiful city

Sia: Ofcourse Mr. Handsome

Twi: Huh.. handsome *jealousy at its peak*

They trio were ready to left but wait just look at there outfits




What's coming is better than what's gone..

A post shared by Sidhant (@sidhant) on

They were looking amazing Though..?

They all left first place they visit Istaqal street (i don’t remember the spellings lol)

Basically that was a market and kunj’s hotel was present there They Went in his hotel and Took There ohh forgot to mansion its Almost lunch time

Than they went to museum And look at the History of Beautiful Turkey (Btw Turkish are nor less)

Twinkle was haply that she got chance to spend sometime with Kunj they were roaming here and there when Twinkle notice sia who was standing holding her head

Twi: Are you ok

Sia: Ohh i think i had headache

Twi: ok lets go to hostel

Sia: no i will manage you both enjoy

Kunj: Are you sure? if you want we can accompany you

Sia: No its ok

Twi: Ok Take care

And she went and twi start feeling nervous

“Now what will i do” Twinkle think

“Ohhh God what will i do” Kunj think

Twi/kunj: Twinkle/Kunj *togather*

kunj: you say

Twi: No you say

Kunj: Actually Rt uncle is coming tomorrow

Twi: Ohh.. Dad told me

Kunj: Hmm what you want to tell

Twi: Lets go to hostel Sia is not ok how will she manage Rosy is also not here

kunj: Ohh ok lets go

And they went to hostel next day Rt arrived Turkey and called twinkle

Rt: Hello Twinkle

Twi: Hello Dad how are you?

Rt: i am fine how’s my Child

Twi: perfect so where are you staying

Rt: Paradise hotel

Twi: ohhh.. ok i will meet you in hotel at 11 Am

Rt: ok i will wait for you

Twinkle hurriedly get up ,took a shower and get ready

She took a light breakfasr

Twi: ok Sia take care

Sia: You too

Twinkle reach hotel by help of cab and went inside she called Rt

Twi: Hey dad where are you? i reached hotel

Rt: We are at pool side

Twi: ok i will be there

Twinkle reached there and was shocked to see Rt with Cherry (Who try to raped twinkle i change Uv charachter)

Twi: Hey dad I missed you soo much *ignoring cherry*

Rt: Me too *Hug her*

Rt: Btw meet Cherry and his father

Twi: Hello *Cursing cherry under her breaths*

They all sit twinkle was hell angry because cherry was staring her with lust

Twi: Excuse me i have to use washroom

Twi went toward washroom and went inside

Twi: That Idiot jerk cherry how dare he to come here bl**dy Cheapster

twi: what will i do now? Ohhh i should call kunj

She called kunj after like 10 mins kunj pick up the call

Twi: Hello

Kunj: The number had you called is sleeping at the moment please try again after 5 hours

Twi: Kunj get up and meet me at hotel paradise as soon as possible or i will never talk to you

cut the call angrily and went outside composing herself.


Now see will kunj come or twi has to face cherry alone?

Something big is coming in next epi (Atleast its big f

or me)

thank you for all likes and comments

And i will try my best to be reguler

Lots of love

Nisa ❤

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  1. Loved it a lottt

  2. Cute epi…..

  3. I loved ur choice of outfits….twinkle and Kunj are really cute……
    Oh god…what this cherry upto now….

  4. Superb episode nisa n yes I’m also Muslim n ramadan mubarak to u too dear post soon

  5. Anaya_Ali

    Epi was awsm babes?…
    Twinj scenes were cute ?…
    While reading twi and sia scenes i was feeling It’s our chat only???…
    Then as I said before dresses choice is superb ??…
    That blo*dy cherry again came?…
    Let’s see what you have in your mind for nxt epi…
    Hope so he comes and twi don’t have to face cherry alone …

    And I am also a Muslim as u know but teacher na sawal kiya tha toh jwb toh Banta tha …??

    Chl byeee
    Luv you ..??
    Post nxt soon …

  6. Lovey_kz

    I know babes and yeah thats absolutely our chats ?

  7. it was amazing…twinj scene were lovely..luved it..twinkles & sia convo was like I used to tease my friend with her fiance ….superb.& what hell this cherry is doing there I m sure kunj is going to beat him if he tried to misbehave with her.
    post next soon
    Ramadan Mubarak…
    keep smiling always

  8. Hello lovey the epispde was awsm and brilliant twinj costumes were awsm and cool yaar loved it and y didi fmthsi cherry come and I think kunj will come plsss do post soon can’t wait ore take care post soon

  9. Awesome amazing

  10. superb episode…and yes i m muslim
    ramdan mubarak…and sorry for the late comment..post the next part soon

  11. Fabulous fantastic episode
    Twinj scene awesome
    Twinkle & sia scene amazing
    Post soon dear
    Ramdan mubarak

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