Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayaan asking how to arrange 17 lakhs. Mohini calls him. He thinks if I don’t arrange money, Mohini and her family will get homeless, sorry Mohini I will talk you after arranging money. Mohini thinks where is he. Ayaan thinks there is just one way and comes home. His mum gets glad seeing him and hugs. His dad comes and says you came back, I knew your choreography will get away, I think life made you dance well.

Mohini calls him. He disconnects the call. Mohini says don’t know what’s wrong. Kamini says he won’t answer your call, men are such, did you think he will keep his promise. Mohini thinks maybe Ayaan is stuck somewhere. Ayaan says I m ready to forget my likes and join family business. His dad says good for you, I want you to join office today. Ayaan agrees and says I need 17 lakhs.

His dad asks do you want to do a deal with me. Ayaan switches off his phone. He says no dad, its not any deal, I m asking your help, it will be loan and I will repay it, you can take legal action on me. His dad says enough, why do you want the amount. His mum Vasundara says why are you asking him, give him or I will give him from my account. His dad says enough Vasundara, I will give him 17 lakhs. Ayaan thanks him. His dad says I kept my promise, its your turn now, company is launching new sports channel, I want you to be with me. Ayaan says sure dad. His dad says welcome home son, and welcome to family business. Ayaan thanks him and hugs.

Kamini gives her jewelry and says we will throw money on Manikchand’s face. Ragini and Mohini refuse. Mohini says I trust Ayaan, we won’t sell money. Kamini says don’t deny this, he won’t help you, sell this jewelry and end the loan. Madhav’s letter falls down. Kamini gets shocked. Ragini thinks if Mohini reads Madhav’s letter, it will be bad.

Madhav gets ready and tells Rajmata that he is going airport to pick Madhavi. She says you smiled after long time, welcome her with her fav flowers. Madhav goes. Mohini asks what’s this. Kamini says nothing and picks the letter. She says its jewelry receipt. Ayaan gets the cheque and throws on Manikchand.

Manikchand says amount should be 18 lakhs, you have beaten me and insulted me, I have the house and the three Devis will be on road. He insults and asks how will you pay 1 lakh. Ayaan thinks and gives his 3 lakhs watch. Manikchand says I asked 1 lakh. The man says I think he is mad, why is he giving 2 lakhs extra. Ayaan slaps Manikchand twice and says for two slaps. He takes the loan papers from his hand and leaves.

Kamini says take the jewelry, don’t waste money, Manikchand will come anytime here, go. Ayaan calls Mohini. Kamini says he will like an excuse again. Mohini answers call. Ayaan says I gave 17 lakhs to Manikchand. Mohini asks what, how did you pay. He says I took the loan papers, I will give you. Mohini says Ayaan kept his promise, he is not like other guys, now do you trust him, your jewelry didn’t get sell off.

Ayaan’s dad launches the channel Vibe. He says the future of Mehta industries Ayaan is here, he will be the chairman of the channel. Madhavi messages Ayaan. Madhav gets Madhavi home. Madhavi hugs Madhav and Rajmata. Rajmata welcomes her. Madhav says your mum… Madhavi says she had to go in imp meeting, its same story always. She likes the room and says everything is same like before, you do a lot for me.

Madhav says I feel happy, I was waiting for this day, stop crying. She says I can’t forgive the sacrifice you made for me, you have tolerated pain for my sake. He says we will talk something else. She says no, I have always seen you adjusting with Vijaylaxmi for my sake. He says you will always be my little doll. She says if you took decision for your life, it would have been beautiful. He recalls Kamini.

He says leave all this, your fav dish is made, come soon. She sees Ayaan’s pic and says I m annoyed, you didn’t come to pick me. Madhav comes and sees the pic.

Kamini, Mohini and Ragini see Ayaan’s news. Kamini asks Mohini not to meet Ayaan again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kamini is one annoyingly crazy character. I’m sorry but her character is no longer needed. I’d prefer to watch Mohini love story and not have Kamini as a stumbling block!

  2. Kamini also such a hypocrite some times. She accepted his money but prohibited her sister to meet him.. if she wants to keep her head up she should sell of her jewellery or sell off house it self but should NOT accepted money from someone their hardly knows..

  3. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Atleast madhav should know about mohini

  4. I suppose we are going to see fight between 2 sisters for the same guy..hope it is interesting

  5. Kamini character is so pathetic. How would she have brought up a child if the parents didn’t take over. First she wanted to marry a married man with a child. Yikes she wasted her life moping like a pathetic helpless person. Her mother is a stronger character and is holding the family. Even her daughter is strong. Madhav character is as pathetic. He can’t even look after his mother moping over a woman for this long.

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