are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 12!

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the episode starts with mishti thinking in her room.

mishti: what happened to mama suddenly? hmm..maybe her friend knows.

mishti calls ranveer.

ranveer: hello?
mishti: he..hello ranveer sir..
ranveer: who is it?
mishti: me..i mean mi..shti..

ranveer gets shocked.

ranveer: kya?
mishti: yes’s me.. mishti..u know my mama.ishaani.
ranveer: so what do you need to tell me? it better be quick.
mishti (thinks) : he’s also serious, maybe i should call later?
ranveer: hello?
mishti: yes sir..shall i call you later?
ranveer: no tell me now.
mishti:’s about my mama. she’s always in her room now, and never talks to me.

ranveer sighs and cries.

mishti: hello? are you okay?
ranveer: ye..yes.. and anyway what can i do about it?
mishti: but..i and her..fight..
ranveer: just shush my little child. and don’t disturb me for these silly matters. bye.
mishti: bye?

ranveer ends the call and cries.

the scene shows akshara’s house.

akshara: come on naira..that’s enough practising..they’ll be here soon.
naira: coming mama..

akshara sees naksh texting to someone.

akshara: who are you texting?
naksh: no..nothing..

he quickly hides the phone.

akshara: what are you hiding? tell me..
naksh: no..i promise..nothing maa..
akshara: hmm..i hope not.. anyway come on..get ready they’ll be here soon

suddenly they hear a sound of a car.

naira: they are here!!! quick hide!

a beautiful lady and a man steps out of the car..

man: gayu.. i can’t here any sound.
gayu: yes karan.. come on let’s go in.

they peep inside but sees no one.

gayu: hello?

suddenly the lights switch off.

karan: what the…
gayu: naira? naksh? mama?

suddenly they see a light of a torch and get shocked.

gayu: karan..i’m scared..

suddenly the lights comes out. and sees naira with a torch.

naira: seriously di?

gayu and naira laughs.

suddenly everyone else jumps out.

everyone: WELCOME HOME!!!

gayu sees them and laugh.

gayu: wow! such a surprise!
akshara: come on in..

gayu and karan enters and smiles seeing the decorations.

the scene shift to karthik’s house.

adarsh: does avni know about aisha’s plan?

avni comes in search of ice cream.

adarsh: avni,
avni: why?
adarsh: did aisha call to you?
avni: yes..
adarsh: and did she tell you about her plan of coming to india again?

avni nods.

adarsh: see avni..true sisters. she’s coming here because of you. and you do nothing to make her proud.

avni looks at adarsh. she laughs.

avni: papa, her dream is my dream. she wants me to become a teacher, unlike you papa.
adarsh: what?
avni: papa, ask her. just stop papa! stop worrying about my job.

she leaves.

in ishaani’s house.

ishaani is in her bedroom crying. she sees ranveer’s pic and cries.
suddenly she gets a message from ranveer.

ishaani: ranveer?

she reads the text.

“meet me tomoz at the park. bring mishti too. bye”

ishaani: what does this mean?

precap: ishaani and mishti goes to the park
naira dances for gayu on cham cham..

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i liked it And about ishveer the part in which ranveer crying was very nice and The precap seems to be interesting and kaira dance and ishveer meeting and all was very nice . Update the next soon and make ishveer united soon if u can . And add more ishveer scenes too.

  2. Really Waiting for next what decision gonna ranveer take now..

  3. Very nice dear eagerly waiting for the next episode?

  4. Loved mishti calling up ranveer n informing him about ishani. She is a true daughter. Adarsh still blaming avni.sad.but loved her cool answer.gayu’s welcome was nice.Is naksh in love?

  5. Ranveer wants to meet ishani n is giving hopes

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