are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| part 21

The episode stars with Ishaani and Naira laughing.

Ishaani:I’m so glad Ranveer brought me here..
Naira: yeah actually me too!

Karthik coughs.

Karthik: actually I’m going to use the washroom
Ranveer: Me too.
Ishaani: what you two at the same time??
R and K: I mean-
Ranveer: I mean..I have to get a call

Ishaani nods.

Karthik and Ranveer leaves.

Ranveer: Karthik..this is not right.
Karthik: yes sir!
Ranveer: you know I will take Ishaani with me to another place.
Karthik: Okay sir..good idea.
Ranveer: It’s starting to get dark as well!
Karthik: Sir please hurry.
Ranveer: and by the way..don’t call me Sir for now!

Karthik nods.

Karthik first comes and sit and next ranveer comes.

Ranveer: Ishaani, how about we leave know mishti must be waiting for you.
Ishaani: yes but we didn’t get a chance to talk.
Ranveer (to himself): How could we? whn you were busy chit-chatting.
Ishaani: what?
Ranveer:no-nothing…I mean..maybe next time..and we can visit the carnival on the way.
Ishaani: okay.
Naira: Karthik..please shall we go to the Carnival as well.
Karthik: n-
Naira: please Karthik.
Ishaani: yes yes..please come with us..that’s okay with us no ranveer?

Ranveer clenches his fist.

Ranveer: sure!

All leave to the carnival.

In karthik’s car.

Naira: thank you Karthik!
Karthik: It’s long as you come to work tommorow.

Naira laughs.

Naira: Anyway Karthik..tell me about your family
Karthik: I have twin sister..Avni and Aisha..Aisha is abroad for her studies.
Naira: twins! oh ..maybe I could meet them one day..
Karthik: You will!
Naira: what?
Karthik: No never mind!

Naira stares at him and smiles. Karthin turns. Naira turns away embarassed.

Karthik: what?
Naira: no no.
Karthik: you are crazy!!

They laugh..

The scene shift to Ishaani’s house.

Mishti: But-
Raman: no buts this can’t happen.
Mishti: at least for my sake?
Raman: when did you start being so grown up missy?
Mishti: It’s the only way of giving mama happiness.

The scene shift to carnival.

Ranveer: please Ishaani be with me.
Ishaani: but Naira…
Ranveer: tell you can meet Naira tommorow..but please stay with me for today.

Ishaani nods.

Karthik: Naira I came to spend the day with shall we?
Naira: But Karthik..Ishaani..
Karthik: You can meet her anyday..but do you go out with me everyday?
Naira: Okay fine!

Ishaani and Ranveer holds hands and enjoy the rides.

Karthik: what do you want?
Naira: I want that candyfloss.

Karthik gives her money.

Naira: I will pay.
Karthik: please?

Naira shakes her head and buys candyfloss with her own money.

Suddenly a wind comes blowing.

Naira: Oh my what a wind!! and it’s so cold!

Karthik pulls her closer.

Karthik: Warm?

Naira stares at him.

Precap: Naira in a pit and shouting for help.

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      WILL DO

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    loved like a mature girl mishti trying to convince ranveer 4 ishveer relationship.hope raman agrees.waiting 4 raman ranveer scene too.plz show more cute ishveer scenes.kaira scene was very romantic

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  4. Cute…?? Waiting for next…

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