LOVE IS BEYOND AGES – Vani and Abhigya SS (Chapter 4)


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Disha:- abhi and Pragya were lovers..they both studied in the same School, then same college. Both of loved each other a lot. Actually they are the one who identifies my and Purab’s love for each other… If you go to our college, and ask about Abhigya everyone will say about them. Whole college knew about them. They had participated in many dance competition, both was so perfect for each other. Then one day…

Veer:- one day, what happened?

Fb shows.

Pragya comes to abhi, she was very tensed.

Abhi:- what happened, my dear fuggi? So tensed.

Pragya:- I had done a mistake.

Abhi:- what mistake? Tell me. Why are you so worried?

Pragya:- my parents are looking a guy for me.

Abhi:- So…

Pragya:- so, I told about us to them.

Abhi:- kya….are you mad? We are now students, no job? What did your parents said?

Pragya:- they are planning to get me married in the next week forcefully.

Abhi:- what, how can they do that?

Pragya:- please save me. I can’t marry anyone other than you. I love you.

Abhi kisses on her forehead and..

Abhi:- I love you tooo.

Pragya:- what will we do now?

Abhi:- we will get marry tomorrow itself. I will tell Purab to arrange everything in the temple. I will come to pick you in the morning itself.

Pragya:- ok.

Next day, abhi picks Pragya and was waiting for the car to come, so that they can go to the temple.

Pragya:- abhi, why is the car not coming? If my brother and father finds me missing, then will surrely find me.

Abhi:- don’t worry. Iam with you.

Pragya:- Haan.

She sees someone coming to them and gets shocked.

Pragya:- abhi..

Abhi:- Haan, what happened?

Pragya:- Papa…

They sees her father, brother and relatives coming there. Pragya hides behind abhi.

Pragya’s father:- Pragya, come with us. Don’t make a scene here.

Pragya:- no, I will not come.

They tried to drag her.

Abhi:- you can’t force her. We love each other. And no one can seperate us.

They beat abhi badly and takes Pragya with them. Abhi tried to get hold out of them, but in vain. They throw him into the mud and goes.

Fb ends.

Veer and Bani was in tears.

Veer:- what happened then?

Disha was crying.

Purab comes there and….

Purab:- we somehow finds abhi and admitted him in the hospital. Then we come to know that her marriage had happened and she goes somewhere with her husband. Abhi becomes so sad, was in shock for some days. Then slowly we tried to make him out of his sorrow. We then shift to Dubai, there he married your mother. We thought everything will become normal, but after one year of marriage she goes leaving you and abhi on her delivery. It again makes him sad. But he didn’t accept failure, he lives for you. You are his everything, he is living only for you. Now, on meera’s marriage, suddenly pragya’s arrival made a wish in his mind.

Bani:- but Pragya aunty didn’t get married. Mumma told me once that she attempted suicide on her wedding day, everyone disowns her. After then she started teaching.

Purab and Disha gets shocked.

Disha:- but…how is this possible?

Bani:- I am saying truth. She didn’t get married.

Everyone gets sad.

After some time Bani leave to her home. Veer was in deep thinking, Disha comes to him.

Disha:- what are you thinking?

Veer:- about Papa. For 27 years he had lived his life for me. I will complete his every wish.

Disha:- I understand you. But it is not easy.

Veer:- I know. Papa loves Pragya aunty a lot. I also loves her. I hadn’t get a mother’s love, but now I will get it. I will have two mother, one you and other Pragya.

Disha hugs him and…

Disha:- you are the best son in this world.

Veer:- and my papa, the bestest father. But little mad.

They both smiles

Veer calls Bani and says something. Bani agrees to him.

Pragya was writing something when Bani comes there.

Bani:- teacher, are you busy?

Pragya:- no dear. Tell me. Where were you Today?

Bani:- I was in veer’s home. His Papa is so cute. (Pragya looks at her,Bani notices it). You know, he looks so young even though he is a father of twenty seven aged son. How would he be when he was in his college days?

Pragya:- more beautiful.

Bani:- how do you know?

Pragya:- woh…I had seen that day, on meera’s marriage, was beautiful, so just guessed it.

Bani:- Haan. And do you know, Disha aunty told me today about his love story.

Pragya:- kya….did she tell you the name of the girl.

Bani:- aunty, why are you so tensed?

Pragya:- nothing.

Bani:- she didn’t tell me the name. But she tell me the story. Abhi uncle loved that girl so much, but she gets married to another guy and dumps him.

Pragya gets shocked and gets teary eyed.

Pragya:- kya…I cheat him. He cheated me, I had waited for him a long time, but he…he got married.

Bani:- aunty what happened to you? What are you saying, he cheated you. I don’t understand.

Pragya:- nothing. I will come now.

Pragya runs to her room and cries. Bani calls veer and tells him what happened. Veer smiles at the same time was sad, as Pragya had waited so long for his father. Veer then told her to meet him to plan.

Next day, Bani comes to veer. Veer was talking with jhanvi there.

Bani’s pov:- who is this girl? And why is veer talking to her so happily, is she his gf. No. But why Iam getting jeolus? No, no Bani, you just have to think about Pragya.

Veer sees Bani and asks her to come , she goes to them.

Veer:- Bani, this is Jhanvi. My senior. You will be knowing her, our same college.

Bani:- I don’t remember her.

Jhanvi:- it’s ok. Iam jhanvi. Nice to meet you.

Bani:- hi…

Jhanvi:- actually, veer had told me about everything, so I thought to help you.

Bani:- (looks at veer) acha…

Veer:- do you know, Bani this Jhanvi was so witty..

Jhanvi:-’s all in the past..

Veer:- so what? She was a broker. She makes a list of girls and boys suitable and make match list and get them committed.

Jhanvi:- veer……

Veer:- what happened, this is the truth. You have also tried to get me and Mayuri on the line, but I got saved.

Jhanvi and veer laughs.

Bani was burning in jealousy. She was very angry. Jhanvi notices it.

Bani:- I will come now.

Veer:- where are you going?

Bani:- washroom.

Veer:- ok. Come fast.

Bani:- Haan. (She goes from there).

Jhanvi:- veer, sach bolo… Are you both dating?

Veer:- Jhanvi, now also….we are good friends.

Jhanvi:- I don’t believe. She was seeing you with anger.

Veer:- so…

Jhanvi:- she is jealous to see us both together.

Veer thinks.

Jhanvi:- anyway, Iam going. I have some work in station. Will meet you later.

Veer:- ok. Byy.

Jhanvi goes. Bani comes to veer.

Bani:- where is Jhanvi?

Veer:- she goes.

Bani:- it’s good.

Veer:- kya?

Bani:- nothing.

Veer smiles.

Veer:- ok. Did you think about our plan?

Bani:- Haan.

Veer:- Friday is my birthday, I will invite you all. You have to force her to come.

Bani:- ok.

Veer:- I will not tell papa, about calling Pragya aunty.

Bani:- Haan.

It was Friday, abhi had baked cake for his veer and get him cut the cake at 12 AM. He had arranged a small get together also. It was evening.

Veer:- papa, Bani called me, she has arrived. Come.

Abhi:- Haan.

Veer and abhi greets Bani.

Bani:- happy birthday Veer.

Veer:- thanks. You come alone?

Bani:- no.. Pragya aunty is with me.

Pragya comes to her. Abhi gets shocked seeing her.

Bani and veer looks at them.

Precap:- abhigya and Vani shares a dance. Vani unites Abhigya. Bani tells her feelings to veer. Veer goes to meet Bani’s father. He puts forward a condition. Vani conducting abhigya’s marriage.

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