LOVE IS BEYOND AGES – Vani and Abhigya SS (Chapter 2)


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Bani becomes shocked to see veer. She remembers how he tease her and their college memories. She follows veer and understand that he is the owner of the mall. She gets his office number and phone number and smirks.

Veer was checking some files when his manager comes and hand him the phone.

Veer:- Hello. Singhania industries. Who is this speaking?

Bani:- is this veer Singhania?

Veer:- yes, veer speaking. Who is this?

Bani:- don’t you remember my voice? (Bani smiles).

Veer:- who is this? Dekho, I don’t have time for your talks.

Bani:- I thought that you remember all your college friends. You forget me?

Veer:- oh…you were from the college. Then why don’t you tell me first?

Bani:- woh….I forget. Then tell me who is this?

Veer:- you should be Tanvi, how are you? I know your marriage happened, why don’t you call me?

Bani:- oh Hello.. Iam not Tanvi.

Veer:- then you must be mehak.

Bani thinks, ” if he had so many girl friends, better I had to do something, otherwise he will tell all the names of the girls”.

Veer:- hello…are you there.

Bani:- haan, sorry I am not mehak.

Veer:- then.

Bani:- Iam….. Ishani.

Veer:- Ishani. Sorry, I don’t remember any Ishani in my class.

Bani:- oooo, so now you don’t remember me. In the college days, you told me that, you wont forget me till the last breath. And now…

Veer:- who are you. I didn’t tell like that to anyone. And I don’t know any Ishani.

Bani fakes crying:- ohh meri jaan…..I was waiting for your call, all these years and atlast when I find you, you are telling me that you don’t know me.

Veer:- dekho, I don’t know you. Please don’t cry.

He cuts the call. The manager, ponky, who was his childhood friend tease him.

Ponky:- veer, don’t lie. Did you done anything bad to her? Tell me the truth. I won’t tell it to anyone.

Veer looks at him angrily.

Veer:- get out.

Ponky:- but veer.

Veer:- get out. Otherwise I will fire you.

Ponky goes from there.

Veer (to himself):- I will find you Ishani, then I will show you who Iam.

In the home, abhi and veer was watching tv when doorbell rings. Veer goes to open the door and gets shocked seeing them.

Veer:- disha aunty.

Disha:- really, do you remember me?

Veer:- woh…..

Purab:- disha, don’t trouble him.

Disha:- ok. Where is Bhai. Abhi….

Abhi gets shocked seeing Disha. Because she was the only one who can control veer, purab and abhi. And all the three of them scared her.

Abhi:- disha, you come. How? Why? When?

Disha:- you had done everything you could, then why don’t I come here.

Veer asks purab what happened to her.

Disha:- What are you both murmuring?

Purab and veer:- nothing.

Disha:- achaa, so tell me bhai, why did that police arrested you?

Abhi looks at veer who says no.

Disha:- Don’t look at veer, he didn’t tell me. My friend told me, that you and your friend were stalking college girls. What happened to you bhaiyya?

Abhi:- woh….that Vikram..

Disha:- then why are you going with him?

Purab:- he is his friend. Haina abhi?

Abhi:- haan. He was going to meet a teacher.

Disha:- for what studies, that too this age?

Veer:- studies and my Papa, no way.

Disha:- chup….one day I will kill you three and will cook in the cooker and I will eat it. No, I will not eat. I will give your meat to dog.

Veer:- aunty, first thing, we three can’t be put into the cooker. Cooker will burst.

Purab:- second thing, we will not be that much tasty that dog will eat us.

Abhi:- third thing, you will not do anything like that.

Disha:- you know everything, then also upsets me😭.

She goes from there.

Abhi:- purab, go and console her.

Purab:- I won’t go. You go and come safely. (Purab and veer laughs) .

Abhi:- I will see you two.

Meera:- bani, I don’t think you are doing right. If you hate him, go and face him.

Bani:- time is not right. By the way, he did so much to me that, I also have to do something to him.

Meera:- if Pragya aunty knows this..

Bani:- no….please don’t tell her now, she will kill me.

Meera:- ok.

Bani:- veer Singhania, time for the next bomb.

Disha was cooking, when Abhi comes there.

Abhi:- sorry.

Disha:- for what?

Abhi:- for everything.

Disha smiles.

Abhi:- I didn’t do anything. Vikram was going to meet a girl, and he asked me to come. That is why.

Disha:- it’s ok.

Purab:- Abhi, sorry for what disha said.

Abhi:- what are you saying? She has the right. She is my sister in law cum sister.

Veer:- haan, Papa only obeys disha aunty. So it’s ok.

Phone rings.

Veer:- Papa, dekho who is it?

Abhi:- Haan.

Abhi takes the call. On the other side, it was none other than our bani.

Abhi:- hello.

Bani:- hello.

Abhi:- haan. Who is this speaking?

Bani:- is it veer’s house?

Abhi:- Yes. Iam his dad speaking.

Bani:- Ooooo. Namasthe, Papaji.

Abhi:- papaji. Kiska Papaji.

Bani:- sorry, Papaji. I didn’t indroduce you. Iam Ishani, veer’s friend.

Abhi:- but I don’t know his friend named Ishani.

Bani:- woh…may be veer didn’t tell you. Actually it was very secret. No one knows about us. I had get his number after a long time, that is why I called.

Abhi:- ok, I will give it to him.

Bani:- noo…. actually I am sorry for disturbing you, I will call him tomorrow personally. Bye…

Abhi:- but he is here, I will give it to him. Hello.

Veer:- who was it?

Abhi:- veer, did you have any friend, Ishani.

Disha:- Ishani, I didn’t know his friend named Ishani. Veer, did you hide something from us?

Veer:- what are you saying? I didn’t hide anything.

Abhi:- then who is this Ishani?

Veer:- I don’t know. She called me in the office also. I think she is a cheater or pranker, who calls everyone and prank them.

Abhi, purab and disha looks at veer suspiciously.

Veer:- are, Iam telling truth. I didn’t know her. If I get her, I will kill her.

Disha:- who knows it?

Veer:- aunty…

Abhi:- ishq wala love.

Veer:- Papa, why are you teasing me? I don’t know her.

Abhi:- I didn’t say anything. I just sing the song. Ishq wala Love…

Veer:- Papa. I won’t talk to you. Byy.

Purab and disha smiles.

Bani:- meera, how was it?

Meera:- tum bhi na.

Pragya:- bani..

Bani and meera gets shocked.

Pragya:- Iam noticing you. To whom are you talking like this.

Bani:- aunty, do you remember the person because of whom I go to America. I see him here. Thought of little revenge.

Pragya:- so, is this the way?

Bani:- sorry.

Pragya:- think about it. How was you when you were here. Simple, naive girl. But now, you have become bold, matured. So you must be thankful to him.

Bani:- but, he was the reason due to which I get away from you. Please don’t say no, if you no, I won’t do it. A sweet revenge. (Pragya and bani smiles).

Next day, veer was in the office, when bani called him.

Veer:- hello, Singhania industries. Who is this speaking?

Bani:- don’t you understand me.

Veer:- oh.. you..Ishani…why did you call my Papa….

Bani:- sorry veer, I didn’t know that your Papa will take the call.

Veer:- shut up. If you have guts, come before me.

Bani:- ok. Come to subhash park, now itself. I will be there.

Veer:- really. I will come now.

Veer:- (to himself) I will show you Ishani, who is this veer.

Abhi was shopping. Vikram comes to him.

Vikram:- abhi.

Abhi:- tum….yaha….go…if veer sees, I will be dead.

Vikram:- last time, a girl will come to meet me in subhash park.

Abhi:- so.

Vikram:- so you also have to come with me.

Abhi:- are yaar. I won’t come.

Vikram:- please…

Abhi:- haan, ok.

In subhash park

Veer was searching for Ishani. But he can’t find her as he did not know her face. He comes across a girl. It was meera.

Veer:- Ishani.

Meera:- who?

Veer:- are you Ishani?

Meera:- no. Iam meera.

Veer:- Ooo. Sorry.

He sees his father and Vikram coming, so hides behind a tree.

Vikram was looking for the girl. At the same time, our Jhanvi comes there. On seeing Jhanvi, veer goes from there. Jhanvi sees Vikram and abhi and arrest them. Veer released abhi and comes to his house. Disha was very angry with him.

Next day, bani calls veer and says that she had sent a copy of his picture with some girl to his Papa. Veer gets shocked and goes to his house. His father hides the envelope from him. Veer was finding it, but can’t.

Veer:- Papa, any letter come for me.

Abhi:- haan.

Veer:- did you see it?

Abhi:- haan. (Veer frightens). Where were you yesterday.

Veer:- office.

Abhi:- your office changes to subhash park, isn’t it? Why are you lying, if you don’t know how to lie?

Veer:- woh…..

Abhi:- woh…kya…who is that girl?

Veer:- which girl?

Abhi gives the photos in which, abhi was talking with meera.

Veer:- I don’t know Papa. This girl….I don’t know…

Abhi:- I don’t believe you… (Abhi goes from there, purab and disha teases him).

Veer:- Ishani, I will see you..

At that night, bani again calls veer and tells that she is at her hostel and gives her address.. veer calls ponky and tells him to write a letter of scolding. Ponky writes it and gives it to Pragya, who had come to the hostel to pick up meera and bani. Pragya reads it and gets angry and slaps him. Bani and meera smiles.

Next day ponky comes to veer and scolds him. Veer sits upset. A girl comes and knocks.

Veer:- yes, come in.

Bani:- hiii Veer.

Veer stands puzzled.

Bani:- don’t you recognise me? My sound may be familiar to you.

Veer:- Ishani.

Bani smiles.

Veer:- but you…

Bani:- Iam not Ishani…. Do you remember a girl, who leaves the college due to you.

Veer:- bani….

Bani smiles.

So that’s it…..for everyone, next chapter, there is a surprise….next episode reveals flashback of vani…… Keep waiting….

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