I love my India (Ragsan and swalak os)

Os on Ragsan and swalak… Independence special

Happy independence day to all of you
Stay blessed and be happy
And ya do tell me how was the os… Both positive and negative abt the os

Author’s pov…

Durgaprasad Maheshwari is a famous businessman who had settled in Britain loves INDIA and want to stay there until his last breath and his wife annapurna was no more… He has 2 kids Ramprasad Maheshwari and Sharmishta.. Both were married to sujatha and shekar gadodia respectively… Rp & sujatha has 2 sons first i want to say abt younger son sameer who 16 yr old who want to see INDIA.. loves to read abt INDIA and wants to stay there… (its so nice of him Afterall he is an INDIAN)

So now its the time to meet the elder one obviously he is SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ek shabd inke naam SPOILT BRAT
For more lets give the introduction of sharmishta and shekar’s spoilt daughter SWARA

both sanskar and swara are opposite to their names
Sanskar jinme sanskar hi nahi hai aur swara sur tho hai par late night pub club mein

Both just need the money…doesn’t like India for them it is a village and crowded place.. Their parents were like tied.. They can’t speak to them.. If they speak there will be a cold war

Dono ke dono pyaar mein pade hue hai woh bhi firangi… Unko sirk in donon ke paison se matlab hai

Tensed dp wat will he do… With his both grandchildren.. Whenever he thinks abt them dp ki bp bad jaati hai… For peace he goes to his country INDIA naam mein hi sukoon

After 2 months dp sent a courier to Indian lawyer in britain…. Something shocking to swara and sanskar.. Wat it would be?? Socho socho

Kahani continue karte hai britain mein…..

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” screamed a girl and a boy
shemish and sujram closed their ears

And sam his happiness has no bounds

Obviously the girl and a boy are swara and sanskar

San:no never.. I vl never do this
Sw:exactly i hate india…

Lawyer:there is no other option… If you want the property.. These luxury life you hv to marry whom dp sir has selected for you they are INDIAN(he drags the word even he loving to do this to them.. As he knew how tensed dp was)

Suji:that means i vl get a INDIAN DAUGHTER IN LAW
jan:same here babhi EVEN I VL GET A PURE INDIAN SON IN LAW


Sw:dad… I dont want his property… Give me yours
Shek:even u know that i work with dad… So….. (he controls his laughter making an excuse)
Sw:wat the hell
San:i cant forget geny and marry and…. Indian(with weird face)
Suji angrily:don’t forget that u too are a Indian
Sw:i hv decided that i vl only marry Rex…
Shek:ok go.. Marry him who stopped u forget abt the property
San:i hv worked hard in the company
Rp:bt you spent triple of it
Law:tell me clearly.. If you want or not.. I guess u dont want then it will be given to India.. To a trust.. Decide urself

Sam:bro and sis… Wat vl hpn if you marry
They glares him
Sam murmurs:mujhe tho india jaana hai… Bt if you too marry indians then i vl get to go india whenever i want
After thinking whole day both decided that they vl move to india and marry the person’s choosed by their so called grandpa

All were happy except the two??

Here a guy is shown explaining the presentation
He completes.. Everybody claps… He smiles
His face is shown he is noneother than LAKSH

He goes out… He sees the date
Lak:oops… Laksh tu bhi na….

He runs outside…. And sits in his car and droves off

Here a girl is shown dancing…. With kids
Dp sings
Ye Duniya Ek Dulhan
Ye Duniya Ek Dulhan
Dulhan Ke Maathe Ki Bindiya
Ye Mera India
Ye Mera India
I Love My India
I Love My India

Dp joins dancing with kids and the girl
And the girl is shown she is none other than ragini
Ye Duniya Ek Dulhan
Ye Duniya Ek Dulhan
Dulhan Ke Maathe Ki Bindiya
Ye Mera India
I Love My India
Ye Mera India
I Love My India

Laksh reaches there.. He sees dp and smiles
He too joins dancing with them

Rag looks at him confused….
Rag:dadu.. Who is he??
Dp:arey meine kaha tha na…
Rag:ohhhh.. Sorry(she held her ears)
Dp smiles
Dp:ha chalo.. Laksh

Laksh who was dancing with kids comes to them
Dp:this is…
Rag:dadu… I will introduce myself dp:ok
Lak smiles
Rag:i m ragini… She does namsthe
Laksh too does:i m Laksh
Rag:pata hai
Lak smiles
Rag forwards her hand:friends?
Lak shakes his hand with her:friends!
(dp has selected Ragini for sanskar and Laksh for Swara… And Raglak know abt swasan… They doesnt like india.. And also they kept a condition that raglak has to move Britain for 3 months)

Rag sadly:hum dono indian hai… Aur hame firangi jeevansati mil rahe hai
Lak sadly nods.. They both laughs and they hifi
Lak:aane dho unko.. once we vl get married to them na.. Then we vl show them wat is INDIA!
Dp:hope those 2 devils doesnt hv some plan now?

Swasan came to india on the day of wedding…
Ragsan and swalak soon got married and the same day they moved to britain…..

Shemish and sujram liked ragini and laksh alot

Swara and sanskar went to their room

Ragini and laksh followed them
Swasan forwards the file to raglak
They takes and were shocked.. It was the DIVORCE PAPERS

San:now sign this.. And after 3 months u can go back to that boring village
Rag:u dont hv rights to talk bad abt my india get that
Lak:wat’s this?
Sw:oh poor now my this soon to be ex husband dont know to read

Rag:if i didnt sign then
San:u hv to…
Rag:i m asking u… If i didnt

Sw:u hv to.. Bcs i love rex

Rag:forget that geny… And now we r married and the truth cant be changed

Lak:oh no… I m getting scared of my wifey


Lak:thanks for the compliment swara

Rag:sar dabaoon
San glares her

Lak:aise kya dekh rahi ho…

San:plzz… I want the divorce and i m going to my geny… Morng keep this signed..

Swasan storms out from there

Shemush sees swara

Laksh held swara’s hand:chup chaap jaa kar so jaao
Sw:oh so you are ordering me
Lak:m just telling you.. I wont do order.. Bt i know my ways
Sw:wat vl u do
Lak smiles he lifts her and put her on the bed and comes out and locks the room

Shemish smiles

Lak:meri pyaari biwi ji.. Us rex wex ko chod kar apne pati se pyaar karna shuru kar do
Sw inside banging the door :mujhe kya pagal kutte ne kaata hai jo tumse pyaar karungi
Lak laughs:agar kaata nahi tho bohoth jald kaat jaayega

Shemish laughs… Lak turns and sees them
Shar:only u can make her straight
Lak smiles


Rag sees sanskar coming back
San:so signed
Rag:i vl never.. Do watever u want..
She goes
San follows her and pins her to the wall and gets close to her
San:if u didnt sign the papers.. Then i vl
Rag:oh.. Is it?? Then do na.. Afterall u r my husband
San gets shocked bcs she is not at all affected
Sujram sees this.. San goes from there angrily..
Sujram controls their laughter

Days were passing….
Raglak didn’t signed the papers and they were irritating swasan

Raglak meet in the terrace they tells watever they done to their respective partners.. And they laughs
Sam comes:before mrg only i knew that.. They were talking that they vl only stay with u for 3 months.. Bt i dont want u ppl to go…
Lak smiles:bt we r only staying here 3 months…
Sam confused:why?
Rag:even we too decided!
Raglak goes
Sam:i m not understanding anything

Few days passed… Swasan were ignoring raglak
Rag:is it true that u only want to stay with swara for 3 months?
Lak smiles sadly:tumse kya chupana… When i first saw her photo… I fell for her at the first sight… Bt i dont want to tie her with me
Swara listens laksh
Swara smiles:that means he vl give me divorce
She jumps happily
Sw:i heard u talking
Lak shocked:wat u heard?
Sw:that u dont want to tie me with u
Lak smiles:only this much
Sw:actually… No… That u love me
Lak:so…. U got to know… Don’t worry i wont come in middle of u both.. By the way wat’s his name
Lak sadly:wn vl u make me meet him…
Sw smiles:for that first u should be my friend.. She forwards her hand
Lak:no.. Thankyou… I dont want to be
She takes back her hand sadly… This hurted her a lot…
Ragini sees geny and sanskar hugging
It pained her bt still she composed
Rp sees this.. Suji too sees
They goes to ragini
They smiles weakly at her… She too smiles
Suji:may be you didn’t knew this before
Rag:no.. Ma i knew
Rp suji shocked:wat
Rag:don’t ask me now.. Bt i vl tell u someday

Sanskar comes with geny
Geny:is she the one?
Geny laughs:her dressing..she Is so weird
San himself:i think she dont know the proper english
Geny:i m sanky’s gf… She forwards her hand
Rag folds her hand in namasthe with wide smile..
She then goes..
Geny goes from there… :how dare she… She rejected my handshake
San:its the form of india… Its the ritual actually
Geny:thankgod sanky you r not like INDIANS.. cheap INDIANGIRL and INDIA
This made sanskar angry bt he controlled himself…
Rag was watching them
Geny goes… Sanskar comes in….

San sees ragini sitting in the room silently
San:i think u didnt understand wat geny told abt you… For which u said thankyou
Rag:wat she told
San:usne tumhe ajeeb kaha
Rag:ajeeb hi tho hoon.. Jo apni shaadi ke pehle hi din mein apni pati se rejected hui
San feels bad
Rag:now u dont feel bad.. Its my fate…
San changing torpic:i think from the day u came.. U didnt roamed here.. Come i vl take you
Rag:i dont need this sympathy
She goes
Swasan tried many ways to befriend raglak bt they were ignoring them

Sameer:jiju and babhi lets watch an indian movie
Raglak:good idea

They r watching the movie swasan comes there
They sees Raglak holding each other’s hand and excitedly watching the movie
This irked swasan
Sw/san:why is he/she holding her/his hand
San goes… To them
He held Ragini’s hand
Raglak looks at him
Rag stands.. He drags her a little
San wanted to ask her why she is holding his hand bt… He couldn’t
San:laksh… I didnt got the chance to speak with u
Lak:i m always free… Bt now plzz we r watching an interesting scene.. Arrey wat sam u didn’t paused…
Rag removes his hand from her and was abt sit… Sw comes and sits there
Lak:wat r u doing… Ragini was sitting here
Sw:ragini….sorry….plzz can u sit there
Lak:no ragini will sit here
Rag;no prblm laksh i vl sit here… Sits on another sofa

Swasan smiles… Sanskar sits next to ragini… She moves little side… Making a gap btwn them
San himself:how she was sitting with laksh… Holding his hand like she never want to leave him… And with me she is keeping a distance.. Who is he to het.. I m her husb…. He stops….

Sw was staring laksh…. He felt her gaze.. He gets up….
Rag:kya hua laksh
San:she is tensed for him
Lak:kuch nahi
Sw:then sit… She pulls him…
Lak:why r u staring me
Sw:from how many days i m asking you be my friend…
Lak:i dont want this
Sw:bt why…?
Lak:bcs 2 months hv been finished only onr month is left then i m going back to my india… From then i m nthng to u and u r nthng to me…

Sam keeps the song.. He dances… He drags laksh.. Laksh forwards his hand to ragini
Rag smiles and gives her hand to him

Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walon
Buri Nazar Naa Humpe Dalo
Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walon
Buri Nazar Naa Humpe Dalo
Chahe Jitna Jor Laga Lo Sabse
Aage Honge Hindustani
Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walon
Buri Nazar Naa Humpe Dalo
Chahe Jitna Jor Laga Lo Sabse
Aage Honge Hindustani

They were mocking swasan…
Sw herself:i was sitting next to him… He could hv asked me for the dance

San:why is she sooo fond of him… She doesn’t even give me smile.. Now she’s dancing with laksh

Sam:ohhh god India… Wn vl i go there.. I love my india
Sw angrily controlling herself:india… I hate it wr some ppl doesn’t care for the close one’s
Rag:u r wrong swara India is the only place wr different religion ppl live with prosperity
San:oh leave it.. That i can see
Lak:wat? Wat u can see.. Wn u dont understand indians
Rag:hame sar jukna bhi aata hai.. Isiliye hum yahan 3 mahine rah rahe hai.. And 2 monyhs hv already passed.. Then we r going back to our india
Lak:don’t worry ur independence will be in one month

They goes

Sam:even i m going with them and vl stay with them… I don’t want to stay with u both british… I m an indian i want independence from u both british(he makes a weird face) and goes

San:i m not the
They look at each other… And goes opposite side

Sw:wat hpnd Rex why r u so angry
Rex:angry on Indians and that singhal
Sw:why?? Wat hpnd
Rex”an indian stopped me to take a land in india… Bl**dy
Sw:stop there itself Rex…
Rex looks shocked at angry swara
San:today there is an party and all indian who live here.. Will join there.. I want you to come with me
Rag:why…? Wont you take geny
San:she vl reach there… Come let’s go

At the time laksh comes:Ragini… There is a party today and we r going…
Rag smiles:ok
Sanskar was shocked…

She goes to get ready

San:why swara is not coming with you?
Lak:i don’t want to go with her
He goes

San:so that you want to go with ragini… Huh..!

Rag was searching her wardrobe
San:wr something western… M sure we vl look good!
Rag ignorance :thankyou for your advice
San held her hand and pulled her close
San:why r u rude to me

Here swara asked same with laksh

Raglak smiles:i m rude to you… Then wat abt you… U r always rude with ur parents dadu… And i m jst avoiding u bcs we vl be strangers in few days

Something irked swasan
Rag wore a white saree… Sanskar couldn’t take his eyes from her… She goes with laksh… Sanskar was sad

Raglak were standing together and some Indians talks with them
Sw sees this and held laksh’s hand and stood with him… Wch shocked laksh

Rex:ladies and gentlemen ur attention plzzz… Today i m going to announce abt my marriage
Sw was shocked
Rex:my love Swara
Lak:i think u should go
Sw weakly nods… Her heart doesn’t wanted this

Shar:why is my daughter like this? She is losing laksh for him
Shek:we can’t do anything.. U know ryte wr v living…

Suji:bhaai saab not only ur daughter my son
She angrily glares sanskar who was busy talking with geny

Lak sees swara was not moving… He takes her to the stage and gives her hand to Rex
He goes… It was soooo hurtful for him….
He stands next to rag… Rag held his… She was feeling bad for her frnd

Rex:not only me… My friend geny is going to be married soon
Geny drags sanskar….
They does engagement…

Sanskar searches for ragini bt she was no where to be seen

Geny:sanky… Come meet my dad
He smiles weakly at her
Here swara was talking

Mr pauly:oh.. Hello sans… M sorry
Geny:u can call him sanky
Mr. P:hello swara
Sw smiles
Mr. P:Indian
Swasan smiles:yes
They look at eachother and smiles
Mr. P:India a land of snake charmers and rope tricks
Sw:its not the land of snake charmers
Rex laughs
Mr. P:winston churchill once said that.. If we ever left India it would be run by the goons and my god it is..
Geny:and their traditions
Rex:exactly… And namaste oh oh
They laughs
This hurted swasan

Sw:excuse us..
Swasan goes from there….

Sw:we don’t know anything abt India
San was abt to say
Lak:if u would hv tried to learn..
Rag:woh chodo… Hum tho Indian hai… Why u both are feeling.. If m not wrong u hate India ryte…
Swasan stays silent
Lak:watever ragini… If they hate too they cant change the truth… That they r Indians
Swasan had bend their head…
Lak:so wat do u think ragini
Rag:hum hindustani sar jukane ki jagah hi jukhate hai… Ab sar jukhane ki wakt nahi hai… Ab tho hame un firangi kuch hamare bharath ke baare mein sikhana chahiye thaki woh phir kabhi apne bharath par ungli na uthaye
Lak:chaloooo…. Let’s show them who are Indians

They goes

San:Mr. Pauly… They want to say something abt to India (pointing towards raglak)
Mr. Pauly mockingly:sure.. I m all ears
All who gathered there looks at them….

Raglak looks at eachother
Lak:when we greet one another we fold our hands in namasthe(they fold their hands) that god resides in the heart of every human being

Rag:it may also interest u to know that many of your words from sanskrit..
For example.. Maatr becomes mother braatr becomes brthr… Giamiti becomes geometry.. Triconniti becomes trigonometry and most importantly maths without zero is incomplete.. The zero wch is founded by an Indian mathematician Arya bhatta
Swa smiles…. And shemish and sujram were happy listening abt India
San was shocked as he thought ragini doesnt know English

Lak:we hv 5,600 news papers and 5,000 magzines in over 21 different languages with combined readership over 120 million.. Ur country can never cross this

Rag:we hv reached moon and back bt still u ppl think that we Indians reached only on rope tricks… We r the 2nd largest world of doctors engineers and scientists

Lak:may winston churchill didnt said you that we hv 2nd largest army in the world

Rag:u vl find many Indians here who vl meet u give u respect without willing to get back the same respect from you bcs we are Indian

Lak:an American famous companies like automobile constructions industries etc are incomplete without an Indian

Rag:we wear western dress.. U know why its named western dresses? Bcs and Indian wears it..

Raglak:even then we fold our hands in humility before you because we dont believe that we are above or beneath any individual

British were silent bcs they had no answers
All Indians claps and sujram & shemish were proud of them
Swasan were proud… And atleast thry got to know wat is India and who are Indians

Raglak were abt to turns bt stops:bt sill u ppl think of us that we r uneducated manner less or snake charmer… Bt the reality is.. They smiles
They fold their hand:NAMASTHE
they moved from there victoriously
Sameer dances there
Swasan looks at eachother and fold their hands:Namaste
They goes from there proudly they runs behind raglak

Lak:tell ur Rex that i vl never ever sign the agreement
Lak:may be he would hv told you abt singhal
Lak:i m laksh singhal
He goes with ragini…

Sw:atleast now become my friend
Lak smiles:ok….
Sw hugs him in happiness…

San:watever u did to me… Thanks for that
Rag:i didn’t do that for you… Its for my India
He smiles
Rag:i hope now you r not hating my India
San nods
Rag smiles
San:if you go from here wat vl u do
San:just.. Leave it.. Wat type of guy you preferred as a life partner
Rag:a pure Indian
She goes

Finally the day comes….
Raglak are leaving to India
Swasan were sad and next was their wedding
Rag:congratulations u both…. And a happy married life
Sw:why r u leaving this soon
Lak:oh swara.. I hv signed divorce papers.. Now i think it vl not soon
Rag:even i too hv signed

Sujram and shemish were sad….
They takes their blessings

San:we vl drop u to airport
Lak:no.. We vl go by ourselves
Rag:and the property is all urs… Dont misuse it
They leaves

Sujram and shemish goes in as they dont wanted to see their kids

Sam:i hate u both… He goes


In flight
Lak:i told u abt my love.. Wat abt u?
Rag smiles:no its of no use laksh….

Dp:why u both did this?
Lak:at first we thought we vl not give them divorce
Rag:we r Indians dadu.. We can’t tie them with us
Dp smiles:they r unlucky.. I must say this

Lak was doing his work
Voice:u didnt asked me to come with you bt still i came
Its swara
Lak:ur marriage… Swara u here…..
Sw:firangi ko chod di.. Kyunki mujhe tho mere pati ke saath jeena hai.. That too in our India
Lak:wat? U didnt married
Sw:arrey… I love you tooo… I cant live without u for a second
Sw pulls him and kisses him… Lak was shocked

Lak:wat was that
Sw:patni ka haq
Lak:oh romantic ha.. Bechaara mein…
They laughs


Rag was in her home….
she was shocked:sanskar
San:now dont question me.. Why i m here… And my marriage… I m here bcs…
San:i love you
Rag laugha
San:i m telling truth

He kneels down… Rag stops laughing… He held her hands
San:Mera Joota Hai Japani Yeh Patloon Englishtani
Sar Pe Laal Topi Roosi Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

San:will u accept this unpure Indian and stay with this idiot for you whole life
Rag was shocked… Tears starts to make their way
Rag sobbing:if i say no
She kneels down
He wipes her tears
San:plzz forgive your stupid sanskar
She hugs him and cries
San:u didn’t told me that u love me…
Rag hits him:i love you tooo…..
He hugs her tightly
Rag:wat abt geny
San:in this moment also u
Rag:meine kya kiya
San:usko chod diya…. Now let me romance with my wife
Rag:bt we divorced
San:i hv already tore the paper

She pouts.. He kisses her pout


They stayed happily ever after.. Dp was beyond happy seeing his grand children
Sujram and shemish and sam settled in India

The end

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