LOVE IMPOSSIBLE (krpkab) part-17

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DEV:what kind of girl riya is…how can she do like this?
SONA:oh hello,don’t u dare speak anything about her,she is my best friend…and your dude whats his name,karan ..what kind of man he is,how can he plan such things.
DEV:u too don’t dare speak about karan(angrily)
SONA:ok fine I wont(sensing dev’s anger)but what should we do now?
DEV:what to do?..simple lets go back to our room,change and sleep(casually)

DEV:I am wanna come?
SONA:but ..riya and your best friend karan have done a lot of hardwork to this all arrangements
DEV:yaaaa…who the hell told them to do so?
SONA:but now they have done it so we just can’t leave this and go…at least for our friends,lets have our dinner and then we will go back.
DEV:umm(thinking) ok fine
both dev and sona go on sit on the table for having their dinner.
(riya and karan acted as if they have gone but they were actually waiting there at a certain distance to see whether devakshi goes back or not…by seeing devakshk sitting on the dinner table they give each other a hifi?)

RIYA(walking back towards her room when she collides with Karan,karan helps her get up and asks how is she)ya i am fine,but cant you see and walk(a bit irrated.)
KARAN:i am really sorry actually i was contacting dev ,i mean my friend.
RIYA:dev do you mean dev dixit.
KARAN:oh yes,do you know him?
RIYA:of course he is soon going to marry Sonakshi and i am her best friend.
KARAN:oh i see…its going to be a big affair for sure.
RITYA:ya why not?but what’s the use when the bride and bridegroom don’t know anything about each other.
RIYA:ok leave what can we do?by the way dev’s room is on the seventh floor ,room no:701.
KARAN:hmm thanks(about to leave)Riya wait i have an idea(tells the whole idea and you guys kbiw hat is it)
a waiter comes to take devakshi’s order
WAITER:gud evening sir ,gud evening mam..what will you like to have(handing over the menu card)
SONA:as a starter i would have Hot and Sour soup.
DEV:i will have some veg kebab .
Music starts playing…a romantic one
DEV:i must say both Riya and Karan have worked really hard in organising these things.
SONA:ya this music its so pleasant..loved it.
DEV:do you like listening to music?
SONA:not often but when i am tired or so just to free myself from stress.
KARAN(watching from his hiding place)uff..they don’t know anything..a romantic music is playing why don’t they get up for a dance.
KARAN:wait i will do something.(makes a call)
MANAGER:(comes to devakshi’s table)gud evening mam and sir.i am the hotel manager vikas sharma
DEV:gud evening Mr.sharma(sonakshi also smiles back)
MANAGER:i would like to know whether you both are happy with the arrangements?
SONA:oh yes we loved it…everything is so perfect.
MANAGER:hope you are comfortable?
DEV:absolutely we are.
MANAGER:mam sir why don’t you get up for a dance ?
SONA(looking at dev)no we are fine here.
MANAGER:please mam..
DEV:ok..sonakshi (making a face like come or else he wont leave “)
SONA:if you say so.
Both head for the dance..sonakshi keeps her left hand on dev’s left shoulder and right hand in dev’s right hand while dev keeps his left hand on sonakshi’s waist. They start dancing.
DEV:i am sure this was a plan of Karan.
SONA:i will not spare this riya(both of them keep smiling inspite of being angry as the hotel manager was still there )
SONA:when will he go from here(while dancing their conversation is going on)
DEV:god knows!

They change their style again now both sona’s hands are on dev’s both the shoulder wheras dev’s both the hands are on sona ‘s waist.
till know both of them were not having a eye contact either they were looking down or somewhere else..but now somehow both their eyes have met and they are sharing an eyelock, both of them have stopped speaking and are just dancing by looking into each other’s eyes,both seems lost in each other’s eyes.
After about 15min the songs ends and they come back to their senses.
WAITER:sir mam your order have been placed.
DEV:ok thank you.
both of them sit for having their starters.
Sonakshi eyes dev secretly two or three times while taking her soup…
SONA P.O.V.:what was that sona,you were lost while could it be,it never happened with me then why this time….why i am feeling something different,why i am smiling this much(noticing that she is smiling) why is this happening to me and what is it happening to me?
While dev too secretly eyes Sonakshi…
DEV P.O.V.:i have danced with many girls in parties and functions but never had i this weird kind of feeling..why am i so restless…
Both are confused in themselves by their own questions…so they just silently have their dinner (that is even their main course)and finally they order for a dessert..both of them order for vanilla ice cream with brownie.
SONA:(breaking the silence)you know what dev i just live this has been my favourite since my childhood.
DEV:oh that’s great..but i love my ma’s beasn ka halwa..its my favourite sweet dish.
SONA:besan ka halwa ,i have never tasted it.
DEV:what you have not…its yummy and my ma makes the best besan ka halwa…i am sure after eating that you will forget your ice cream and brownie.
SONA:oh is it! Then i would love to taste it(both of them smile)
ttheir dessert comes and they have it.

SONA:ok so lets go back to our rooms.
DEV:ya(both of them walk back towards their room)
SONA:it was not that bad as we thought it would be.
DEV:ya the food was yummy.
SONA:hmmm(reaching her room) at least we did not fight.
DEV:ya hope we keep it up…sonakshi one more thing sorry
SONA:sorry but for what.
DEV:for that high volume..i am extremely sorry,i should have thought about you.
SONA:its ok dev…good night
DEV:good night.
Both of them go in their respective rooms and change into their night dress.
Sona has changed and is lying on the bed
SONA(talking to herself)why am i remembering dev ‘s words again and again …(she was remembering dev saying sorry then dev talking about his ma’s besan ka halwa…)stop it sona(commanding herself)sleep now or else you wont wake up tomorrow.
sona tries her best to sleep but always dev’s face or words comes in her mind and she gets disturbed.

Thanks a lot all my dear readers who are taking out their precious time and reading my ff and commenting too…it really means a lot to me!???????
If there are any silent readers then please comment..i would be pleased if you do so?

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  1. V.V.harshita

    Hey rockzzzzzz… is awsome i am speechless awsome one and plzs pst soon dear

  2. Heshine

    Hey Pari…!!! Hope u r doing gud…!!!and yeah its really been a long time…!!..
    Believe me ..!, I was waiting fa ur ff…!!since long days…!!finally read everything in a go…!!and yeah it was really awesome….!!???????
    I love Riya and Karan….!!! Bcas they made a try to make my fav couple understand eo….!!!
    Waiting fa devakshi’s marriage…!!!
    Post soon dear..!

  3. Aarti32

    Awesome..N waiting for Devakshi to be together..

  4. Amazing pari….. It was really lovely episode as always u have been giving…. Superb

  5. Priya9876

    Amazing episode …

    When i read that HALWA line…..omg….. laughing like???
    Ishwar’s Halwaaaa is also here…??

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  7. Its was really awesome episode dear.

  8. Shruti710

    Wow ? rockzzzzzz….
    You are doing well in writing ff
    It is really nice
    Keep it up

    Nice episode
    Post soon

  9. Superrrrrrr se uparrrrrrrr!!!!

  10. Priya12

    Sry 4 the late cmt,…epi was fabulous……I hope dev and sonakshi will realise their love soon…post the nxt epi soon dr

  11. Niki645

    I am really sorry for the late comment!!

    The episode was fantastic!!!
    It was awesome!!!

    Post soon

  12. Erina

    What to say dear ur chap is awsum as always ?????????❤❤?????but one thing which made me to laugh like hell bean ka halwa?????lol????halwa?????lol????post soon

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