A Love hatred Story – Part 1

Hello guys this is my first article please do read and comment ur opinion on this

Initially I would like to take the track from currently running track.

Karan helps preeta in succeeding exposing Sterling evil side and he gets to know that preeta is a good hearted and a innocent girl who would take any drastic step to keep her promise.

Gradually Karan starts feeling for preeta and convinces himself telling that she is the one whose been sent by God to her.He plans a grand and romantic date to propose preeta.

Karan with the help of Sameer and Kritika starts planning during when rishab passes by his room and sees these three people busy discussing something, he goes inside Karan room and ask what is happening here.Sameer tells nothing bhai just we were chit chatting.

Preeta feels so uncomfortable in her room thinking of karan’s words of “I have learnt lot about you and ur not that bad that someone can fall for you, you are mine and will always be mine”” What does ur mine mean? How dare he tel that to me ” and thinks of asking Karan about it tomorrow.

Precap: Preeta wears a saree and comes to luthras home as it was Pooja at there home.Rishab gets mesmerized by her beauty.

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