Love is hard part 59

Sorry guys I left my last part not finished, acc I had to leave somewhere so I just ended it there, so lemme continue now, I really hope u are enjoying this track, but I am not sure what else u guys would like to read, so please try give me ideas

Saiyam: abir what are u saying, try what again
Abir: he loves krishna but I don’t believe him because of the way that he talks about her, he told me how he will make a fake dna report and show it to u and try get close with Krishna, then he said that this was his last and final chance and if it didn’t work I mean if he didn’t get krishna he will ask his dad to get him married
Karan: abir are u serious he did all this just to break one happy couple and and get his happiness, his desires.
Yuvaani had watery eyes and a heavy voice
Yuvaani: do u know how much pain krishna went through because of yuvaan, abir she was in hospital for a few days and if she was five minutes late……..her baby wouldn’t have been saved
Saiyam: because of yuvaan, abir and krishna could have lost the chance to be parents.
Abir: yaarrr I cant belive this, I could never imagine that yuvaan will go to such extend, I am so sorry krishna on yuvaans behalf for what u had to go through but I am just so confused on what u want me to do, i told u all his plans, but I don’t know how i can help u with anything
Saiyam: even we don’t know what to do but whatever it is we will all need your help
Abir: haan definitely I will help you even I am angry with yuvaan and krishna I am very sorry
Krishna: nahi abir don’t worry it wasn’t u I should say sorry to u that u have such batameez companies around u
Yuvaani: ek minute, did U say that yuvaan wnats an arranged marriage
Abir: haan If is his plan fails

Yuvaani: so his plan did fail , Saiyam and krishna are fine
Abir: haan but yuvaan doesn’t know this if he is still trying
Yuvaani : so u can convince him to get arranges marriage and me and karan will show him that Saiyam and krishna are still together
Abir: do u think it will work
Karan: we will trh anything for now but do u guys think that we should tell all the ghaar walle about what he is doing
Saiyam: ofcourse karan, he needs to be punished
Krishna: can we tell them today with abir when we get back
Yuvaani: and then we can get him arranged marriage
Abir: yaar this isn’t fair on any girl that will have to do marry him, yuvaan wont love her and no one deserves to be with someone who looks at others with wrong intentions
Karan: haan your rite, but that doesn’t matter for now. What’s Important is that everyone finds out the truth.
Krishna: okay haan because I don’t feel safe anywhere where I know yuvaan is.
Saiyam put his arm around krishna: don’t worry I won’t let anything wrong Happen now
Abir: how could anyone break such a beautiful couple.
Yuvaani: uff tell me about it, Saiyam is always finding opportunities to romance
With his wife
Krishna: yuvaani, acha and how about u, u have gone on a candle light dinner with your husband every other night
They all laughed

Pre cap: Will he family find out about yuvaan or not???

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