Love is hard part 55

Thank u for your lovely comments I really enjoyed them reading. Please please to all those writers who are still fans of kriyam,. Please try to make an effort to complete or start another ff. karan and srishti are friends now and karan said that him and srishti should do another show on his instagram story, and krishna in her candid interview said that she misses karan, karan has also said that he will be back soon if things go well, I am not sure but I think that those things could be an audition that he tried out, but oh well let’s hope for the best and please do try to keep kriyam running and shining, I feel like I should stop writing because I am the only one who updates but anyways let’s get to the story

Saiaym: ma krishna kider hai

Suhani: q kya hua

Saiyam: kuch nahi I just havnt seen her

Suhani: I think she went out somewhere with yuvaani and karan just a while before u came back from work

Saiyam: okay teek hai

Suhani: saiyam kaam kasa jara hai

Saiyam: its going good

Suhani: okay saiyam is everything okay between u and krishna, yuvaani and karan i just have a feeling something is going on

Saiyam felt like telling his mu everything but he had to hide for it a bit longer: nai maa humare beech kya baat ho gi

Suhani: are u sure

Saiyam: haan ma, don’t worry, I love you

Suhani: I love u to beta, okay go freshen up today I made kheer for u and I will also rub some oil on your head

Saiyam: maa iski kya zaroorat hai

Suhani: because I know u must be tired u came back from your conference trip and then u had to spend two nights in hospital so u must be tired

Saiyam: thank u ma
Yuvaan was listening to this
Yuvaan: why is Saiyam so calm with having Krishna go out with yuvaani and karan, does this mean that they don’t care about eachother, I will have to some how ask Saiyam to make sure before I plan my next step
Saiyam was in his room on his phone
Yuvaan came in
Yuvaan: Saiyam voh krishna kider hai
Saiyam got annoyed hearing Krishna’s name come out his mouth
Saiyam: yuvaani called me a few minutes ago telling me that Krishna was getting bored at home so karan took Krishna and yuvaani our for a while
Yuvaan: u are okay with Krishna going with them
Saiyam: haan I trust karan a lot, he will take care of Krishna and yuvaani to.
Yuvaan: haan it’s good I guess krishna needed a break from all this
Saiyam: okay so yuvaan I will talk to u later I want to rest
Saiyam just couldn’t bare him anymore
Later Saiyam was thinking about Suhani
Saiyam: I never thought I would have a mother love who would care for me so much and a wife who would love me so much. I am about to be a dad and have a family and I just can’t belive the amount of support I get from yuvaani and karan, papa is more of my friend he helps me with eveything. And now yuvaan wants to Ruin my happiness, I won’t let him to that. I can’t hurt krishna again.
Just then karan called Saiyam
Karan: Saiyam how are u
Saiyam: I am good how are u
Karan: I am fine, u didn’t mind me taking Krishna out did u.
Saiyam: no no I am happy u did, she had to get out of all the drama that’s been going on
Karan: haan that’s why I bought her with me and yuvaani, she was getting bored at home and eveyone was busy so I also didn’t want yuvaan finding any opportunity’s to be alone with her, u were also at work
Saiyam: haan acha Kiya hai, thank u
Karan: yuvaani and Krishna have been a laughing and talking since they came I just bought them both some lunch so their both finishing that
Saiyam: can I talk to krishna
Karan: haan sure
Krishna: helloo
Saiyam: hello madam
Krishna: excuse me who are u calling madam

Saiyam: to u
Krishna: acha teek hai, have u ate and did I grt home from work okay
Saiyam: nai Ma is bringing food for me
Krishna: karan got us really yummy food, I am having loads of fun
Saiyam was happy to hear krishna so happy after a long time
Saiyam: good stay happy like this. And come home soon I miss you
Krishna: okay I will we are leaving in a while so I will see u soon. I love u
Saiyam: I love u to

  1. Muniya

    Awwwwww…that was too cute dear…loved the while Epi…

  2. Aarti32

    Great update..happy to hear abt Karshti

  3. nice episode…..n u r right u r the only one who continues give us kriyam chpts. thnku for this…..n agree wid u that othr writers of kriyam should try to complete their ff….plz kriyam writers plz continue ur ff….n are u thinking to end ur ff???

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