Love for Each other (Episode 3)

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Truth Confession

AT 8 pm

In the Cruise

All the guests and clients were invited for the party . Celebrating Aahana’s birthday on behalf of her

Vansh came  along with kabir

After sometime the party started

After sometime the party started . Vansh was in the bar counter talking with his clients . Suddenly his eyes felt on riddhima who was wearing a blue color gown and has a simple makeup on her face . He was mesmerised seeing her .

Ridddhima’s dress

Suddenly vansh's eyes became red in anger when he saw vishal talking  and laughting with riddhima , sejal and sia

Suddenly vansh’s eyes became red in anger when he saw vishal talking  and laughting with riddhima , sejal and sia . He was burnt in jealousy as riddhima hugged vishal when he came and was talking casually , laughly and riddhima was hitting vishal’s hand playfully   . But there was another person  was burning in jealousy . He is  none other than kabir  . Kabir was burning in jealousy when sejal was talking with vishal casually and was laughing .   The duo were burning in jealousy and were cursing vishal in their mind .

Vansh ( in his mind ) : Why I am getting angry seeing riddhima with that guy . First of all how is he related with ridhima . Today is the first time I am meeting riddhima . But Why do I feel some inner connection with her . I think its because that she is bold like  me and aahana .

Kabir(in his mind) : Sejal when I saw to for the first time in my office itself I fell for u . But u just treated me as only a client . When you come to know who I am then I am sure u will surely be  friendly with and I can confess my love .  But when I see you  being close with someone I can’t control myself . Its hurting me a lot sejal,

Sia excused herself and went to the washroom as the waiter unknowningly poured  juice on her dress  . Meanwhile  Aryan was on the way from the washroom to  join the party  aryan  .  Sia  cleaning dress with tissue and aryan scrolling something in mobile  was walking and coming and suddenly sia and aryan both hit and aryan phone fell down  and both bend to talk the phone and hit each thers head . Aryan took the phone in his hand and

 Both : Sorry ( after seeing eachother’s face ) (shocked)

Sia: Aryan what r u doing here ? . Yo were supposed to be in the hospital now .

Aryan : Sia vo    .vo    actually sia I need to say something . But sia please forgive me  . I thought of saying you before itself but I didn’t say . But it seems its time to say everything .

Sia : Aryan what r u saying I  can’t understand say it clearly

Aryan: Sia  I hid my identity from you saying that I am Aryan . But in real I am Aryan Raisinghania.One of the legal heir of Raisinghania family . When I saw you in the marriage of my friend I  fell in love with you at the first sight  .  After you accepted my proposal I thought  of confessing you the truth but I thought that  you may leave me and go . I was afraid to confess the truth to you . I thought when I create my own identity and stand in my leg I can proudly confess the truth to you but my intention was not  hurt you sia . I am sorry sia .. I just wanted t create my own identity so I hid the truth from you . But my love is true . I really love and will always love you but please don’t leave me and go sia .

Tears falls from aryan’s eyes . He just bend his head down and stood there in guilt for hiding the truth

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