Father Benedicts was shocked to see a spirit following them

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Father ; Steeve you just held Kamali’s hand .

Steeve : What ?

Kamali : Father what are you saying ?

Father : Just do what I say , please.

Steeve gently held Kamali’s hand.

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But soon some one pushed him and he fell down at the ground with a scream. Kamali screamed : Rajkumar Ji!!!

Steeve was shocked as no one was visible there . Kamali got fainted. Soon Steeve sprinkled water drops on her face and she waked up.

Steeve : Are you alright ?

Kamali : Yeah, And you !! Who pushed you ?

Father : That’s what I was saying a spirit is haunting you both. Whenever you both will unite it will try to harm you .

Steeve : What ? Father I don’t understand anything.

Father : Even I am also trying to find things. Kamali now tell me why you called him Rajkumar Ji ?

Kamali : Me!! Father I doesn’t know him, why should I will call him like that ?

Steeve : What father saying is right, when some one was pushing me you screamed Rajkumar Ji and fainted .

Kamali : But I am not able to remember anything.

Father : Some thing is connecting you both and see you both approached me with the same question why you both feel that some one is following you ? One thing is confirmed the one who pushed Steeve was a spirit only, it was not a human force.

Steeve : What that force want from me ?

Father : I don’t know but unless we find it’s need you both will never get peace of mind. It will haunt you both severely . Till now it was believing that you both don’t know each other but as of now you both know each other it will try every possible ways to harm you both .

Kamali : But why Father ?

Father : You both may please bring your birth certificates tomorrow. I will get a clue from that one , I guess.

Steeve ; Will it push me again, Father ?

Father gives holy water to both Steeve and Kamali.

Father : If you both feel spirit is attacking you then just sprinke it on air. It will go away. It’s not visible for you because till now we haven’t disocvered what is the connection between you two.

Kamali and Steeve takes the holy water and walks from there. They were thinking whole day what was happening with them.


Kamali ; Amma, where is my birth certificate ?

Amma : Yaake, yenaithu [Why, what happened ]

Kamali : For a verification process in hospital I need it.

Amma : There is no such certificate Kamali .

Kamali : What ? Yaake naan nimma magu allava ? [Why am I not your daughter ]

Amma : Neenu huttidhu Bangalore ali alla, Neevu huttidhu ondhu gramadhalli- Shravanapuri [You didn’t take birth in Bangalore, you was born in a village named Shravanapuri.]  Your Appa and I went for the Darshan of Durga devi at that village and at that time I was pregnant . On the way I felt severe pain and since it was very rural area there was not any sort of clinics and hospitals were present there. With the help of few villagers I was taken to a hut and few old women look after me and I gave birth to you there only .

Kamali : Then what happened Amma ?

Amma : Please don’t ask anything about that day.  Whenever I thinks of that day I feels scared. Please….

Kamali was wondered with this truth.

The same experience happened with Steeve also when his parents told that his birth was also took place in Shravanapuri. Next day both of them came to meet Father Benedicts

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Steeve and Kamali were stunned to see Father Benedicts reading a book in the cemetry sitting near a head stone.

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Kamali : Father , sorry I wasn’t able to bring birth certificate. Fact is I was not born in a hospital.

Steeve : Me also Father. In fact I was also not born in a hospital. I was born in a village named Shravanapuri.

Kamali : What a co-incidence , my mother told me that she gave me birth at Shravanapuri only.

Father smiled and closed the book . You both may keep your hands at this book and close your eyes. Whatever happened never open your eyes. Be bold and do it.

Steeve and Kamali nodded their heads and kept their hands on that book and closed their eyes. Soon they started seeing some traits of their past life .

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Kumud : Rajkumarji what are you doing ?

Saras : I am seeing how beautiful are my Kumud’s eyes. I would love to turn your scattered hair gently like these all time

Kumud : Are we doing right ? You are from a royal family and I am a farmer’s daughter . How can we both stay together ?

They wasn’t able to see things properly as the spirit started blewing wind from both sides and produced weird sounds . It tried to push them but due to Father’s interference with cruise spirit was unable to do it. But to all their surprise the book went upwards to the sky .

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Steeve and Kamali opened their eyes and looked each other.

Father ; Now you both call each other with the real names of yours.

Steeve : Kumud

Kamali : Rajkumar Saras Ji !!

Father chanted some wordings and the book again come back to them. Steeve and Kamali again kept their hands at that book. This time spirit was in full of anger. It tried to grab Kamali .

Father : Saras held Kumud’s hand.  Only you can save her .


  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that a spirit pushed steev when he held kamli’s he the one who killed samud in their previous life?good that the priest saved them from the spirit with the holy water.shocking that both were born in the same village.why did amma say that the delivery time was scary?what happened?steev kamli remembering their past was lovely.the fb Samud scene was romantic. Romantic dialogues. The book scene was amusing.priest says that only steev can save kamli.i wonder how he will save her from the spirit.perfect pics.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot , connection of spirit will be revealed in next part.

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