love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 52)

Sorry sorry sorry guys for thelate update
The episode starts with shivya sugesting sachin and priya to get married immediatly to which raghav and arnav agreed

Scene shift the manision wher eveyone stays in chennai
Rahul:i think your right shivya this is the only way to keep that girl away from him we will go priya houes and talk to her family aboit this

Sachin:Mr.Goenka you have no rights to interfer in my life your nothing to us
Rahul:listen i know your angry on me you have full rights to get angry on me but not on this thing
Anika cuts hom when your no one to us why you are interfering in our matter
Rahul:but i am your mother husband right
Both sachin and anika are stood silent

Rahul continues as your mother husband i am doing this
Scene shift to priya houes
Priya father and her elder brother are happy about the prposal
Priya father:i know sachin from his childhood he is very good boy its our luck to get boy like sachin as our son in law
Shivya:dont worry about priya anymore she is my younger sister from now on
Om:priya from onwards your having 4 elder brothers
Priya smiles
Priya brother:we are not rich us you so

Arnav:you dont worry all the arrangement will be done by us
Rahul:from childhood i am not with me children i dont know what is their like and dislike i know one thing thats my son like your daughter so from now on priya is goenkas family bahu
Anika and sachin looks on

Sachin wants aravind parents to attened the wedding

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