love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 49)

The episode starts with amudha throwing the photo out just then all enters
Krishna:whoes photo is this its coming like this seeing the photo aravind moves otherside followed by sachin anika priya and sahil
Krishna:hey its is he sees them on the coner goes there hey
Aravind:why are shouting
Krishna:why the photo is flying is there any clean work going on
Aravind:i think thoes 2 girls told everything to amudha thats why itis bursting inside she wont leave me
Krishna:why are you afarid she is your sister go and talk to her we will come later
Aravind:putting me in trouble you both planning to escape go inside and solve the pblms man
Krishna:no no its a pblm btwn you and your sister if we interfer it wont be good we will see later
Aravind:go inside and make her calm otherwise you wont go back to chennai do you get it
Sachin:listen inside those bombay guys are there if they knew what aravind you what they will do
Krishna:what will they do
Anika:shivya will break our legs and take us back to bombay and will never let us to see or speak with you again
Krishna think for a while you all keep quiet i will handle this saying this they entered the houes

Living area of the hall everybody look at them angrily including the oberios goenkas and raichards

Amudha in saravan ears mama for these that would have given training dont leave them
Saravan:hey come here
Krishna:hey go there
Saravan:hey you also come here what happened in bus stand
Krishna:buses came and went auto share auto taxi came
Saravan:i asked what aravind did
Krishan:he doesnt do anything
Amudha:he doesnt do anything does he not misbehave with my friends
Krishna:what thoes girls are your friend do you all know what thoes girls did they said ilthakasiya to sachin they ask anika will you do ilthakasiya with her brother
Sachin anika priya gave schok reaction and looked at oberios
Sachin silently why are you dragging us in
Krishna:if i dragged you both then only thoes bombay parties will stay silent look at them
Bhuvana:what are you stammering
Krishna:he is telling not to tell athai why i should not tell our anika is married sachin never see other girls if they said ilthakasiya means aravind will leave them
Bhuvana:what is ilthakasiya
Saravan:is that a poem to ask meaning must be a bad word
Krishna:yes mama it is a very bad word so aravind scold them badly they went to amudha and told everything inreverse i am right krishna signlas sachin node yes sachin anika nad priya noded yes
Grand ma:so this is the matter
Amudha:no grand ma
Bhuvana:you shutup if girls are like this what will the boys do mom anni(bhabhi) you both go inside
Amudha:mama they are lieing mama
Bhuvana:what are you going to do goinside she is a jobless girl
Saravana: asusal we lost this case no futher argument
Shivya looks at them
Amudha:there is a limit to behave with sister friend
Krishna:even you dont have it amudha understood what he is saying and said sachin will you plz come inside sachin was worried
Anika hold sachin hand and says no need lets go from here saying this they turned to go shivya and arnav blocks the way and says we need to talk saying this shivya drags anika and arnav drags sachin with them

After few hours amudha is marching towards sachin room krishna block the way and ask where are you going
Amudha:i as asked sachin to meet me he didnot come that why i came here
Ktishan:why you came here to spoil your life already he spoiled 2 girls life
Krishna:sachinis having afair with another girl the girl is non other than near village head daughter she is pregnat now
Amudha was shoked
Krishna:even i was shoked but it is true be safe saying this krishna took his bag and left the place
Amydha cries and went to her room and make a call and said all these thing

The village head was angry and calls his men to break that person hand and leg

Sachin was driving sahil and other person some where some goons stop his way and started beating him
Other person took sahil and run to arvind houes and informs him about someone beating sachin

Precap :amudha tells aravind krishna told all these to her

  1. Awesome episode dear.I loved it. Keep writing .Eagerly waiting 4ur next episode.

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    Nice one dear… Congratulations you are going to complete your fifty episode..

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