love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 46)

The episode start with sachin anika priya and sahil are travelling in taxi they reached a place where nickle is waiting for them
Sachin:sorry buddy for making you wait
Nickle:its k buddy here your tickets and your transfer oder and we have it top secret no body will revel it nobody as we can mentioned it as a screte mission
Sachin:thanks a lot nickle
Nickle:we are going to mis you a lot saying this they both hugged each other

Scene shift to oberio mansion
Shivya on phone angrily what shivya and anika left the city along with sahil and priya where they have gone
Otherside:cid had made sachin transfer and made it a top screte as it is a secret mission
Shivya:i dont care i want them back at any cost do you get it saying this he broke the phone and says how can you leave me anika

Scene shift to goenka mandion
Where everybody is sad after knowing sachin anika sahil left the city rahul is talking to annaya photo i am soory annaya i have hurted you a lot bcz of that my kids are hating me they left me as you left me but i will get the back

Scene shift to richard mansion
Arnav touches annaya photo says mom i will get mybrothers and sister back i wont lose them

6 months later
Khanna comes to oberio mansion happily and says sir i have found sachin anika and sahil they are in madurai
Shivya:how did you find it
Khanna:sir do you remeber aravind sachin close friend
Shivya:ya he is also a cid officer right
Khanna:yes sir i gathered all his information and he is in madurai and i asked about his collique and found sachin is working there
Shivya:good job khanna inform this to raichards and goenkas very leaving there right now

Madurai second largest city in tamilnadu temple city also called us nonsleeping citywhere we can get fresh hot and healty roadside food even @3:00am famous for jasmin flowers

Madurai city is shown oberios goenkas and raichid comes to aravind houes aravind mother meera welcomes them sachin and anika got angry on them
Sachin:why you came here mr goenka to destroy our happines
Meera:sachin is this way to elders
Anika:but ma
Meera:no butd they are going to stay here no both of you go to bed tomorrow you both should wake up early

Precap sachin and anika perform annaya rituals

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