love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 45)

The episode starts with sachin telling anika and priya about annaya photo in rahuls room
Priya:it means rahul goenka is your father
Sachin angrily he cannt be our father if he is we are not going to accept him
Anika:lets the wedding get over we ask them directly

Scene shift to madap where raghav and kalpi are taking 7 pheras after that pandit announces they are husband and wife

Rahul gift tgem a honey moon suit to paris the newly wedding couples sachin interupts and says i want to talk to all the member in goenkas family priya get tensed
Rahul:ya tell us beta
Sachin:while preparing for wedding i went to your room and i saw our mother photo in your room what is our mother photo doing in your room
All the gornkas was tensed
Kajal:beta thats bcz bcz
Anika:bcz what tell us
Kajal:beta rahul stopped her
Rahul:no bhabi is time to tell them the truth your mom is in my room bcz she is my wife i am your father
Hearing this both sachin and anika were schoked and angry sahil got scared he went near anika and hugged her leg anika cared his hair
Rahul continues beta i

Sachin shouts in top of his voice dont you dare call me beta you dont have that rights all these days you and your family members are playing game with us
Kajal:beta plz plz dont scold rahul it was my mistake
Anika:we dont want to hear anything you pepoles are responsible for all our suffering
Shivya:give them a chance to explain they are side prblm
Anika:what do you mean shivya shivya stiod slient anika continues it mean you the truth already your hiding it from me i was right
Kajal continues beta it was my mistake i did a sin by sperating them i am the reason for your both suffering
Sachin:mrs goenka this man your devar never trusted our mom he said he loves our mom loving means trust if you dont trust then there is no love btwn them dont your dare to show me your face again
Arnav interupt sachin anika both of you control your anger i will introude my self i am your cousin brother your mama son annaya mom is also my mom i love her as my own mom even i am also angry on them but when i heared about moms death i thought of clearing the misunderstanding these things are started bu us even we are responsible for it but we cant change the past
Sachin:ya we cant change the past but we can make a good futhure our good futhure is we not meet again saying this sachin left followed by priya and anika taking sahil in hands
Shivya:dont worry dad i know how to make the cool

Scene shift toba taxi where anika sachin priya and sahil are travelling
Sachin:we are leaving this city as soonas possible were nobody can find us
Anika:i never expected shivya will do this
Priya:shivya thought good for you anika
Anika gave death look at her you doesnt knoe about him well now he changed you know how was he before now i understand about pinky aunty change just then sachin got a msg
Sachin smiles and says we got our transfer to madurai priya acp sir and daya sir had made it us very secret neither oberios nor goenkas nor richard will ble track it

Precap:khanna inform shivya about sachin and anikas location and explains how he find out
Anika and sachun perform rutals for annaya

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