love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 41)

The episode starts with anika entering the oberio mansion seeing all the oberio brothers including mahi sitting in the hall
anika:i dont know why today is full of suprises
shivya:really what supries you got taday
anika:priya came today itself and now all four brothers are together mahi gave a fake smile
shivya:really but you said she will be coming tomorrow
voice:who said they will come tomorrow everybody turned towards the door
om:hey arav come in
arnav:who said they will come tomorrow anika
anika:my friend priya my childhood friend

rudra:bhabi i want to see priya do you have her photo?
anika:s rudra i have her photo but why you want to see her ?
rudra:i just want to see sachin taste whether he selected agood looking girl or some fat like saumya
voice:what did you say?
rudra gave a schok reaction and rest try to control their laugh rudra turned towards the voice and saumo
saumya:answer me what did you say
rudra:woh woh actually
saumya:donkey here after dont talk to me saying this saumya went rudra bent his head down
mahi:why cannt you control your mouth rudra
anika:he is always like ths area ha i forgotnpriya has brought some sweets have it saying this he took the box and distribute to every one
mahi:mydorepak is really nice
shivya:mysorepak?its name is mysorepak?
anika:ya but how do you know it
mahi:i was in chennai for few years
anika:my friend aravind mom is a specialist in making mysorepak just then anika phone rings
shivya took phone from anika and put it in speaker anika contines ya tell me sachin
sachin:anika i have collected all the details of goenka

shivya om and rudra where schoked while arnav gave confused reaction
anika:did you find anything
sachin:thats why i called you rahul goenka had a wife name annaya singh raichard that is an arranged marriage after 1 year of their marriage rahul goenka and his mother usha goenka were arrested on domestic violence in that schok his fathed died they blamed annaya for that but annya pleaded she didnt given the complain but they didnt
listen to her he gave her divorce after divorce he found that his wife was not lieing the complain was given by his bhabi kajal shaurya goenka after hearing this tears strats to flow from anika and arnav eyes shivya om anf rudra stood in schok mahi doesnt know how to react he stands simply
no respones sachin contines hello anika can you hear me
anika:ha sachin are you thinking what i am thinking
sachin:i am exactly thinking what your thinking this is the same story we read in our moms diary
arnav gave a schok reaction
anika:have you seen her photo
sachin:not yet i am trying it k i will call you later saying this sachin cuts the hall
arnav:anika you told your mom died in an accident right anika nodded her head i have not seen her photo can you show me
anika :ya sure while shivya om and rudra looked at each other anika took her mother photo in her phone and showed it to arnav arnavwas schoked seeing the photo tears starts to flow from his eyes


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