LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 40)

The episode starts with mahi shocked seeing the girl and says nisha just then ranveer enters ranveer is schoked seeing mahi and says mahi mahi gets happy and hugged ranveer and he respond the hug shivya gets angry seeing it he went near them and breaks the hug and throw mahi otherside his body guards hold him

shivya:he is my brother youdont have any right on him i am doing your sister treatment just for him and you mahi nisha is in my custody you will never no this place if you try to leave this houes i sware i will make this girl in coma all her life
mahi:no no plz dont do that i will stay with you all i am working as
shivya completed the sentences an architech in maheswari construction
shivya:you can work for 10 days after that you should do what i am saying is that clear
mahi nodded the head shivya signals the bodyguard they tie the cloth in mahis eyes and took him
shivya to ranveer just stay away from my brother and my sister ranveer gave a schok reaction shivya continues nisha accident is not done by prinku it is done by swethland saying this shivya leave from there ranveer get a huge schok and sat on the floor

scene shift to goenkas mansion raghav brings kalpi there everybidy is happy seeing her they hugged her
usha:i am so happy today we did the same mistake 25years ago we cant correct that mistake still noe but my grand son corrected his mistake
kalpi gave a death glare at raghav
raghav:dadi what are yiu saying this wedding houes start the lreparation rahul chachu i need my brother and sister in my wedding

scene shift to cid beuroanika enters with priya and call sachin sachin look ups and schoked to see anika and priya priya blushes seeing sachin sachin went near her and they share an eye lock
daya adjusted his throat due that sachin and priya comes to sense
abhjeet:whats going on here
anika:abhjeet bhai this priya my friend and your new foresic doctor
daya:o o oo from today onwards we will have 2 love story in forenscic lab
hearing this abhjeet sachin and priya blushes

  1. Nice one.

  2. Aashi26

    aww…..abhijit is blushing , he was my favourite character in cid……….and I will love to see Sachin and priya’s love story……….

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