LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 38)

The episode starts with oberios brothers are confused about the conversation betwen the brother and sister they wonder who is priya after sachin leaves
rudra:bhai who is this priya
om and shivya gave a death glare at him
om:your ex girl friend duffer even we are with you how we know
shivya:i think there is some connection between these 3
just then kanna enters and says sir i have found all the details about nisha she is taking treatment in xy nurshing home
shivya:good job kanna now do as i say the conversation is muted
servant:sir mahi sir is refusing to have breakfast
shivya:you go i will come
om:shivya handle him polietly
shivya:i will try but if he test my patients then saying this shivya goes to mahis room om and rudra looked at each other

mahis room
shivya enter the room in anger mahi how was looking at the window turn towards him
shivya:why you are not having your breakfast
mahi:i am not hungry
shivya:you didnt have anything from last ni8
mahi:can you plz leave me alone
shivya:what is ranveer sister name huh nisha she is in xy nurshing home right
mahi:how do you know are you planning to hurt her
shivya:if youdont want me to hurt her then have your breakfast saying this shivya leavea the room mahi cried and sat on the floor

scene shift to delhi
kalpi is in phone how can the loan get cancelled k k we will try in another bank saying this she cut the call
voice:you cannt get loan in any bank kalpi
kalpi turns towards the voice and get schoked i had the doubt whether you have cancelled my loan my doubt got cleared so you were the one who cancelled my loan mr raghav goenka
raghav:your right kalpi i have cancelled your loan
kalpi:why ?you know how that loan is important
raghav:you need that loan for your brother restaurant expansion
kalpi:you know it then why you cancelled it
raghav:bcz i want my kalpi back

scene shift to oberio mansion
shivika room anika is getting to ready to go to her office shivya entered and blocks her way
anika:shivya i am getting late leave my way
shivya:i dont care now come with me saying this he drags her to the pool side where om and rudra are waiting anika ask what happened is evrything ok
rudra:everything is k but we need to know
om:who is this priya
anika laugh so thats your pblm priya is my child hood friend sachin loves her from child hood
oberios brothers gave a schock reaction
even she also love her both knows it but both have not prposed yet
shivya: i never thought sachin will love
rudra:bhai now sachin is caught in red hand he to has a love story
om,shivya&anika:shut up rudra
anika: its getting late i will make move
after anika left arnav enters shivya and arnav did hifi and huged each other

sachin gets the details about goenkas
raghav brings kalpi back to goenkas mansion
anika shows annaya photo to arnav

  1. damn this raghav yaar,is this the way to bring back his wife?by pressurising her?hate u
    loved the reaction of the brothers on Priya’s name
    short & sweet update
    update soon

  2. Nice one.

  3. OH MY GOD………….Sachin loves priya……….they are childhood sweethearts…..and I love the reaction of obros……….and SOOO SORRYYYYYYYYY…….for not commenting earlier……and will u accept me as ur little sis ? I am 13…………

  4. Alekhika20

    Lovely updt

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