LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 37)

Guys hope you all like my story if there is any sugession plz do suges
The episode starts in Richard mansion dev enquring about the situation in oberio mansion arnav tells dev he is visting there to know more about it

scene shift to oberio mansion
om:how he got the doubt?
rudra:after knowing the truth choti ma started to behave well with them thats why
shivya:this cid officer using his brain a lot
om:not only him everybody will get their doubt
shivya:but we have to divert his mind first let them clear their misunderstanding and then let them know the hole truth
rudra:but how bhai sachin doesnt even have a love affair how can we
om &shivya:shut up rudra

scene shift to dining table every one is having break fast pinky oders the servant to take food to mahi’s room suddenly anika phones ring she gets happy seeing the name she took the phone and went from there shivya wonders who would be sachin smriks and says must be vishnu
shivya:who is vishnu?
rudra :i have never heared this name sachin winked at rudra and says he is anika friend in college he prposed anika ince in college
sachin controls his laugh yes even mom to liked him
shivya:so what now she is my wife
sachin noded his head just then anika comes and say sachin your alone all the time have a room mate my friend is coming from chennai you share with her

shivya who was buring inside with jealous after hearing her gave a sight of relif
sachin:are you kidding dont you think if she stays with me even she will be getting to trouble
anika:come on sachin she is forensic doctor
sachin:no no no nobody is going to stay with me
anika:k then i will see a new houes for priya
sachin who was drinking a water split the water in cough and says priya
anika:s priya who else
sachin:then whats the need of searching new houes let her stay with me
shivya om and rudra gave a schock reaction
anika:but you said
sachin cuts in the middle she is a forensic doctor if she stays with me it will be safe for her i will take care of her we can go to the work together
anika: if you have no pblm then it is ok anika controls her smile and leave the place while the oberio brothers were confuesed

precap:anika tells shivya who is priya

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