Love Directed Me Chapter 9


Sanskar got up after late as he was damn tierd, from the day he arrived India he had no rest. After eating their breakfast sanlak went to the orphanage.


Sanskar entered into the orphanage while laksh accompanied him.

He went inside the office and saw mother.

” Sanskar beta, u please sit down, hello(to laksh)”. Mother greeted sanlak.

Sanskar gave a faint smile and sat.

“So how r u? Where is swara? Didn’t she come?” Mother questioned him.

“Mother, I…. I’ll tell you everything but tell me something. Did swara come her months back?” Sanskar asked.

“Yes sanskar, before 6 months she came” mother replied.

“Any problem?” Mother questioned as she saw a trail of tension in sanskar’s face.

“Did she tell u anything? Like she going to meet someone like that mother?” Laksh asked.

“No my son” mother replied.

Then sanskar told what all happened in the past 6 months. Mother felt extremely sad for sanskar and worried for swara.

“Don’t worry my son u will find her soon” mother pressed her hand on his.

Sanskar smiled a bit and stood up.

“If she comes please inform me” Sanskar said and came out, followed by laksh.

Sanskar thought that he would get any clues from here he didn’t, this made him more sad and worried.

Laksh kept his hand on sanskar’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry we’ll get at least a clue today” laksh tried to convince him.

Suddenly aishu (little girl) came running towards them.

“Hi sanku Bhai” Aisha squealed in happiness seeing him.

Sanskar smiled and sat on his knees.

“Hi my sweetheart, u’ve grown up” Sanskar said.

“Yesh(yes)!!!!! Sanku, swaru Didi want to give Lish (this) to u” aishu gave a piece of paper.

Before sanskar would ask aishu something she left to play with her friends.

Sanskar looked at the paper, then laksh too had a look.


Sanskar and Raglak are sitting near the firewood place thinking about the paper.

“Laksh ji, give to me” ragini forwarded her hand and laksh gave the paper.

Ragini was kneely looking at the paper and that is when she found few bold letters at the edge of the paper.

“Bhai, did swara di had this book called Merchant of venice?” Ragini asked.

Sanskar thought for a while and yes she did have the book. They brought the book from the book fair.

“Yes ragini, infact that book was her favorite book” Sanskar replied.

“Y what happened?” Laksh asked.

“Because this paper is the front page of that book look here” She showed both of them where only ‘of venice’ was there.

Sanskar immediately ran out followed by laksh. He took the car and went to Maheshwari mansion with laksh.

He parked the car and both got down. Sanskar took fast steps to enter but stopped when he was infront of the entrance door. Memories started flashing up in his mind, yet he opened the door.

The mansion which was always filled with laughter has gone totally opposite. It had deadly silence. The mansion was clean as he maintained it with the help of their workers.

Sanskar immediately climbed upstairs and stood infront of the door near store room. He opened it and sanlak entered it. It had full of books, we could say it is a small library.

Both started searching for the book.

“Sanskar do u know where swara kept the book?” Laksh asked still searching for the book on the shelf.

Sanskar stopped searching and started thinking.


After coming from the book fair both entered the library room.

SAN: Swara seriously how will u be able to read all these book?

SWA: That’s my business.

SAN: K tell me where r u going to keep this book?

SWA: This book is my favourite book so I’ll this in my wooden shelf.

Swara kept the book in that shelf.

SAN: I totally forgot what’s the book name?

SWA: It’s ‘Merchant of venice’.


Sanskar went to her wooden shelf and started searching for the book and found it.

“Laksh” Sanskar called him.

Laksh went near sanskar.

“U got the book?” Laksh asked.

“Hmm, yes” sanskar took the book in his hand.

“Give me that paper” sanskar asked to laksh and laksh immediately gave the paper.

Sanskar opened the book and saw the first page torn, he fixed the paper and it matched correctly.

Sanlak looked at each other.

“Sanskar look at the backside page, maybe something is there” laksh gussed.

Sanskar nodded and turned the next page.


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