#Love #Cheat #Revenge (swaSan or ragSan) (Teaser + Prologue) by missy

@ #Love #Cheat #Revenge (swasan or ragsan)(Teaser + Prolouge) by missy

Hey all!!!! I am missy here….. I have come up with an ff on swasan or ragsan… I am also bit confuse whom to be at last….lets see…. You all do vote ragsan or swasan.. According to my opinion i love both of them…. And about this story.. This contains both suspense and thriller??

So lets start with Teaser.. !! �



Girl : I love you sanskaar……?

Boy : I love you too swara……..?

Swara : will you leave me????

Sanskaar : Not till my death…

Swara : Don’t talk like this…

Sanskaar : Okay , Fine…..

They two hug. !



Swara : you are sanskaar or veer???

Boy : what u think babe?

He stabs her

Swara : aaaaaaaaaa !!



Ragini : so….. U love me… Veer???

Veer : of course rags……. !!

Ragini : I love u…….

Veer : you’re crazy ?

Ragini : what????

Veer : I mean I love u toooo…..

They two hug……



Annika : yes.. You have heared right….

Swara: what???? Sanskaar death was not an accident.. It was murder????

Annika: yes……

Swara faints



Ragini : so swara…. Ur boyfriend died??

Swara : yes.. Ragz….

Ragini: how can I help you?

Swara: will u ask ur fiance to give me a job in malhotra office??

Ragini: of course.. What happened in that earlier office??

Swara: you know my love story…

Ragini : of course.. I will ask my veer about that….

Swara(thought) : my missions starts from tomorrow MR.VEER MALHOTRA…. !!


So .. U will be confuse in character.. So, here is the PROLOGUE…

Swara Bose : a bubbly girl.. She is an workaholic .. Studied MBA.. Love her boyfriend so much……

Ragini Gadodia : a cute little daughter of GADODIA FAMILY … Engaged to Mr.veer Malhotra..

Sanskaar maheshwari : a handsome smart boy…. He is working in an office as employee…

Veer malhotra : look alike like sanskaar… But different in hairstyle and beard….. A business tycoon …..

Annika kapoor played by surbhi jyoti : a reporter… Love to investigate mystery case… A friend of swara…

Dhruv chopra : a 35 age man.. Loves swara as their marriage was fixed in childhood only…

Another characters will comes in rest of the part…


So there is much question right????
Some question like…

Who killed sanskaar?

Why does veer stabs swara?

Why does veer acts weiredly to ragini?

If u read this all parts then u will surely understand the mystery.. Suspense and thriller…….

Do comment .. Who u want at last swasan or ragsan???

Do comment……. !!!
And I will continue this ff when I get more that 30 + commt…. So all silent reader and register reader do comment…. And shower love…..??

With love,

    1. Missy

      Thanks angel !!

  1. Ragsan plzzzzzzzzzz???????

    1. Missy

      Thanks ashu !!

  2. RAGSAN Sissy

    1. Missy

      Thank nive !!

    1. Missy

      Thanks priya !!!

  3. Interesting ragsan

  4. ragsan plzz

    1. Missy

      Tnks kamy .!!!

  5. Sindhura

    It’s a gentleman telugu movie right… If it’s then obviously pair will be swasan

    1. Missy

      Nice guess !! U get to know.. That’s gud… Dear, I know to twist the story.,…….. So.. I will put them.. Who the fans wishes… What’s ur opinion dear??

    2. Sindhura

      Sry it is writing by you so you should decide no guessing from me…

  6. Superb dear Ragsan

    1. Missy

      Tq vani dear….

  7. Bushrafaheem123

    I can tell u it’s a swasan story
    Best of luck ?

    1. Missy

      Thaks bushra…. U can’t guess before reading….. BTW what’s ur opinion??

    2. Bushrafaheem123

      But a big tejholic

    3. Bushrafaheem123

      My opinion is ragini but I know it won’t be ragsan so doesn’t matter

  8. Ragsan

    1. Missy

      Thanks dear….. !!

  9. Ragsan

  10. i would love to read if it’s only on SWASAN..

    1. Missy

      Thanks kumu. !!!

  11. I would like to read if it’s a ragsan

    1. Missy

      Thanks dear….!!!!

  12. Charms22

    Superb and I will read the story if it’s RAGSAN

    1. Missy

      Thanks Sam di….

    1. Missy

      Thanks fariha !!!!!!!!

    2. Missy

      Thanks fariha !!!!!!!!?

  13. Awesome swasan please

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      Thanks atya…… !

  14. RagSan plsssssssssssssss.Reveal the pair soon.

    1. Missy

      Tq ragsanian….

  15. Swasan please

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  16. It is an Telugu movie gentlemen story so pair is obviously swasan at end how much you can change the plot but pair at end is swasan only according to your prologue. So sorry I can’t read your as I prefer to read Ragini based stories wheather it is raglak or ragsan

    1. Missy

      Thanks!!! I will

  17. Plzzzzz swasan nd nc start.

    1. Missy

      TQ sneha……….

  18. I will read only if it’s SWASAN…. please don’t hurt the fans reveal the pairs soon..

  19. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Pls don’t use voting formula dear.this causes war between fandom.my wish is always swasan and swasan only.pls choose the pair and declare it.it will be swasan I happily read it.reveal pair next part dear.

  20. Shrilatha

    This is gentleman.So obviously its swasan.I am sorry so all the best but if its ragsan I will be very happy.

  21. Plsssss make it ragsan

  22. Will read only if it’s swasan

    1. Missy

      Thanx alot……. Thank u si much…..

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