28 Missed calls . That’s what Kabir’s phone showed. All from Kia.
Kia was very angry as Kabir didn’t answer her call. He had avoided her all the day. No talk and no call. How could he. He was so engrossed. Not in studies . But thinking about her new friend Rhea.
Kabir knew it was love. He was just waiting for the correct moment to propose Rhea. He wanted her to feel the most special person when he proposed her
He decided that eventful day would be 14th February.
Rhea on the other hand was trying to concentrate on her studies but she just couldn’t.
The next day Kabir and Rhea spent all their time together talking about everything. Kia was sad as she couldn’t find Kabir in the campus. She was annoyed.
After dropping Rhea to her new house Kabir goes back to his college to burrow some books. There his friends asked his whereabouts.
He tells them he has finally fallen in love. And he is going to propose her in front of the whole college. Kia overhears this and dances in joy.
She talks to her friends, Finally his childhood sweetheart is going to propose her. I have to look my best.I am going to the mall to shop and then the spa.
14th February
Kia is talking to her friends about how will Kabir propose her. She is so excited. Rhea overhears this but couldn’t see the girl’s face.
She is disappointed with Kabir. She leaves the party. Kabir sees this and follows her.
Rhea tells him what he heard. I am like any other girl for you .Kabir tells No Rhea, you are special. I never felt like this for anyone before. And all the girls want him to be their boyfriend but he loves only one person..? You… will come to know who . Don’t worry and cheer up. Lets go to the party and enjoy this night.
They go to the party. Just at the right moment..
Kabir takes the mic and speaks about
Her mystery girl ???
She is my star who always shine for me. Her eyes can bring light to the darkest room. She need not speak because her eyes tell everything . I love her for who she is and never will I leave her whatever is the matter. I promos you and then he sings the song ?” Jaise mera tu” .
When Kabir tries to reach the hand of his mystery girl
Kia in the excitement almost stretches her hand but our dashing Kabir takes Rhea’s hand and they both dance.” It is the most beautiful night of my life. I feel really special today. Thank you Kabir for this surprise” says Rhea.
Kia thinks Rhea today was your day. But i have loved Kabir since childhood years and he is mine and only mine.?

Every story has A villain and you don’t have to think twice because for this story it is Kia Rajput. Let us see what this obsessive lover does to get her love ?
Keep reading and tell ur views
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