Love changes everything(RagLak) epi-12

Chapter 12

Laksh is at gym. He is doing pushups and his body is covered with sweat and his eyes with Rage. Sanky enters. Laksh stands up. Sanky throws towel to him.Laksh catches it. Sanky smiles and leaves.
Laksh; bhai..wait
Sanky; yes bhai..
Laksh; you look tensed.
Sanky; no…nothing like that..i just came to see f u are ok..
Laksh; (smirks) I am ok and will get better soon. But, u are hiding something
Sanky; actually badi ma asked me to break ties with swara. She thought you wuld hate swara now coz ragini…
Laksh angrily goes down…
Laksh; MOM..i think u should fix a date for swasan engagement..sanskar is elder to me..he should marry now..
Sujata becomes happy.
Sujata; yeah I was saying the same..AP looks at her..suju stops.
AP; but that ragini is swara’s sister.
Laksh; Swara is my friend and way better than that girl.swara has high class values..and she ..i think her name should not be taken here..i am Laksh..Laksh Maheshwari and I don’t get affected by a cheapgirl like her.and gadodias and we are business Partners..we need to move on
AP; As you wish..
Sanky is relieved.

At Gadodia House
Ragini and all are having breakfast.
Aryan comes with flowers. He goes to sumi and gives it. Sumi smiles.
Swara; ahmmm ahmm
Aryan; How could I forget you..chocolates for you.
Swara; Thanks Aryan.
Aryan looks at Ragini. She smiles.
They all have bfast together.

Aryan; evening there’s a award function for young enterprenuer..and I am nominated I want to take Ragini there.
Shekhar; oh yeah..i know..u can afterall she is ur fiancé …even la..(he stops).
Ragini; even Laksh is nominated..u wanted to say this dad..i will go for sure Aryan and after that event there’s a party na.
Aryan; Yeah..
Swara; am also coming..don’t worry won’t disturb u guys..i will be with sanskar.
Shekhar listening to word sanskar gets worried. He thinks he need to talk with dp about swasan.
Ragini gets ready in a black gown..swara in a blue knee length dress. Sanskar arrives.
Ragini; sanskar..
Sanskar ignores her…
Ragini; sanskar you are my best friend..pls speak..sanskar I wannaask you something.
Sanskar; mine and swara’s relation won’t get affected..don’t worry
Ragini; Thank you sanskar..but.. (swara comes)
Sanky; swara lets go..
Swara ; ok..ragu Aryan must be coming..come soon
Ragini nods.

Aryan reaches GM
Aryan; wow..u are ready waiting for me..usually men have to wait you know.
Ragini; let’s go Aryan..
Aryan; ragini are you upset..
RAgini; we will talk in car not here..let’s go
In Car
Ragini is lost.
Ragini; Aryan worried…my parents are so happy yet they are not fully convinced of our relation but they will I know..i will hurt them again..
Aryan; don’t worry everything will be ok..wewill neverlet them know the true reason.
Ragini; hmmm
They reach venue.

Aryan and ragini enters from one sideand Laksh from other side…Reporters click them..
Raglak look at each other.
Ragini turns and is about to go..Ragini looses her balance due to some wires ..she falls..laksh catches her..reporters click it..(Pal bhar theher jao plays) laksh realises and leavesher. Aryan takes her.
The announcer is about to announces award..
Lash and Aryan looks at each other with rage..
Announcer; the award for the best enterprenuer of this year goes to Laksh Maheshwari..
Everyone claps. Laksh with his attitude goes and receives award. He looks at Ragini… he goes toward ragini
Laksh;chh chh look at your face..aww you must be really sad that your fiancé is just like you..good for nothing.
Aryan; dare..
Ragini; leave him..
Announcer; we have yet another award..the most special..this award goes to the one who inspires young people to do something..this award is Most inspirational personality and this goes to Aryan Khanna.
Aryan goes. Rags looks at Laksh..laksh fumes..A girl comes towards laksh..she tries to flirt and laksh resonds. Rags get irked.

Aryan receives award.
Aryan; Thank you for this award. I would like to dedicate it to my fiancé Miss Ragini Gadodia . Rags smiles. Laksh fumes and leaves the place. He goes to party hall and starts drinking.

Precap; Ragini and laksh both are drunk..what will happen?

I am sorry i wrote it in a is durga puja..lots of works..i will come after two days..won’t get time for two days sorry ..and happy dusshera to all my friends here.

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