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Madhu get’s angry after knowing R.k had kept spy on her..and goes to R.k comfort him…

As usually Deepali..get’s into argument with madhu..But, R.k Enters and warns her to stay out from this matter..Later, he starts to insult madhu about her income and about relationship with Mukund..….Just then, Radha comes in and see’s madhu and get’s happy..R.k continues to taught madhu and insults her…He then offers money to her and say’s” I know..u didn’t have enough money for consulting doctors..and for medicines… and i know Ur so called Boy friend Mukund will not help, take it and gives her some money…Madhu just stares at him and takes the money…R.k say’s “what happen ? I’m surprised..Madhubala will accepts her defeat so soon…It’s kk..i have already told u..u can’t able to rise my baby..alone.with Ur poor income…So, u r ready to come to my house..right?” Madhu turns to R.k and say’s” Excuse me…! She then say’s “ I didn’t take money for my self….if u want to know answer just see at the door..and call’s some one…!” R.k see’s the persons and get’s shocked…they r the spy’s kept by R.k…! Madhu continues and taught R.k… Radha ask’s her to explain clearly..Madhu explains that R.k had arranged this men as spy..On her.! Radha gets angry and scolds R.k… R.k argues with madhu and say’s” U middle class people can do anything for money..what’s the big deal if u agree to sleep with someone for money..ha?..

Just then he receives a heavy slap from Radha…All get’s shocked seeing this, Bittuji tries to stop her ..but Radha warns him to not..Radha scolds R.k and get’s ashamed on her upbringing..! she cries and Apologizes to madhu..she then, say’s “ Rishu! What did u say? Hw can u fall talking this way about madhu..just think once again..she had done everything for..u..and Now, she is carrying ur Child.! But u…u just don’t deserve her..and what did u say? Madhu can’t raise her child alone…by her income? Ha..A person with stone heart like u..didn’t know that..To Raise a Child…A mother’s love is sufficient…and ur so called great not a worthy …anymore..! and Today I want to tell saying this words..U didn’t insult Madhu! But u have insulted All Mothers who raised their child with hard work and Love..and as A Mother…I can’t take it anymore…So, Now, I’m leaving with Madhu…! U just be relax and enjoy in ur Home…and leaves with Madhu!

She Angrily walks with Madhu..But suddenly, she feels dizzy and fall’s unconsious….!
R.k & All hurriedly runs to her and takes her to Room…R.k call’s doctor and ask’s him to come…

Doc examines Radha and say’s”She’s having high B.P and also, it’s better to not drag her into ur problems…! she have to stay, plz don’t force or pressurize her in any matter..or else she may get Blocks in heart..!

Later, Madhu came to R.k and say'” R.k! though ur not a good husband.or Lover..but, I know ur a good Son…U cares for Ur, plz let her stay with me…! I promise i will take care of her… R.k recall’s Doctor words and nodes kk…

After 1 hr:

Radha slowly gains conscious..but she’s still Angry on R.k..She slowly get’s up and say'” Madhu! plz take me with u beta….! plz i can’t live here..for a second..plz Beta. Now I Don’t want to see his Face…ever…U always treats me as ur Mother na..? then, Plz accepts this Mother’s request ..plz..Madhu slowly holds Radha’s hands and say'” Maa! Mother shouldn’t have to beg…They have to Order…don’t worry..This daughter is always with u….!

Later, they both left R.k Mansion..! While R.k feels guilty and get’s Frustrates on himself….!

Madhu takes RADHA Home and makes her Rest…Later, Madhu explains everything to Padmini & Krishna….they too agrees by Madhu’s decision for Radha’s well being….
Later, Padmini slowly informs madhu that” Madhu! malik had call us all to Delhi..he has take a house for, I want to take u too..becoz, Now, ur schedule is completed as well as u had completes 4 months…so, Let’s leave to Delhi..! Radhaji will feel better by changing place & Environment…right? Padmini still wait’s for Madhu’s aswer….Madhu slowly thinks for sometime and finally say’s” Kk..Maa! we will go to Malik..Now, i have to think about My baby..! and I’m missing malik, let’s leave tommorrow…!” Padmini and Krishna releves by hearing Madhu’s decision and hugs her with Happiness….

Madhu, Radha, Krishna & Padmini leaves to Delhi…Madhu informs everything to Bittuji and took a promise that he wont reveal anything To R.k about this…Where bittuji too agrees for it…
R.k feels guilty and really Ashamed by his behaviour towards Madhu..he want to go to Radha and apologizes to her..but By listening Doctor words..he’s worried for, just decide to be calm for some time….

Madhu and all reaches to house where they all receives a warm welcome from Malik..! Madhu & Krishna hugs him and had happy tears..Later, they had a family talk…Later, Radha appolizes to Malik for R.k’s betraying Madhu and ruining her life….! Malik consoles her and say'” Radha ji! I’m feeling very bad. about My Daughter’s life..but R.k can’t see truth ..which we r seeing…anyway’s It’s All Destiny..! we can’t change it…so plz don’t feel or think about it..” Later, Madhu feels so haapy ..Now, he’s having full Attention of her Family…Radha, Padmini and Malik were now much pampering her and also fulfill’s all her Carvings…Madhu really feels Blessed by her family’s Love but..she misses R.k…!
Here, R.k too feels guilty and lost in Madhu’s thoughts….He knows what he had done is wrong..but his Ego is not allowing him to accept his mistake infront of world!
Like, this 9 months..just passed like that,

At a Early Morning, Madhu blessed with a Baby Boy..! she can’t express her happiness..Infact God has given her a New Strength..A New Hope to Live…! Madhu’s family is in full Happiness and Joy with their new li’ll Guest..! Baby is so much pampered by all…
Though she’s happy..But R.k’s insulting Words are always Echoes in her Ears that she can’t able to give a secure Life to her Child…! This becomes Madhu more Strong and Firm…!


Now, everything is going smooth and Well…! Now, Madhu’s Baby is of 3 months. For her, her Baby is more Precious than her Life..! She names him as ” ANSH”!..! Madhu starts working and Returns to Mumbhai..but due to some reasons..She shift her home to another place and lives peacefully..!
But suddenly, One day, Radha health get’s they admitted her in Hospital…! R.k came to know about Radha’s state, he hurriedly Rushes to Hospital…
AFTER SOME TIME, Radha slowly gains conscious..and talks to every one.. Later, Madhu leaves to buy some Medicines…for Radha..Just then R.k enters Hospital Worriedly….

PRECAP: R.k takes Radha home…R.k see’s his son’s photos and feels happy!

So sry friends..this is so short ..but next episode will be long..! I promise.!

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