Love from black hole raglak part 4

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Laksh says but why do you want to tour earth.She said secret.If we keep on speaking like this,then they will capture you.Laksh asked do u have any plan to escape.Flue asked what plan ??n blinked her eyes cutely.Laksh was looking at her mesmerized,he says eloping. He said do u have any flying machine.

Flue said yes n took his hand in hers n started to run .Lakshs heart was beating fast.She sat inside jet n gestured him to sit.Laksh was seeing jet open eyed.It was unique model with advanced weaponary n everything. He was amazed.She pulled him on the seat ,by force lakshs lips touched her cheek. Flue was blushing. She put his seatbelt, while her eyes stuck with him. She took off the plane.Laksh asked her who made this.Flue said me ,I only made it isn’t it nice.Laksh was double shocked.She’s beauty with brains.

Flue said thank you.Laksh with innocent eyes asked why??she said beauty with brain.Flue said dont wonder, I can read mind too.

Flue stopped it with a sudden jerk.Laksh. beauty sleep was damaged.He was about to ask her why did stop plane, but shocked to see tunnel.Flue jumped n gestured Laksh to jump .She gave him her hand n pulled him n both fell down due to force.Laksh was above her staring deeply in her eyes.

Kaanu kattu pothum
Nizhalaga kuda varen

Enna venam kelu
Kuraiyama naanum tharen

Naachunu kadhala kottura ambala
Otturiye usire me me
Nichayam agale sambhandham podale
Appavum oruve be be

Anbenum vedha vedhaichu enne he paricheye…….

Flue stood up n turned her face to hide her blush. Laksh ran his fingers through his hair.He was stunningly handsome. Flue tied his eyes n took him into tunnel.Laksh was walking counting his footsteps n also humming tune which was echoing in different manner.Finally,they crossed tunnel.She opened his eyes. Laksh was happy to see his land.He ran immediately n hugged earth n took mud n put on his fore head. He said I live you earth n ran happily. Flue was looking at him smile n was happy.Now, she was confused where she’ll go,as she doesn’t know anyone on earth. Flue saw laksh n pulled him n asked him to take her to his home.

Laksh said no no I won’t, from here you can go in ur path n I’m on mine OK..

Flue said I’ll follow you, wherever you go okk.Laksh was walking ,Flue was following him like a lost puppy.Laksh was dragged by her cuteness.He said okk I’ll take you home, but ur friend OK.He prepared flue for questions, his mom is going to ask.

Laksh knocked his house door.He hugged his mom .His mom was confused.oye why r u hugging me n crying Laksh. He said I missed you Maa.She said awe my baccha only 1 day n ur missing me.Laksh sister came n said Maa,don’t believe him, he’s lying .He said arisi muttai(rice bag) stop n ran behind her .Laksh then remembered flue n hit his palm on head n said ragino come in.He introduced his mom n said my sweet cute saviour n this ahsrah my devil sis.flue smiled at them. Laksh whisphered in her ear,that her name is ragini till she stays there.

Laksh mom senika asked her who she was. She looked Laksh, laksh was about to say friend, but his mom interrupted.

Laksh mom was holded her heart atlast my son u how could u??she started dancing n said omg my son has married someone that too eloping.he gave his mom a hopeless look .She pulled ragini n caressed her head n said oh waw what a beautiful bahu.

Precap: Laksh mom misunderstanding, Ragini to meet laksh girlfriend.

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