Love birds (part-18)

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this part is starting from bihaan fills sindoor in her hair lines.goons are sees bihaan and thapki.goons are starts to break all thinks.everyone shocked seeing them.dhruv beats them.other goons goes to thapki and bihaan.two of them holds bihaan tightly.balwander shouts them.

he says to them,leave my son.go away from here.or else I will call the police.he tries to call police.other goon suddenly takes mobile from him.he holds of the goon shows knife to thapki for killing thapki.thapki gets fear.everyone gets shocked.bihaan shouts him.he says to that goon,don’t do anything. leave her.whats your problem???who are you all?leave my hands.bihaan gets angry of them.goon holds knife in thapki’s neck.she gets scared. thapki screams bihaan name.bihaan shouts at them.aditi cries seeing thapki.goon slaps in thapki face.she gets faints.bihaan gets worry.he gets angry.bihaan says to them,I won’t leave you.I kill you. he says to her,thapki….thapki…I won’t let you anything wrong happend.please wake up.he gets teary eyes seeing her.he gets more angry.he screams.bihaan beats that goon in backward

goon leaves bihaan hands.suddenly police comes there.police shoots bullet in upside..goons looks at them shocked
goon leaves thapki.thapki falls down. bihaan comes to her.he holds her suddenly.police arrests all the goons.balwander says thanks to them.police says to him,you have to thank for john.because he informs to us on right time.police goes from there with goons.bihaan sees thapki.he says to her,thapki….thapki….open your eyes pls…he calls that nurse to check her.nurse checks her.nurse spreads water on thaki face.thapki gets conscious. bihaan gets happy.he hugs thapki.everyone gets happy to seeing thapki and bihaan.

Sankara gets tensed seeing them.dhruv gets happy to seeing thapki.john sees Sankara.Sankara looks at john angrily.
bihaan makes thapki to drink water.thapki sees bihaan.she gets teary eyes.she gets glad.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)

(After few hours) thapki waits for bihaan in her room.she recalls all the moments.she gets smiles.vasu comes to bihaan.she says to him,beta what are you doing here.already its too late.go to your room.thapki is waiting for you. bihaan says to her,maa… but my hands are shivering. I don’t know whats the reason.vasu smiles at him.she makes him to go to his room.bihaan comes to room.he sees thapki is sitting in his bed.he slowly goes to her.he keeps his hands in her shoulder from behind. thapki feels shy.bihaan comes in front of her.he sees her face.he holds her hands.she closes her eyes.bihaan hugs her.they hugs each other.bihaan also closes his eyes.That time thapki recalls Sankara words what she says to vasu about thapki stammering problem.she gets worries.thapki started crying.bihaan hears thapki was crying.he opens his eyes.he sees her face.she cries.he asks to her,thapki…are you alright???why are you crying.?thapki says to him,bi……I…I…I…becomes useless for you.I got this stammering problem.I ruined your life…I…I…spoiled your life.she gets tensed.thapki cries.bihaan hugs her.he slowly rubbs her hair.he holds her face.he says to her,thapki…why are you talking like this.I loves your pure heart.whatever happend I won’t leave you in my life.I won’t lost you.she cries.he consoles thapki.they hugs at each other.bihaan asks her to smile s at him.then they are laughs at each other.(ranjhanaa plays……)

Sankara waits for dhruv. dhruv comes to room.she says to him,everything is finished.we can’t do anything hereafter.we can’t get back our life.she gets tensed.dhruv says to her,yes you are right Sankara.but we have to forgot them.she gets shocked.she asks to him,dhruv what are you saying?.he says to her,I mean you have to forget bihaan.I have to forget thapki.she gets angry.she says to him,how dare you to talks like this.if you wants to forget her you can do it.but I won’t forget bihaan.dhruv shouts her.she gets shocked.he says to her,I am your has to Liston my words.don’t try to disturb don’t know about me very well.if I gets angry,I don’t know what I will do to you.he goes from there.Sankara gets angry.
Sankara goes out from room.john hides behind door.he notices nobody is there in room.he goes inside of room.he checks sankara’s almari.suddenly he sees Sankara is coming to room
he hides behind door.she comes inside.john goes slowly from there.

thapki gets shy at bihaan.she gets shivering.bihaan comes closes to her.he touches her arms.she feels at him.thapki hugs him.bihaan smiles at her.he says to her,wow…madam getting has shares so many thinks to me before marriage.but now you becomes speechless.thapki smiles at him.she turns her face.she goes from him.he holds her hands.he pulls her on him intentially.they falls in bed.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)


bihaan and thapki takes aarthi.Sankara thinks to spoil thapki.

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  2. Thahaan romance is lovely ❤❤❤❤ Beautiful episode . Missing their romance on screen . A very big thanks to u and all the fan fiction writers of this page ??????

  3. PRIYAMK471

    Again an awesome episode Vinolin dear

  4. Vinolin great ….. I love your scenes

  5. Nice episode.

  6. Mesmerizing part

  7. Live it. Well written dear. Upload next part soon

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  9. Thenkani.M

    Really a great epi n i respect dhruv tdy in tis epi…as upset wth tis stupid tpk tis ff is the making me happy tq so much sis??

  10. great….finally thahaan got married now….super excited to knw abt the next epi….

  11. Jacqueline Nicole

    Cool epi wth full of thahaan scenes… thanks fr this . Keep writing dear

  12. Navami

    Very nice drr…sorry for late comment darl

  13. Alia919

    Amazing episode…
    U t going very good…
    Thahaan marriage superb…
    Dhruv and shankara sences were also good…
    Waiting for next episode

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Awesome episode dear vino u r superb dear with ur imagination . waiting 4 next part

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