Love birds (part-11)

This part starting from vasu goes with sankara to dhruv room.vasu left her.she goes.Sankara gets upset.dhruv comes to room.he sees Sankara is sitting in his bed.he sees the room decorations. he gets angry.dhruv breaks all things.he says to Sankara,you ruined my life.if you not come there as thapki,I will get my thapki.Sankara shouts dhruv.she says to him,you also cheated married me by cheating.I lost my bihaan.she cries.dhruv sees her.he goes to sankara.he says to her,don’t worry.we will get our life back.Sankara asks to him,how I will get him.he says to her,there is way.that’s we have to seperate them.if it will happend,automatically we will get them.we has to impress them.then after 3 months we will do divorse.then you will marry bihaan and I will marry thapki.sankara gets happy.dhruv and sankara joins hands to separate thapki and bihaan.

the next day morning bihaan brought ice cream boxes.vasu asks to bihaan why you bought this much ice cream.he says to her,maa I know yesterday big problem was happens in our everyone is in tension.I bought this everyone’s to make their heart cool.maa if you eat this your tension will gone.vasu smiles at him.she says to him you are naughty boy.bihaan smiles.

bihaan searches for thapki.he asks to poonam,aunty where is thapki.poonam says to him,still she is sleeping.then bihaan goes to her room.he sees thapki sleeping.he goes to her bed.he sits there.he smiles at her.he says you are so beautiful while sleeping.he slowly touches her face.thapki gets scared.she asked to him,bihaan you…what are you doing here.he says to her,see this clock.what is the time now…she says to bihaan,oh…no…sorry bihaan.I am in so I wakes later.just wait for few minutes
I will come.

she goes from there.she comes to him after freshup.he holds thapki hands.he goes to downstairs.dhruv looks at them.bihaan gives ice cream to thapki.thapki says to him,no bihaan.already I have cold.if I ate this fever will come.he says to her,thapki darling your bihaan is there with you.whatever happend I will take care you.he takes ice cream.he
feeds to thapki.thapki says to him bihaan enough pls.but bihaan says,baby pls eat…that’s all.sankara sees this.she gets tensed.aditi sees sankara face.she smiles at her.bihaan says to thapki,see…hereafter Sankara is your elder sister.she is my bhabhi also.go and takes blessing from her.thapki goes to her.she says to Sankara,god is always with you can’t do anything.bihaan comes to thapki.he keeps his hand in thapki shoulders.he says to thapki,baby pls don’t get tension.pls be relax.bihaan tell to Sankara,bhabhi ji,I need a help from you.I want to see tears in your eyes every time.he goes with thapki.

Sankara comes to kitchen. vasu says to Sankara, you are a badi bahu in this hereafter you has to do all works here.and make lunch for everyone.I have some work.vasu goes from there.Sankara thinks about vasu are you thinking I am your can I do all this work lonely.she gets angry.aditi sees Sankara in kitchen.she stands behind of her.aditi things you tries to ruined my thapki di life.I will teach you good lesson.she takes chilly powder in her hands from silver box.she comes closes to Sankara.aditi throws chilly powder in Sankara face.she gets irritation. she screams.she runs to water tape.she washes her face.aditi comes to her.she says to sankara,its just small punishment for you.because you tries to cheat my thapki di.if you do anything against her I will kill you.aditi goes angrily from there.Sankara thinks,I won’t leave thapki.I can do anything for bihaan.

thapki and bihaan goes in bike.thapki sees pani poori stall in road.she asks him to stop there.he parks bike there.she orders two plates.she says to bihaan,you know I love pani poori.she eats that very crazily.bihaan sees her.he sees her lips.bihaan admires her.that spicy water goes inside of her eyes. she screams.bihaan says to her,what happend thapki.she says to him,spicy water goes in my eyes.its burning.she cries.he wipes her eyes from his kerchief.but still she gets irritates.he gets tensed.he bought water bottle.he makes her to washing eyes.she gets relief.bihaan gets teary eyes.thapki sees him.she asks to him, why are you sad.he says to her,thapki I don’t know why I got tears in my eyes.if you got any problem.its affecting me.I can’t live without you.thapki hugs him.she cries.she says,don’t get sad.I always with you.bihaan wipes her tears.they looks at each other (ranjhanaa plays…….)

dhruv talks about his plan to seperate thapki and bihaan.he says to her,I know one girl name is nandhini.I called her here.she is going to act very intimate with bihaan in room.if thapki saw him surely she will get misunderstanding with him.Sankara gets happy.

same day evening nandhini comes to house.nobody is there in downstairs. she sees bihaan in upstairs. she goes to bihaan.bihaan asks to her,who are you.she suddenly pushes him to room.she locked outside door.she tries to call dhruv.but he didn’t attend her call.she sees vasu is coming there.she hides somewhere.nandhini pushes him to thapki room and she locks door by her mistake.thapki wears very short dress. bihaan turns and sees her.his heartbeat increases.thapki sees him she asks to him bihaan what are you doing here.he says to that thapki,I don’t know suddenly one girl pushes me to this room.she locks outside.he comes closes to her.he keeps his hand in her shoulder from behind of her.she gets shy.he kisses her neck.she turns to him.she hugs him.(ranjhanaa plays…)
nandhini hides outside.vasu goes from there.suddenly lights are went in house.nandhini goes to dhruv room by her mistake.she thought thats bihaan.thapki screams.she gets scared.she says to bihaan,I am so afraid of darkness…bihaan says to her,don’t worry I am with you.he consoles her.she hugs him tightly.she closes her eyes.

nandhini hugs dhruv.she screams in room pls save me from him.lights are comes again.nandhini sees dhruv. she asks excuse to him.dhruv scolds her.he turns to door.everyone’s standing in his room.balwander scolds him.he says to dhruv,how dare you to do like this.he slaps dhruv.everyone goes from there.sankara sees him angrily.

next day morning bihaan comes to downstairs. he sees thapki plays football.everyone is there in that place.he goes to them.vasu tells to Sankara to play football against thapki.Sankara nods at her.She says to vasundhara,OK aunty I will change sport dress.I will come within 5 minutes.she thinks today should have to impress bihaan.she goes.she comes in sport dress.sankara plays well to impress bihaan.thapki loses game.bihaan sees thapki face.he goes to her.he lifts her.she puts ball in net.Sankara gets angry.again and again bihaan lifts thapki.thapki plays well.vasu smiles at them.vasu says to them,finally my choti bahu has won this game with the help of her bihaan.their love is true.she goes from there.Sankara gets angry.bihaan lifts thapki.they laughs.bihaan swirls thapki.he sees her face.they looks at each other romantically. he keeps her very slowly on football ground.she smiles at him.he sees sankara getting tension.thapki tries to go from there.but suddenly he pulls her on him.he kisses her cheek intentially. thapki gets shy.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)

Sankara goes to her room.she cries a lot.dhruv comes to her.he says to her,be strong.don’t cry.I will support you.Sankara says to him,when he kissed to thapki I got very angry.I want to kill thapki.dhruv stops her.he says to her,I love thapki.dont blame her.

precap: thapki gets fever.bihaan take care of her.dhruv get angry.dhruv and Sankara fighting each other.

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