Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#66

Chapter 66: “Precious Relations”

Riddhima and Vansh were talking and discussing about Nayra.
R: We should ask those goons. They had kidnapped Nayra. They would definitely know something!
V: I’ll call at the hospital!
R: No no! I will ask my officers to bring them to the inquiry room. We will investigate there. Riddhima calls her men perform the tasks.

After sometime, Riansh was waiting for the call of the officers. The phone rang and Riddhima picked up. The officers told her that someone barged into the hospital and killed the goons. This shocked Riddhima.
She told Vansh about it.
V: It means someone is watching us! That person knew that we will inquire those goons.
R: You are right! We should be extra careful! But how will we get to know now about what happened with her?
V: We will find some way!

After this, Vansh went to his room as he got a call. Riddhima was still standing at the terrace. She was again brainstorming in her head about many questions disturbing her.
1. How did Nayra died?
2. Why were those goons killed?
3. Those goons were unprofessional then why would a rich man hire them?
4. If there was no rich man as said by Annie then whose bill was that?
5. Was Annie really not kidnapped by the girls trafficking mafia?
6. If yes, then why those goons brought Nayra?
7. Was Nayra also not a victim of girls trafficking?
8. If yes, then why was she running and whom was she trying to escape?
9. Why was she killed and on whose saying?
10. How was Nayra alive all this time?
11. Who told her the adress of where Annie was kept?
And the biggest one,
(It will be a secret. As a hint, its the question that got in her mind when she was enjoying her sangeet. Its related to the person, she wanted to meet)

All these questions were going on in her mind when she again saw Rudra( Kabir’s father) walking alone in the lawn. She saw him from the terrace and out if curiosity to talk to him, she ran downstairs. Soon, she reached the lawn and called out,
R: Rudra Uncle!!
As soon as he saw her, he started walling inside to avoid her. But Riddhima being Riddhima blocked his path and said,
Rid: Really sorry for blocking your way like this but I really wanted to talk to you.
Rud(serious): What is it?
Riddhima became a little hesitant to start a convo but said,
Rid: Actually since the time we all have came here in Dehradun, I didnt get the chance to catch up with everyone here and specially you. I haven’t even greeted you properly or known you. So, I just wanted to….
Rud(cutting her and strict tone): I know you are Riddhima. Kabir’s boss! And I am sure that you know well I am Kabir’s father. So, definetly there is no need for an intro and I dont think there is anything else that you should know about me.
Rid: But talking for a while will not cause you any harm uncle!
Rud(murmurs): Maybe it does!
Rid: Sorry?
Rud: Come Straight to the point Riddhima! If Kabir have told you about me then you’d definitely be knowing that I am not a gossip person. I talk straight to the point. And noticing yoi coming staright down from the terrace only tells me that you are here to ask something. So, What do you want to talk about?
Rid(confident but respectful): You tell uncle! What do you want to ask?
Rud: Means what? Did I call you here?
Rid: Technically Yes!
Rudra stares her questioningly.
Rid: It was you uncle, who was giving me strange glances since the time you have arrived here. Even I don’t have a habbit of beating around the bush. Wanted to know, Is there something YOU want to tell or talk about?
The lines formed on Rudra’s forehead straightened listening to this. It seems he was scared from inside.
Rud(trying to be confident): I was not. (Forming words) In..Infact, I was checking around the place and people, where my son works and with whom my son lives. Just wanted to see what exactly his job is, that made him love and marry a girl whom he knows barely for some months.
Rid(smiles sarcastically): Is it uncle?
Rudra gives no expression.
Rid(smiles): If You are saying so, I respect your answer. Infact, you are older than me and highly respectful in my eyes but…(takes a deep breath and then looks directly in his eyes) But wanted you to know that…..All thanks to my profession that I can see through eyes. Eyes speak alot….and It seems your eyes have many unspoken words to say.

Saying this, she gives a big smile to Rudra and turns back,
Rid: Good night Uncle!

And then she leaves, leaving Rudra staring her retreating figure.

Meanwhile, In Kabir’s room, a serious discussion was going on. Angre, Sejal, Sia,ย  all were present there. Annie was telling them the whole story again on Kabir’s request. After listeing to it, Kabir said,
Ang: Though Riddhima did it for Aryan’s sake only but she didn’t do it right.
Sia: No one is wrong Angre bhai! Just the perspectives are different.
Sejal: Different! I Agree! But I don’t understand why Riddhima has to do everything on her own telling nothing to anyone. She knows that she will suffer but still she always hide things just for the good of others and then things turn out going totally opposite.
Kab: Because it works this way Sejal! We are always trained to hide the facts no matter what until we get proofs! Riddhima was just doing this way. But atleast she could have told me.
Angre: Exactly.
Sia: She told Vanhs bhai!
Sejal: But not everything!
Kab: Even I am agreeing to everything that you all are saying but when I come to think about it, Riddhima was fearing that Aryan will suffer when he gets to know. Thats why, she hide all this. And this is what actually happened. Aryan behaved exactly like that. So, somehow Riddhima’s decision was not wrong.
Sia: Yeah! Eventually she was going to tell. And if we see then Riddhima is totally aware of her mistake. She is feeling guilty. So, we should not be upset from her. Because even Aryan should not have dragged Riddhima down the stairs the way he did. Not matter how much angry he was!
Angre: Where are both of them? Riddhima and Aryan!
Sej: Aryan is locked in his room since that time. Riddhima was first trying to convince him but he didnt listen. So I saw her gling towards the terrace. Maybe for some alone time.
Kab(worried): We should check on Aryan. He is mad in anger right now. He can do anything!
Sia: Don’t worry Kabir! Ishani is with him now. After Riddhima was gone, Ishani was continuously trying to calm him down and then he finally agreed to eat something as he hadn’t have dinner.
Ang: Where is Divya and Disha, Kabir?!
Kab: They are in their room.
Sej: They are very nice whenever I talk to them but…They dont interact much.
Kab: Its because of Dad. He doesn’t let them. And After listening about Nayra, he has started to restrict them even more.
Sia: And Annie?
Sejal: She is in her room with Mrs. D’Souza. She was really stressed out so, I asked her to be with her and infact, she is her mother. She knows well.

Then, there is complete silence for a while until Ishani arrives. Seeing her, Kabir asks,
Kab: Is he Alright?
Ish: Better!
Sia: Has he slept?
Ish: No, He is talking to Riddhima. When I was making him eat, she came and wanted to talk to him. So, I left the room to give them space and patch up.
Sej(smiles): The thing I like about Riddhima the most and the thing that has never been changed in her……”That she always keeps her relations united and even if they break, she never steps back from putting all the efforts to mend it”

Everyone smiles listening to it. Sia’s sight falls on Ishani who was sitting like a miserable child. There was uneasiness in her posture and a very clear fake smile on her face. Seeing this, she asks,
Sia: Ishani! What happened to you? Are You okay?
Ishani bows down her face and says in a low tune,
Ish: I am okay
Sia: No, you are not!
She sits beside her and asks,
Sia: Tell me what happened?

No sooner than Sia sat beside her and questioned her, Ishani started crying. Everyone got attentive and sat beside her.

Ish(crying): I can’t see Aryan like this. I want that old Aryan back. I want his high spirits back. I know everyone has an emotional side but I don’t want him to be this much sad. He deserves all the happiness. He makes everyone happy. Why don’t God let him happy. Since the time, we have come to Degradun, I have not seen him happy by heart.

Sejal cups her face in her palms and says,
Sej: Its okay Ishani! He will be alright. He has lost his sister and his family. It takes time to recover.

Ish: I know Riddhima is right in her place as she didn’t want to give false hope to him but It hurts me to see Aryan like this. Because…..

Not able to keep her emotions inside her, she finally burst out in front of everyone,

Ish(crying): Because I love him! I am having feelings for him and I feel connected to him. Yes! I love him Sia! Sejal! I really love him.
Saying so, she looks up and stares everyone staring her back in shock. Not able to process what she did in flow, she ran out of the room. Angre, Kabir, Sejal and Sia looked towards each other with mixed emotions of confusion, happiness, sadness and shock. All of a sudden, they all started laughing.

Meanwhile, Its been 15 minutes, Riddhima was sitting beside Aryan and was staring him with guilt in her eyes. Aryan was not even making an eye contact. He was totally silent, glaring the floor. Breaking the silence, Riddhima spoke,
Rid(pleading): I can’t see you like this Aryan. Please say something. You are angry na so, please vent it out on me but speak!!!
Aryan(serious): Please Go! I am not in a position to talk.
Rid: But things will not sort out na until we talk.
Aryan: Things will get worse if we talk. I am really in a bad state right now. I have said so much that I shouldn’t have. I don’t want to say anything more otherwise you will get hurt. Already I have hurted you alot with my harsh words. So, please Leave me alone for sometime.
Rid: If you are this much concerned about me getting hurt, then why can’t you see that I am getting more hurt as you are not talking to me.
Aryan stays quiet. Riddhima continues,
Rid: Aryan! I know I have hurt you alot. But I swear I had no such intention. I didnt want to give you any false hope. I had decided that once I found out any solid proff about Nayra then I will tell you otherwise you will get more hurt. But The things turned out in our favour. And I am really sorry for that. Aryan! I know that I can never take your place as a brother of Nayra but I swear that I have tried to find out about Nayra to every extent. If you have a regret that you would have ffind her in a more better way then I assure you that I had put no stone unturned to find her. She is my sister too. Yes! I did a mistake by not telling you and I am really embarssed for that. Your anger is completely justified. But please don’t let this misunderstanding to come in our relation. You are a brother to me Aryan. Wbenevr you are in pain, I can feel that pain too. Please forgive me!

Meanwhile we see all the youngsters, SejAngre, SiBir, Vansh and Ishani silently peeking through the door of Aryan’s room.

Till now, Riddhima had got tears in her eyes and so does Aryan too.
Both were crying shedding silent tears and then, Riddhima wiped Aryan’s tears with her hands and made him look directly in her eyes which were glistening with tears. Aryan makes a momentary eye contact and then again looks downwards showing that he is a little convinced. She smiles and then wipes her own tears. She gets an idea.
She gets up and sits infront of him on the floor. She holds her ears by her hands and makes puppy face saying “Sorry”

Aryan(panicked): What are you doing? Please get up!

Seeing her sitting on the floor,ย  He gets up from the bed and tries to make her stand.
Aryan: You are embarssing me Riddhima! You are my elder sister. I can’t see you sitting on the floor like this! Please get up!
But Riddhima was adamant.
Rid(Fake crying): Your sister has made a mistake and she is very guilty for it. Please forgive me otherwise I am gonna sit here until you forgive me.

She was still holding her ears and not getting up.

Aryan: Riddhima!! Yaar!
Rid(cheering him): If you want, I will do sit stand. I can do push ups, sit ups too! Whatever you say! I am ready to do it!
Aryan: Get up please!
Riddhima fakes crying and pleading which makes Aryan smile a little.
Aryan(controlling his smile): Okay Thats enough for the day!
Riddhima starts doing sit ups still holding her ears repeating Sorry again and again.
Everyone peeking through the door chuckles witnessing their innocent but emotional moment of patch up.
Aryan: Okay I will tell you what to do. Stop doing this!
Rid: Yeah Yeah I am listening! I will do whatever you say.
Aryan(serious): Postpone this wedding!!

She stops!
Everyone(loud): What!!!

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