Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#60

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Chapter 59

After joining some clues related to Annie going missing and the mysterious girl relating to Dehradun, Riansh decided to shift the wedding venue at Dehradun in order to search Annie. Aryan extremely disturbed by the idea, reveals how he had lost his sister, Nayra, in a gang rape at Dehradun. Kabir tells about his uncle who lives in Dehradun and suggests going there. After a long discussion and persuation, the RaiSinghanias decided to go to Dehradun.

Chapter 60: “Welcome to Dehradun!”

The episode starts with the next day where the three black cars are seen moving on the curvy roads between beautiful mountain of Dehradun. Riansh and IshaYan were in one car ,SejAngre and SiBir were in the second car, and Ajay, Mrs. D’Souza and Dadi accompanied by a Guard were in the third car. In one car, Aryan was lost reminiscing all the memories and Ishani was continuously holding his hand to prevent him from breaking down again. She was trying to make him smile. Vansh was busy in attending his online business meeting while Riddhima was driving and at the same time, observing the new blossoming feeling of IshaYan for each other. There was complete silence in the car. Vansh caught Riddhima smiling so he raised his eyebrow in question. Riddhima smirked and adjusted the front mirror to make Vansh see the back view of IshaYan. After adjusting, she deliberately turned the stirring wheel a little and made the car to have a minor jolt. It made Ishani falling in Aryan embrace a little with a jerk and accidentally kissing his cheek. They had an eyelock which was soon broken due to embarrassment.

Ishani(embarssed): Sorry! It was a jolt!
Aryan(turning gaze away being embarrassed): Its fine Ishani!

Vansh and Riddhima stared each other and then turned their gaze away hiding their laughters. They were continuously and silently teasing the couple with one thing or the other while in the second car, Kabir was desparate to meet his sisters and he was telling Sia about them while Angre was driving and Sejal was super panicked seeing the dangerous curvy roads and super deep canyons around mountains. Whenever Angre pressed the accelerator a little to make the car climb up the steep road, Sejal started shouting.

Sejal(panick): Ram Ram Ram Ram! We are gone!!(Shouting) Angre!! Slow down. We will get sunk!!
Angre(pissed): Are we floating in water that we will get sunk? Come on Yar Sejal! It would be better that you have sat in Riddhima’s car. You have literally eat up my ears since the time I am driving!
Sejal(shocked): What!! No! Never!! Don’t you remember what happened last time when we were going to Delhi! I will not sit with her even in my wildest dreams!!!
Angre(making an irritated face): How can I not remember? You had literally puked on my face!!

Then we see some flashbacks of the Dehli Drive where Riddhima had made everyone panicked with that fart bomb and her speedy driving skills.

Angre was looking at Sejal being totally pissed.
Sejal(puppy eyes): Acha Na! How many times should I say sorry for that?
Ang(jaws dropped): Like Seriously!! You have not said sorry for even a single time!!
Sejal(acting innocent): Oh really? Did I Angre?? Awww!!

She started squeezing Angre’s cheeks.
Angre(irritating): Sejal! Stop it! You know I don’t like this!
Sejal continues doing so teasing him. Angre looks at her giving angry looks but soon an approaching truck horn breaks their eye lock and Angre skillfully passes the approaching truck but Sejal…..

Sejal(shouting): Angre!!!!! No!!! We are gone!! I am dying!!! Someone save me please!!! Ram Ram Ram Ram!!!!!
Angre: Stop it Sejal!!
And they got into a new argument and the cycle continued!

Kabir and Sia were totally irritated with their continuous non-stop drama.
SiBir(Pissed): Will you both just stop your drama??
Sia: Sejal! If you didn’t stop shouting in next one minute, I will actually throw you out of the car!
Sejal: What Have I done?
Angre: Is there something left to be done?
Sejal(making faces): I am feeling like vomiting!
Angre(panics): Not again!! Sejal! Be at 6 feet away from me! Dare you puke on my face again!!

Kabir and Sia were enjoying their arguments and SejAngre continued their silly arguments. In the third car, Dadi and Ajay were continuously giving hopes to Mrs. D’Souza that her daughter will be with her soon.

In all these feelings of fun, hope, love and nostalgia, They finally reached the farm house of Kabir’s uncle where a suited booted man in his 50’s, was standing at the entrance to receive the guests. Kabir smiled looking at him but his eyes were finding someone else.

After parking their cars, they all came out and Kabir hugged the man. They had a long bone crushing hug and Kabir was saying nothing except smiling!

Man(smiles): Missed you alot Soldier! You made us wait alot!
Kabir( Smiles): And finally Your son is here! (Looking here are there) Where are….
Man(understanding what he was asking): They have gone for some camping as a college trip. Will be back in the evening!
Kabir nods and smiles.

Everyone was knowing the relation of those two but still Kabir introduced him.

K: Very dear RaiSinghanias! Meet my Uncle, Ravi Mathur! Maybe You all will be knowing him as a vey professional hard working and successful businessman but for me, he is my ideal, my strength, my support system and one of the closest persons to my heart! Even when he was away from us, he used to always support me and stand beside me.
V(Shaking hands with Ravi): Nice to meet you Sir! I think I have heard about you somewhere.
Ravi smiles.
V(Remembering): Oh I got it! Mr. Ravi Mathur! The famous successful businessman who shifted his business in India a few years back and in a glimpse, took it to the peak making news everywhere! Am I right?
Ravi(smiles): Absolutely right! But that is just my hardwork! Media has exaggerated about it alot!
V: Glad that we met this way.

And not taking much time, All the Raisinghanias made an instant good bond with the friendly and welcoming nature of Ravi! Indeed, he was a gentleman.

After getting completely settled, Riddhima goes in the room where she was staying to make important calls. After some minutes, Vansh and Ajay also go behind her. They entered the room where Riddhima was talking to someone on phone,
R(serious): Yeah! I have sent you all the details of Annie! Dig out the ground or do whatever you want but I want all the information regarding Annie within next 24 hours. She had gone missing a few days back. Search out all her whereabouts! And report me! I am on counting you! Got that??

She ended the call and turned to find Ajay and Vansh standing. She took a deep breath with a much serious and worried expression on her face.
Ajay came forward and put his hand on her shoulder consoling her,
Ajay: Don’t worry Dear! We will find Annie soon! I know you will!
Rid: Its been so many days since Annie is missing. I am so much worried for her and Infact, for..

She looked at Vansh who assured her with his eyes. Getting the signal, Riddhima continued,

Rid: Dad! I need to tell you something!
Ajay(serious): What is it? Why are you so much worried?
V: Actually, Dad! We both need to tell you the thing that is making us worried.
Ajay: I am listening.

And then, RiAnsh told Ajay all about The mysterious girl and the incidents that took place. They also told him how they have been connecting the dots of this case leading to Girls Trafficking and Annie probably, being a victim of it!

Ajay(understanding the situation): So, it means If Annie is not rescued as soon as possible…
Rid(completing him): Yes! You got it right! These traffickers usually smuggle the girls to foreign countries and If something like that happened with Annie, then it will become difficult to find her!
Van: Thats why, we came here Dad! When I told all this to Riddhima and we connected the dots, we came across the only clue we have,
Rid: That mysterious girl! Annie was kidnapped here in Dehradun and that girl also came to Mumbai from here. I believe..
Van(completing her): That if we find that girl, we will get to know about Annie easily.
Rid: I just hope that it leads us to Annie!
V: I don’t know but My instincts says that The girl wanted to tell me something. When I saw her in the stadium and when She came in front of my car, both the times, she had some kind of helplessness, fear and determination at the same time. As if she wanted to help, but was too scared to tell!
Rid: Have you got her sketch made?
Van: I didn’t find time to do this in Mumbai as we left in such haste but now I was going there only. I am going for a meeting that Angre arranged here and on my return, I will get the sketch made and will sent it to you.
Rid(to Ajay): Dad! We will be needing your help.
Ajay: Just say it! I am ready!
Rid: You have to protect the family. I need to put all my concentration on this case and Vansh has business too. There is wedding ceremonies going on in the house and this time, I cannot trust Kabir and Aryan! Though they are best, but both of them have emotional attachments with this city. I fear that they will fall weak at some point.
Ajay: I understand my dear. Kabir and Aryan are the best. I trust them too. But I will myself keep a check on everyone. This wedding will go smoothely so does this mission!
Rid(low energy but determined voice): I hope so!

Outside, she posed to be much stronger and determined but inside, she was having some unknown fear. She was fighting a war inside between her instincts and her determination. An unknown fear and tension has occupied her mind.
Looking at a tensed Riddhima, Vansh thought her to be worried about Annie so He tried to enlighten her mood.
V(smirking): Riddhima! If you are forgetting, let me remind you that apart from all this, we are getting married also. And this time, Vansh RaiSinghania is not going to wait for anything to make you, his sweetheart! (Winking) For lifetime! After all I have waited so long for this day and…..Night too.

At this, Riddhima turned red as Ajay was also standing and Vansh was flirting in front of him.
Ajay(cleared his throat): Son! If you have gone blind in this love then let me tell you I am still standing here!
V(smirking): So, Mr. Dad! Why are you coming in between this lovely romance of two love birds? Give us some space.
He winks.
Riddhima glares him being extremely embarrassed,
Rid: Shut up Vansh!
Ajay: I think I should leave!
He hides his laughters. He was about to leave but Riddhima stops him,
Rid: No Dad! You are not going anywhere. (To Vansh) You go! Don’t you have any work? Why are you still here?
Vansh(To Ajay): Look Dad! Your daughter in law has herself became the hindrance in this romantic moment! First, she made me madly in love with her and now she is hell bent on avoiding me. Where do this innocent son of yours go?
Rid: Save this drama for later! (Playing back) I still have choice to say no to this wedding! So, Dont try to act smart with me!
Vansh(jaw dropped): : No! I am going! Don’t you dare to say that again!
Ajay laughs,
Ajay: You two little munchkins of mine! Stop teasing each other! God bless you both! May He keeps you happy and together!
He took Riddhima and Vansh in a tight hug and the three of them laughed.

After that, Vansh left for his business meeting amd Riddhima got engaged in the wedding preparations with the girl as she was forced much by Dadi And Mrs. D’Souza. Though extremely worried for her daughter, Mrs. D’Souza didn’t want Riddhima to not enjoy and live every moment of her wedding. She had trusted Riddhima that She will find her daughter but cannot spoil the happiness of her other daughter (Riddhima). Riddhima herself managed to handle both works together. She was engaging in the preparations and at the same time, keeping herself up to date about every minor details. No clue has been found yet. Kabir and Ravi was managing the wedding events. At the same time, Ajay with the help of Aryan, was managing the house security.

In the evening, Riddhima was working on her laptop and checking about all the cases of girls who have been missing uptil now. At the moment, she received a call. She picked up her phone and saw Vansh calling her. A ray of hope aroused in her and she immediately picked up the call. Before she could speak,
Vansh(flirtious tone):Hey Sweetheart! Missing me?

Riddhima was expecting him to tell her about the progress of the mission but instead, he was turned on with his flirting mood again.
Riddhima(pissed): Vansh!
Van: You Don’t need to say anything! I know how desperately you were missing me as you picked up the call in an instant!
Rid: You know what I was waiting for! So tell me! Did you do it!
V: Yeah Riddhima! I have mailed you the sketch. Check it and Forward it to your team. I hope we find it out soon.

Rid: Great then! Bye! Take care!
Vansh(smiles): And?
Rid(smiles): And be back soon!
Vansh(smirking): And?
Rid(smiles): Vansh!
Vansh(playfully): Riddhima!
Rid(shyingly): You won’t stop. Right?
Van: Not until you say!
Rid: Say what! Missing you?
Vansh( Smirking with a little laughter) : And?
Rid( taking a deep breath): Fine! I love you! Bye!

And she immediately ended the call before Vansh could say something again! On the other side, Vansh smiles happily and looks at his and Riddhima’s picture on the wallpaper, talking to it,

Vansh: Sweetheart! No doubt you make me do alot of efforts just to get the right words out of you but (smirking) Vansh RaiSinghania has his own ways you see!

The scene again shifts back to Riddhima where She was checking her mails. She opened the mail sent by Vansh and looking at the sketch, she became still for a moment. She kept on staring the sketch with much concentration.

Rid(to herself): Why do I feel that I have seen this girl somewhere! Who is she? He face looks familiar.

Thinking so, she stares the sketch for some minutes more and then closes the laptop in frustration of not getting any clue. She rest her head back on the couch and closes her eyes to relax for a while. With the closed eyes, all the incidents since Mrs. D’Souza had arrived, were going on in her mind. She was having flashbacks in her mind when all a sudden, one flashback made her remember something and she jerked up from her place with her eyes wide open. She sat straight for a minute and then again hurriedly opened her laptop. After searching for some minutes, she saw something that made her eyes wide open and shocked.

She kept on staring the laptop screen and whispered in a very low tone,


And the scene became still on the laptop screen that showed Nayra’s pic in one tab and The girl’s sketch in the other, exactly matching to each other.

Riddhima whispered to herself again,

“It means…It means that Nayra is Alive!?!?!?!


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Stay Happy, Stay Safe!

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