love : beautiful or dangerous (epi 22)

Hii frends this is diksha back with the ff called “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it. Let’s start.

Ragini was having coffee and was listening song. just than she saw sanskar coming their. Sanskar came inside and saw ragini and went towards her.
Sanskar : hii, ragini.
Ragini : hii mr. Sanskar. Come sit. What will u take cafe or tea or smthing else I should order for u.
She said with fake smile in sarcastic way.
Sanskar : (in mind) sanskar today u r gone. Her temperature is really hight god pls save me. What is the need to be their after meeting u can plan after taking her now she will kill u without planning. But whatever it is she is looking so beautiful. uff she doesn’t need anything to kill anyone her smile and beautifulface is enough to kill anyone. I just love this crazy girl of mine. Here ragini is getting more angry because of his not talking a single word. And smiling like an idiot and sge was confused to that why is his expression changing horrified to smiling one.
Ragini : Sanskar, Sanskar.
But no reply so she think of an idea and pick the water glass and throw it on him. Sanskar jerks and came out of his dreamland.

Sanskar : what is this ragini? U make me all wet.
Ragini : it’s not my mistake. U r the one who was lost. I was calling u but no response so !I have to do this.
Sanskar : ok mam but now I have to go back like this all wet.
Ragini : it’s ur punishment for making me wait for this long. Where was u till now??
Sanskar : I was….
Ragini : wait I know what will be ur answer I was busy in meeting. That was really important and in that I almost forgot the time sorry from next time I’ll never gonna repeat this mistake.
Sanskar : pls forgive me.
Ragini : ok leave all this let’s go I wanna meet my friends. I missed them so much.
Sanskar : u miss only them.
Ragini : ya whom else I should miss.
Sanskar make a sad face.
Sanskar : ya whom else u will miss only they r ur frend.
Ragini : ya.
Sanskar : ok let’s go to meet ur frend.

They went out and sit in car.
Ragini : ohoo mr. Hottie stop making faces we miss them who are away from us. U were never away from me. So how can I miss u.
Saying so she kiss him on cheek.
Ragini : and one more thing when u make these kind of face u look so cute.
Here sanskar was lost jn the moment when she kissed him and he didn’t listen further whatever she say.
Ragini : Sanskar where r u lost?
Sanskar in mind voice : first she did something which make me forget everything else and now asking sanskar where r u lost. Like really. And what is the need to look so beautiful which make hard to control.
Ragini : Sanskar
Sanskar : ohoo now say something. or u have to say only my name.
Ragini : how much time it will take to reach rohgeet place.
After some hour They reach at rohgeet place.
Ragini call geeta.
Ragini : hii janemn where r u?
Geeta : at my home y?
Ragini : nthng yr just like that I thought u will be busy in wedding prepration and shopping.
Geeta : for wedding prepration we had hired wedding planner. And shopping we will do together as we plan before remember.
Ragini : ok mam, talk to u later. As I have some work bye miss u.
She hung up the call.

Sanskar : what was that? Why u didn’t tell her that we are here at her place?
Ragini : ohoo mr. buddhu there is something which we call surprise. So we will go their and surprised them.
Sanskar : ok now let’s go. They went to door and knock. Geeta open the door and was surprised to see her besttie. Geeta was really happy. She hug ragini. Just than rohan came their and he was overwhelmed seeing both his friends and was happy that ragini is alright after what ever happened with her. Geeta take Ragini inside.
Here sanskar and rohan went together at rohan room

@ rohsan side.
Rohan : Sanskar as far as I know u love ragini did u prpose her?
Sanskar : ya I love her and I know she too luv me. But I didn’t propose her.
Rohan : and why u didn’t?
Sanskar : I’ll and that too befor ur wedding till now I was waiting for Ragini to be normal.

@ rageeta side.
Geeta : ragini do u love sanskar?
Ragini : yes geeta I love him and I know he love me too but that idiot didn’t propose me till now.
Geeta : why he didn’t proposed u?
Ragini : don’t know yr. Maybe he want to give me time to move on from those incidents which happened with me.
Geeta : maybe. But atleast now he should propose u.
Ragini : leave it. He is a big idiot and I can’t wait for his proposal.
Geeta : than what will u do?
Ragini : what else I will gonna propose him. That to be befor ur wedding.
Geeta : ok leave it. Now take rest at evening we will go for shopping and than will do prepration for ur prposal.
Ragini : ok than bye janemn have some romantic time with ur would be.
Geeta blushes and went from their. Here rohan also came out from sanskar room and went toward geeta and than hold her hand and pull her toward him and encircled his hand around his waist.
Rohan : so got time for ur would be?
Geeta : leave me rohan what if sanskar came.
Rohan : he is taking rest so chill. Geeta : rohan…
Rohan : shhh.. Rohan keep his index finger on her lips. And they both get lost in each other eyes and rohan start caressing her lip with his thumb. and geeta was losing herself. Rohan lean toward her lips and tbey start kissing each other passionately.

@ evening.
Both the couple went for shopping. They bought dresses for themselves and ragsan buy gift for their frends. Ragini and sanskar went seprately to jewelry shop and buy rings for each other. Than they went back to their place.

@rageeta room
They were showing there dresses to each other. After sometime.
Geeta : so what did u think how u will gonna propose him?
Ragini : geeta can u tell me any nice place around.
Geeta : what about the gardrn area see when will u propose him at that time me and rohan will go out and than u will get privacy.
Ragini : nice idea but I think u r fixing ur date idea with my proposal idea.
Geeta : nthng like that, I was saying this because when we will go out u will get privacy.
Ragini : chill yr I was kidding and by the way I have no problem with ur date and u too need sometime.
Geeta : ragini, leave this and tell me when u will gonna propose him?
Ragini : hmm I was thinking day befor ur engagement. What do u think?
Geeta : nice idea, but u have to do all prepration fast as after two day is my engagement.
Ragini : hmm ok now gud night and dream about ur would be.
Geeta : hmm u too dream about ur sanskar.

So frends this is diksha signing off this epi of “love : beautiful or dangerous.” hope u all gonna like it. And thanx for ur lovely and precious comments.

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